10 Best Crypto Exchange in Singapore

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In this article, we have come up with the top 10 crypto exchanges in Singapore and talked about the products they offer to users. Looking at their products and features, any user can get an apt idea of what they expect from the platform.

Here go our top ten exchanges in Singapore: 

Exchanges/FeaturesAppWalletFeesLeverageSecurityCredit/ Debit Card
OkexAndroid & iOSAvailableTiered Trading feesAvailableCold and Hot wallet storage.Accepted
Huobi Global Android & iOSAvailableTiered Trading fees5xHighCredit cards Accepted
Kraken Android & iOSAvailableTiered Trading fees5x24/7 SurveillanceAccepted
Coinhako Android & iOSAvailableDepends on the CoinNAGoodVisa Cards Accepted
BitMEX Android & iOSAvailableDynamicUPTO 100xCold wallets usedNA
Gemini Android & iOSAvailableUPTO 10 Free WithdrawalsNot availableStandardAccepted
Luno Android & iOSAvailableDynamicNA Cold WalletCredit Card Accepted
Changelly Android & iOSAvailable only to Pro usersMinimalNA2FA and WhitelistingAccepted
Tokenize Android & iOSNALowUPTO 10xStandardNA
Crpto.comAndroid & iOSAvailableDynamicNAStandardAccepted

Top Crypto Exchange in Singapore: OKEx

What is OKEX?

OKEX is a crypto exchange platform serving more than a hundred countries and users. The platform relies on Blockchain technology and provides excellent financial and investment services to traders. The OKEX fees have a tiered structure. Further, it offers spot trading, crypto lending, margin trading, options, perpetual swaps, mining, and many more services. To learn more, read the Okex exchange review.


Products Offered by OKEX

OKEX trading bot offers several exciting products to its users. Have a look at the image given below:

A brief explanation of the products offered:

  • Pool: Here, the traders can hedge the funds and do pool trading.
  • Bridge: This product allows the platform users to deposit the asset and then withdraw them.
  • OKEX Wallet: The platform offers a wallet feature for convenience. You can either download the app or use the web extension. 
  • OKB: OKB is the official utility token provided by Okex to its users.
Okex Features
Okex Features
  • Cloud Service: This product is dedicated in giving services like margin and leverage trading.
  • Secular Funds: Providing the users with the best security with hot and cold wallets following the utmost security protocols. 
  • OKEx Chain: The OKEx Chain is based on blockchain technology for trading and exchanging. 
  • Status: This product provides real-time information on platform updates, deposits and withdrawals of currencies, and platform maintenance provided.

Pros and Cons of OKEX

More than ten local currencies are available.Charges vary for regular and VIP users.
Okes is safe with high-security standards.It can get confusing for beginners.
Offer multiple features.
Pros and Cons of OKEX

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Huobi Global

What is Huobi Global?

Huobi Global is a global crypto exchanging platform established in 2013. The platform has 385 crypto assets. It offers spot and margin trading. They also have derivatives like coin-margined futures and swaps. The platform also includes services like staking, pooling, Huobi earns, and more. Further, users also use the referral program to earn more. You can read our Huobi review to learn more about it.

Huobi Global
Huobi Global

Products Offered by Huobi Global

Huobi Global exchange offers a various range of products and gives remarkable services to its users. Have a look at the image provided below:

A brief for the significant products offered by Huobi Global:

  • Huobi Capital: This is the Huobi investment program that focuses on the projects and opportunities related to blockchain technology.
  • Huobi Global ecosystem fund: Huobi has created its ecosystem through its HT as its token. Through this, they are also cooperating and working in the upstream and downstream of blockchain technology. 
  • Huobi Eco Chain: This platform has developed a HECO chain for developers and users to explore decentralised apps, assets, and contracts at a low cost with an efficient platform. 
  • Huobi DeFi Labs: The Huobi global platform invests in improving DeFi to develop a better financial world. Their vision is to work with the DeFi community and grow it.
  • Trading bot: Huobi offers its in-house Grid trading bot that is free of cost. To learn more, read Huobi Trading Bot.
Huobi Products
Huobi Products

Pros and Cons of Huobi Global

Has a more excellent vision for DeFi.There is a withdrawal limit.
24/7 security is monitored. Not a beginner-friendly platform. 
Pros and Cons of Huobi Global

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Kraken

What is Kraken?

Kraken is one of the best-regulated crypto exchange platforms, which has been providing services since 2011. The platform is dedicated to anyone interested in understanding and investing in crypto. Any beginner and expert can join and start trading with ease. Moreover, they understand the importance of this digital exchange and aims to enable financial freedom. Further, it also offers a referral program to let users earn some extra coins.


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Products and Features Offered by Kraken

As you can see, the features and products offered by the Kraken crypto exchange platform are on the image given above. Let’s take you through the brief of significant products provided by the platform: 

  • Indices: The platform offers products like Indices to help the traders have a safe transaction. They ensure that the prices are reliable and trustworthy by comparing different top exchanges. 
  • OTC: OTC stands for over-the-counter. This product is designed for people with high net value. They provide one-on-one services and guidance for keeping it safe, secure and competitive.
  • Cryptowatch: This product helps traders watch their portfolio and other exchanging platforms, analyse the markets, and trade. 
Kraken Products
Kraken Products

Pros and Cons of Kraken

Kraken exchange is a Beginner-friendly platform. Does not have a wallet of its own.
95% of deposits are secured offline. The selection of educational materials is poor.
Kraken Fees are low for non-instant buy.High instant buys fees.
Pros and Cons of Kraken

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Coinhako

What is Coinhako?

Coinhako is one of the leading crypto exchanging platforms in Singapore with exciting features like accepting Singapore dollars. In addition, the platform has a user-friendly design with customized price alerts. Moreover, Coinhako offers 20% of on Coinhako trading fees in real-time to his affiliate from his referred user. 


Products and Features Offered by Coinhako

  • Multifunction E-wallet: The wallet is highly secured for storage and facilitates a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Various payment solutions are available: The platform accepts different modes like bank transfer and cards. 
  • Multiple Chain facilities are offered: The e-wallet cooperates with multiple blockchains for easy transactions.
  • Best security practices: The platform practices the best security features like cold wallet storage and various signature authorisations. 

Pros and Cons of Coinhako

One of the recognized and trusted platforms.High charges.
Exciting points and rewards. Deposit and Withdrawal Limits. 
Pros and Cons of Coinhako

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Bitmex

What is Bitmex?

Bitmex is one of the tremendous peer-to-peer crypto exchanging platforms that offer leverages up to 100x. With this, the platform provides services like high liquidity, margin trading, and protects the hedged funds of the traders. Furthermore, Bitmex exchange has an effective program for developers working on Bitcoin, Nodejs, Java, and Kubernetes to flourish the crypto ecosystem. In addition, the platform is constantly improving its products, technology, and services for its users. 

To read more, click on BitMEX Review

Bitmex Exchange
BitMEX Exchange

Products Offered by the Bitmex

Bitmex offers unique products to its users. Follow the bullet points given below to know the products offered:

  • Auto deleveraging: The platform has its liquidation engine, which takes place on its own when the trader is liquidated.
  • BitMex basket indices: Here the users can basket a set of coins that they wish to analyse, and with the help of this, the users get a thematic exposure like the best altcoins. 
  • Risk limits: The platform offers a safety feature like risk limits to all its traders to save them from liquidation. 
  • Isolated and Cross margin
  • Load shedding
  • BitMex indices
Bitmex Products
Bitmex Products

Pros and Cons of Bitmex

All the assets are stored in a cold wallet.Bitmex fees structure also includes a different sectio for trading fees.
No withdrawal fees.Do not deal in fiat currency.
Pros and Cons of Bitmex

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Gemini

What is Gemini?

Gemini is a crypto exchanging platform dedicated to one and all, that is available for individuals or institutions. Their prime goal is to offer the most helpful products, standard security, licensing, and compliance. In addition, Gemini exchange makes the world of crypto appear simple, easy, and secure for every user. 


For more details, read our Gemini Review

Products Offered by Gemini

The Gemini crypto exchange platform represents its products clearly and precisely, as you can see in the image provided below. Let’s take you through a brief on significant products that need your attention:

  • Web Exchange: It offers access to all the tools for understanding the market. Gemini web exchange makes the buying/selling process easier like never before. Further, the platform also creates a portfolio for every user to access and see for changes occurring every 24 hours. 
  • Gemini Active Trader: Through this program, they offers guidance on trading strategies to its active traders without compromising on quality and reliability in microseconds. 
  • Gemini Clearing: Gemini Clearing allows two parties to execute an order off the order book while it acts as a confirming third party. This ensures speed, safety, and anonymity. 
Gemini Products
Gemini Products

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Pros and Cons of Gemini

No deposit Limit on Gemini exchange.There is a withdrawal limit
Ten complimentary withdrawals of digital assets every month. Usage of Debit cards is limited. 
Pros and Cons of Gemini

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Luno

What is Luno?

Luno is a digital crypto exchanging platform where you can quickly start your trading journey within minutes. The medium is effortless to understand for anyone who wishes to start their trading journey. Further, this platform was established in 2013 and is locally present in Singapore. They aim to make crypto available everywhere. 


Products and Features Offered by Luno

The platform offers specific features and products to its users. However, the representation of their services is unique and precise. Have a look at the image below for a better understanding. 

We have given a brief of some of its products and features below to emphasize:

  • The platform offers a lot of popular cryptocurrencies to buy/sell, and trade.
  • Further, it has several modes of accepting payment. Hence, provides quick and easy service.
  • Users can receive and send crypto from friends and family without any cost. 
  • Features like mobile app, price alerts and notifications are worth it. 
Luno Products
Luno products

Pros and Cons of Luno

Beginner-friendly platform.Limited cryptocurrency supported. 
A wallet facility is available for convenience. Sending amount is limited. 
Pros and Cons of Luno

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Changelly

What is Changelly?

Changelly is a prominent crypto exchange platform with being the fastest service provider to two million trusted users. With Changelly, users can also purchase cryptocurrencies using bank cards. The platform offers one hundred and forty cryptocurrencies for exchange. Moreover, Changelly is dedicated to providing the best possible rates to its users. To learn more, read Changelly review.


Products Offered by Changelly

  • Changelly earn: The Changelly exchange offers the opportunity to earn by becoming an affiliate to Changelly. It also shares 60% of the revenue share from crypto-to-crypto and fiat to crypto transactions.
  • Changelly pro: This exchange has a pro feature that helps users become pros in the digital market. They provide guides, suggestions, signals and multi-currency wallets to their pro users. 
  • Changelly blog: As the name suggests, they have a blog section that helps in guiding and providing suggestive informative content to everyone. 

Pros and Cons of Changelly

24/7 customer support available. Wallet facility is given only to pro users. 
10x leverage.Not a beginner-friendly platform.
Pros and Cons Changelly

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Tokenize Xchange

What is Tokenize Xchange?

Tokenize Xchange is an easy-to-use crypto exchange and is best for traders who have some experience in the cryptocurrency world. They claim to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto. Moreover, it does offer a minimum fees rate. However, such low rates are available only to platinum users. The platform is open to opportunities like “ try for free”. Interested users can give a try to analyze the platform. 

Tokenize Xchange
Tokenize Xchange

Products Offered by the Tokenize Xchange

There are only a few products and features that this platform offers. Have a look at the image provided below: 

Significant products that require users attention are:

  • OTC: Tokenize’s over-the-counter desk provides its users with fast settlements, best possible price offers, helps in trading large volumes; In addition, this also enables the platform to act as a trusted partner to its users. 
  • Earn: The platform gives interest on crypto deposits to its users.
Tokenzie Features
Tokenize features

Pros and Cons of Tokenize

Earning opportunities are plentiful. Does not have a wallet. 
The fees charged is low. There are deposit and withdrawal limits.
Pros and Cons Tokenize

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Crypto.com

What is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com is a crypto exchanging platform dedicated to all kinds of users. Be it a beginner or pro. The platform aims to make its users control their money and accelerate the growth of digital currencies. The platform has more than ten million users. In addition, the platform has the most genuine work believes. To learn more, read Crypto.com review.


Products Offered by Crypto.com

Crypto.com offers various excellent products to its users. You can see for yourself in the image provided below. The platform is worth a try. If you are planning to start your trading journey, this should be a must to check out. 

Further, this exchange has almost everything that a trader looks for in an exchanging platform. For example, products like wallet, earn, margin and derivatives trading, crypto.org chain, metal visa cards, and many more such products. In addition, the platform provides its own NFT platform.

Crypto.com Products
Crypto.com Products

Pros and Cons of Crypto.com

Best platform for beginners.Particular preference is given to the platform’s official coin CRO.
Platform’s official visa cards are available. A limited number of crypto assets are available. 
Pros and Cons of Crypto.com

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Conclusion

There are many other crypto exchange platforms available in Singapore. However, the ones listed in this article can be the best choice to go with. Furthermore, all of the platforms mentioned above are distinct and have significant products and features to offer. Our best choice to go with would be Huobi/ Gemini in case you wish to trade on leverage, then BitMEX would be the go-to option.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Gemini have Dogecoin?
  • Yes, Gemini has dogecoin. The users can even earn interest on Dogecoin.

    Is Huobi safe?

    Yes, Huobi is a safe crypto exchange in Singapore. It does offer a good range of safety to its users on their asset. Features like the certified merchant, super merchant, freezing coins, and many such security features ensure the safety of the traders. 

    Where to buy Ethereum in Singapore?

    Platforms like Bitmex, crypto.com, okex, and many such platforms offer Ethereum in Singapore. 

    What is Bitmex Trading fees?

    Bitmex trading fees depend on the 30-day trading volume. The platform’s maker rebate is 0.01%, while taker fees is 0.05%.  

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