Botsfolio vs Napbots vs Mudrex | Where to put your money?

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We’ve all heard of stories about how magical crypto trading bots are and how they can get you insanely huge profits with the least of hassle and bare minimum investment. Just to be clear, it isn’t entirely true or even that simple ever. But of course these three platforms (Botsfolio, Mudrex, Napbots) we’ll be talking about doing a pretty decent job of attempting just that: providing a reliable, trustworthy yet easy-to-use automated crypto trading bot service.


Botsfolio Vs Mudrex Vs Napbots
Botsfolio vs Mudrex vs Napbots

Risk to Lose all Investment

One unique part that Botsfolio has is its risk management intelligence. Depending upon your risk appetite the AI will decide if to enter a trade and position amount to trade with depending upon market volatility, coin’s price, long-term opportunity, etc.

It uses hedging and not stop loss. In such a volatile market stop losses are either too big or are hit frequently even when there is no trend change in the long term view. This ensures even if Botsfolio was to lose all your investment it would have to make thousands of losing trades for a few years.

For Napbots and Mudrex it’s either fixed or is left upon you or an expert trader. For pre-built & copy trades a position amount & stop loss is generally the same with each trade. This makes them riskier as few consecutive losing trades can cause a 50% drawback and eventually 90% loss in a few months.

Bot Intelligence

Crypto bots with time are evolving and getting smarter. Napbots provides indicator-based bots which trade on different timeframes like Hourly, Daily, Weekly. These are generally hardcoded rules which output a buy or sell signal when selected indicators achieve particular values.

Mudrex Invest offers bots that are customized by other traders or copy their trades. This approach is more of a hybrid one where you can use indicator-based bots or just copy trades of another trader who has good trade history.

Botsfolio uses an AI which is optimized for winning more trades according to your risk appetite. It uses historic and live trading data to filter a future trade play which has a high chance of winning. Then according to your risk appetite it will decide on quantity to expose for that particular trade.

Portfolio Diversification

Mudrex invest has premade bots which you can choose by assessing its past performance. Each bot trades a particular strategy and trades one coin only.

Mudrex Trading Bot
Mudrex Trading Bot

After signup, Napbots expects you to pick a crypto trading bot that’s specific to your exchange and performing well in historical trades. It shows performance numbers (past 2 years) and frequency at which the bot queries the exchange for lucrative trades. You can diversify your investment into different bots.

Napbots Trading Strategies
Napbots Trading Strategies

Botsfolio provides diversification by allocating your investment into different trading strategies. They follow the portfolio management strategy of a professional investment bank. This includes long term, short term, hedging, fixed income strategies all combined and managed by Bostfolio’s AI.

Botsfolio Investment Strategies
Botsfolio Investment Strategies

Ease of starting bots

Botsfolio aims to be more than just a bot or a strategy. Rather, it combines strategy, technology with your vision and financial goals to deliver a personalized investment solution. As soon as you sign up, it starts by asking really human questions to get a handle on what financial goals you want to achieve through crypto trading and how to best manage those aspirations with associated risks. 

Botsfolio Questions 1
Botsfolio Questions 1
Botsfolio Questions 2
Botsfolio Questions 2
Botsfolio Questions 3
Botsfolio Questions 3
Botsfolio Questions 4
Botsfolio Questions 4

After answering through these the AI based analytics discovers and shows the best strategies that suit your needs. 

The rest is all Botsfolio automated trading intelligence taking over as you sit back and relax! It will start executing trades and manage your net investment as a professional hedge fund manager would.

Napbots drops the decision and setup upon you. You can browse through different bots and it expects you to judge and find which bot you want to use. You can use historic performance data to assess your decision.

Mudrex wants you to literally create a bot from scratch or use pre-built bots by other traders. 

While creating your own bot, it lets you configure buy and sell scenarios for your bot based on various financial controls available as drag and drop on its Create Strategy Page (as demonstrated above). This requires some familiarity with the trading lingo and the more you know, the better sense it makes. 

Mudrex Bot Builder
Mudrex Bot builder

Mudrex Invest, wherein you get to invest in premade crypto bots and strategies (which they call bundles) created by other people. So on this really neat page listing these strategies and bots along with some vital stats to help you figure out which one of these would work best for you. 

Botsfolio vs Napbots vs Mudrex: Pricing

There is a range of fees to expect when you’re involved in Crypto Trading. You might be charged a one-time setup fee, a monthly subscription fee or simply profit-sharing.

Botsfolio, Mudrex or Napbots have no control over such fees charged by your crypto exchange accounts that they connect to for executing your trades. However they do charge subscription fees and commission amounts for their crypto bots.

Basic / Starter VersionBotsfolioNapbotsMudrex
Subscription Cost$5.00 / Month~$8.5  / Month$19 / Month
OffersAll BotsOne BotMultiple Bots
Performance Fees15% on Profits / Quarter  0.5% of Investment&  1%-2%/Month  on each bot

Hedging Positions

This is something no other bot in the market does. We all have experienced how we have been stopped out on trades just due to volatility. Stop loss theory kind off fails in high volatile assets. Either you have to keep a wide stop loss which means get ready for a huge loss if it triggers or you will exit a lot of trades at small losses which collectively drain your investment.
Botsfolio uses hedging so that the loss you make is recovered by an opposite position in futures while the direction of the market is down or not clear. Mudrex & Napbots don’t provide this feature.

Trading Skills

If you create your own bot on Mudrex then you definitely should know how to trade. For using premade bots by Napbots & Mudrex you need to know which bot to use. When and how to use them to maximize your gains and prevent huge loss.

For Botsfolio you need no prior knowledge. It will manage what strategy to use and when depending upon your risk.

Botsfolio vs Napbots vs Mudrex: So which is best for you?

All three platforms have different science on how you can invest into the crypto space. Indicator based bots fail in the long run on trend changes for which Botsfolio has a system in place. But if you have good trading knowledge and know when to turn a bot on/off or change to another bot then you can give Napbots & Mudrex a try.

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