Top 10 Platforms to Choose as a Copy Trader

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In today’s world, Cryptocurrency is becoming a prominent part of the monetary system due to consecutive months of exponential growth of their market capitalization. However, Cryptocurrency depends on technological factors, economic problems, security issues, pressure on the markets to deliver, political factors, security issues, etc.

The volatility of the crypto market leads to the great potential of high profit if the right investing strategies are followed. Copy-trading has provided a new way to automate trading and rely on proven professionals in this field. Here are some of the best platforms to become a copy trader:

Name Profit distribution Exchange feesAvailable cryptocurrencies
BYDFI8-10%None 43 cryptocurrencies100+ crypto trading pairs
BingX8%0.75%100+ crypto pairs30+ crypto assets
BitGet 8-10%None 100+ cryptocurrencies
Zignaly variesNone Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX, KuCoin, and Poloniex
CoinmaticsVaries5%ByBit, FTX, OKEX, Binance
WunderTradingVaries1%BTC, ETH, XLM, BNB, XRP, BCH, and LTC and 14 exchanges
eToro Monthly income based on tier and levelNone 30 cryptocurrencies100+ crypto trading pairs
MoonXBT 1-10%None 17 trading pair 5%None 500+ cryptocurrencies and tokens
Top platforms to become a copy trader


What is Copy Trading? 

Copy-trading allows you to automate your trades by simply following a professional trader. Further, copy trading is a feature that allows followers to follow an investment style and achieve goals that align with that of an expert trader and copy their trading movements.

In the meantime, it invests in the traders. After the trader chooses the investor, they want to follow, and there is not much left for them to do because most of the trade becomes automated. Before copy trading, the trader must ensure enough money in their trading account to cover the activity initiated in their trading account.

BYDFI: 1st Best Platform to Become a Copy Trader

  • BYDFI is considered one of the best copy trading softwares. This trading exchange platform has a network that covers 150 countries and provides its users with a straightforward interface and a beginner’s guide to get to know the platform.  
  • The trader’s trading strategy description on the platform must be correct so that the followers can copy the investment based on the given description.
  • Further, this platform rejects adopting a trading strategy where the trader’s adopted strategy is different from the stated description. 
  • Traders must ensure that their trading status remains updated, so followers understand trading strategies and behaviour and keep up the following good relationship. 
  • Traders cannot conduct any malicious operations to hike the number of followers or funds, leading to the suspension of their accounts.

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BingX: 2nd Best Platform to Become a Copy Trader

  • Another fantastic platform that provides a reliable environment to their users and provides a copy trading feature is the BingX platform catering to over a million users with its low fees and high transaction speed It is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. 
  • The margin limit of the followers is set at 40x of the copy trader’s margin.
  • Copy-trading on BingX has two subtypes of copy trading: copy trading by the amount and copy trading by proportion.
  • The Copy Trader can earn 8% from the net profits made by the followers who follow the strategy. 
  • If the user wants to create a strategy, a minimum deposit of 50 USDT is required in their account for both ordinary and listed traders. 
  • The user will become an eligible Ordinary trader if he completes the KYC process. For becoming an eligible Listed trader, the user must complete the KYC process as well as in the duration of 3 weeks, weeks’ trades must be greater than 15, win rate must be greater than 55%, account profitability must be greater than 30%.
Top 10 Platforms To Choose As A Copy Trader
Top platforms to become a copy trader: BingX

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Bitget: 3rd Best Platform to Become a Copy Trader

  • Bitget is another leading cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Singapore. This platform brings thousands of traders from which the user can copy investing. 
  • The requirements to become a trader include mandatory KYC, no positions, no stop limit, the contracts should have no open orders, and no following any traders.
  • A trader on Bitget can charge a fee of 10% on their followers’ profit, which they earn through copy trading. 
  • On Bitget, the user can also be a part of a crypto community that helps the traders increase followers, consequently expanding their profits.
  • To become a trader, the following requirements must be met which is that the trader must have 50 followers and a deposit requirement of more than equal to 500 and less than 10000 or have 100 followers with a deposit requirement of more than equal to 10,000 and less than 5,000,000 or have 150 followers with deposit more than equal to 5,000,000. 
Top 10 Platforms To Choose As A Copy Trader
Top platforms to become a copy trader: Bitget

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Zignaly: 4th Best Platform to Become a Copy Trader

  • Zignaly is a platform especially built for Crypto investors and based on cryptocurrencies that provide its users with copy trading.
  • This platform works by replicating the trading activity proportionally than the trader they are copying once they set their desired total balance. 
  • To become a copy trader on this platform, the user needs to enter the minimum allocated balance, which is the minimum investment the follower would have to set to start copying their account. 
  • Further, every copy trading account can trade with only one quote, which they must inform the platform versus which coin they’ll always trade for their account.
  • Currently, the platform offers Binance and Kucoin, but more will be coming soon. The Exchange type can be Spot or futures trading.
  • The copy trader can start trading in the following three ways: the trading terminals, signals, and a mix of signals and manuals.  
Top 10 Platforms To Choose As A Copy Trader
Top platforms to become a copy trader: Zignaly

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Coinmatics: 5th Best Platform to Become a Copy Trader

  • Coinmatics platform is an automated Cryptocurrency bot that allows its users to buy and sell on various selected exchanges. This particular platform uses a variety of trading strategies and executes swift trading activities to automate its operations.
  • On Coinmatics, all the professional traders can earn profit from the various investors who subscribe to their strategies and copy them automatically or earn on payments from people who subscribe to Telegram alerts and do manual copy trading.
  • To become a copy trader, the trader can submit their strategies in the strategy list.
  • Further, the user must set the price for subscribing to their signals in Telegram or provide them for free as per their choice. 
  • The Copy trader can then automatically set the amount that their followers have to pay to copy the trading strategy. 
  • Lastly, the copy trader needs to select an API key that is related to their account and dedicated to their trading strategies. 
Top 10 Platforms To Choose As A Copy Trader
Top platforms to become a copy trader: Coinmatics

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WunderTrading: 6th Best Platform to Become a Copy Trader

  • WunderTrading is a platform that offers a straightforward environment to its users to access features like social trading and copy trading with transparency, safety and low fees.
  • This platform provides a simple process for the traders to become copy traders. To start with, the user must select the role of a trader and provide their USDT (ERC-20) payout address in the copy trading tab.
  • Further, the trader has to change their settings to make themselves visible in the marketplace for the followers to copy their trade. 
  • Unlike other platforms, it does not have a list of requirements to make the user a copy trader for other people to follow them. Next, all they have to do is set the price for their profiles/bots, which is set for 30 days. 
  • Lastly, they have to select the currency, and the process is done. 
Top 10 Platforms To Choose As A Copy Trader
Become a Copy Trader: WunderTrading

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eToro: 7th Best Platform to Become a Copy Trader

  • The copy trader of this platform is considered one of the key features, and the platform has become the leader of the fintech revolution. 
  • Etoro is one of the first founders’ platforms to introduce copy trading to Crypto Space. It is a straightforward platform that provides investors with 2300 instruments, including Forex, exchange-traded securities and CFDs.
  • The minimum and maximum amounts the user can invest in a trader are $200 and $2000000. A user can copy 100 traders simultaneously. 
  • This platform hosts a popular investment program that allows potential traders to produce income for themselves by letting others copy them annually
  • In addition, popular investors are also entitled to various other benefits including bespoke personalised customer service, subscriptions to online investment services, and VIP tickets to various sporting events. 
  • This particular platform features successful Popular Investors in press releases and global marketing campaigns which further lead to global exposure.
Top 10 Platforms To Choose As A Copy Trader
Top platforms to become a copy trader: eToro

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MoonXBT: 8th Best Platform to Become a Copy Trader

  • A recently launched new crypto trading platform is MoonXBT. This is a popular platform for light contract trading, and it is also known for low fees and high leverage.
  • To become a copy trader, you must apply for a trader status on the mobile app or web platform or reach out to its customer service. The trader status can be applied after meeting the following conditions. Firstly, when deposits are higher than 500 USDT and the number of orders are greater than 5.
  • However, MoonXBT does not allow its traders from high yielding trading strategies, a high risk that can liquidate their portfolios.
  • Furthermore, the trader can also have a demo account for a limited period of time to understand the platform. 
  • A copy trader who creates his own strategies can directly charge up to 10% of follower’s profit share. 
  • As a copy trader some of the details that are disclosed includes status lifetime, Rate of return of your orders, Number of followers, Profit sharing ratio, Copied orders trading pair, Number of transactions, Win rate of your orders.
Top 10 Platforms To Choose As A Copy Trader
Top platforms to become a copy trader: MoonXBT

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  • is another platform that allows its users to copy crypto traders and use their strategies to earn returns. This platform supports more than 500 cryptocurrencies as well as more than 1000 trading pairs. 
  • Furthermore, this platform supports spot and margin trading as well.
  • Although no exchange fee is charged, a fee of 5% is charged to the professional trader, which the user is following. 
  • Users can also be professional traders if they want and create their own strategies to claim the rewards of copy trading from the profits the followers gain without any particular specifications. 
  • presents many ways with which the user can gain points and claim rewards, including benefits like avoiding exchange fees. The user can exchange these coins for the following things: To cover contract and spot trading fees, To participate in USDT special activities.
Top 10 Platforms To Choose As A Copy Trader
Top platforms to become a copy trader:

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  • is a combination of the multi-exchange trading terminal, the traders’ social network, the copy trading functionality, and prediction games.
  • The user can automate their trading using two ways. Firstly, this platform provides users with a social network that offers copy trading and counter trading functionalities. Secondly, an advanced trader can bring the algorithmic strategies from custom trading bots, which can also be copied.
  • In future, will also be available copy trading for spot portfolios, but currently, this feature is available for margin and futures markets only.
  • A trader can assign a certain amount of crypto that is programmed in such a way that it is used to automatically make the same trades as an account of their choice or the opposite ones.
  • Moreover, this platform has a utility token, ASN, which plays a vital role in bringing the ecosystem together and encourages development, weaves incentive and gamification mechanisms in each aspect of this platform.
Top 10 Platforms To Choose As A Copy Trader
Top platforms to become a copy trader:

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The trader should choose a platform that provides him with the highest profit distribution and the lowest risk, which can prove really beneficial. Most of the traders are now opting for the copy trading feature as it reduces their work by automating their trade and claiming its high benefits, and providing them with transparency and support exchanges and offer most features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Copy trading feature legal?

Yes, in most countries, copy trading is legal and is not a scam.

Is copy trading profitable?

Copy-trading has become one of the most profitable ways to earn money as it allows the user to copy successful traders strategies to earn more profit.

On what basis do we choose a copy trader?

To select the best copy trader, the user must observe the number of followers of the copy traders, average trade duration, profit percentage, number of traders placed, monthly trading results and other factors according to the users’ need.

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