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TradeSanta and Crytpohopper are one of the most popular crypto trading bots. In this article, we will compare TradeSanta vs Cryptohopper and evaluate their features.

TradeSanta enables automated cryptocurrency trading on major exchanges. It was launched in November 2018  and has since gained an impressive user base. The service’s distinguishable features are a user-friendly interface and powerful tools for all traders.

Cryptohopper is one of the most popular bots on the market. Cryptohopper enables traders to use a wide suite of instruments to automate their strategies.

CryptoHopper vs TradeSanta: Trading Strategies


Automated trading with indicators – Cryptohopper allows the creation of highly customizable bots relying on various technical parameters to take advantage of crypto market fluctuations.

Exchange Arbitrage – users can take advantage of differences in coin prices on several popular exchanges.

Mirror Trading – traders can follow experts on the Cryptohopper marketplace and set the bots to start a trade once the expert sends a signal.


DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) – traders can set up bots with Extra orders and one takes profit for the whole amount of coins purchased. The bot will buy more coins if the trade goes on the contrary to the direction of the bot, thus reducing the price of Take Profit price that should be reached.

Grid – Grid strategy bots also have Extra orders, but separate Take Profit. Grid strategy takes advantage of the price fluctuations before the price bounces back and reaches Take Profit.

SmartOrder – Traders can buy or sell a big amount of cryptocurrencies at market price split in multiple orders. 

CryptoHopper vs TradeSanta: Exchanges


Currently, Cryptohopper supports 12 exchanges including KuCoin, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Binance, Bittrex,  and some others.


Tradesanta supports all major exchanges. The list of supported platforms includes HitBTC, Binance, UpBit, Okex, Huobi, Bitfinex, Bittrex, BitMEX (coming soon).

CryptoHopper vs TradeSanta: Features


  • Strategy designer allows creating a strategy based on various indicators and candle patterns
  • Mirror Trading – traders can follow the strategies of the chosen experts
  • Backtesting – test your strategy against real market conditions
  • Marketplace – follow the strategies and signals generated by the Cryptohopper community.
  • Trailing Stop Loss – sells coins after a strong price drop. Cryptohopper also has Trailing Stop Buy and Trailing Stop Short
  • Configuration templates – prebuilt templates specific for each coin giving the beginners a good head start


  • Trading terminal – traders don’t need to log in to their exchanges every time they want to make a trade. The trading terminal allows placing orders on the connected exchanges. Especially helpful for those, who have accounts on multiple platforms. 
  • Virtual trading  – users can test their bot setting in real-time without the risk of losing money
  • Stop loss – will fix the losses in terms of the market was unfavorable to the user’s bot strategy
  • Trailing take profit – will take the maximum out of the rising market increasing opportunities for earnings
  • Technical signals – set up a bot using Bollinger Bands, MACD, or RSI signals as entry points
  • Martingale – Increases the size of each consequent order to reduce Take Profit price
  • 2FA – protect your account with 2 Factor Authentication
  • Templates – Create the bot from a present template available for all types of bots (Long and short Grid, Long and Short DCA)
  • Futures (coming soon) – trade Binance futures with leverage

CryptoHopper vs TradeSanta: User Experience


Cryptohopper has a very neat design and clear navigation. The website is very responsive, However, a beginner may be overwhelmed by all the available options.

Cryptohopper is a very customizable trading platform well suited for traders with experience, but tricky for beginners. New traders may have to be patient embarking on a learning curve with Cryptohopper tutorials.


TradeSanta’s distinguishable feature is a user-friendly experience. New users can create bots in just a few clicks and if they don’t have an exchange account, they can create one on HitBTC right through TradeSanta’s interface. 

Website’s navigation is meant to be clear to even beginners and TradeSanta’s extensive documentation and video tutorials explaining its features make the onboarding process even faster.

CryptoHopper vs TradeSanta: Mobile apps


Cryptohopper is available on both iOS and Android and allows to monitor trading bots. However, the functionality is limited. Users won’t be able to create a new bot on the fly. The app has good ratings in GooglePlay and AppStore

TradeSanta Operating Systems

TradeSanta’s mobile app is also available in AppStore and GooglePlay. Users can monitor their bot performance and set up new bots in a few clicks. Mobile experience is adanpted specifically for mobile platforms opening new functionalities. 

CryptoHopper vs TradeSanta: Communities and Support


Cryptohopper has multiple communities in Discord or Telegram available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese. The communities are open to both traders and beginners and newbies can always ask for help there.

If a user encountered a problem, they can also contact the Cryptohopper team in a 24/7 chat on the website or file a ticket.


TradeSanta has a wonderful community in Telegram where users share their strategies and experiences. TradeSanta team members are always there to help beginners or to answer questions about the platform. The issues are communicated via email or Telegram chat. 

CryptoHopper vs TradeSanta: Pricing

Starter package$16.58/MonthFrom $14/Month
Intermediate package$41.58/MonthFrom $20/Month
Pro package$83.25/MonthFrom $30/Month

CryptoHopper plans differ in the number of positions, coins, and tools available.

TradeSanta’s plans starter and intermediate package differ in trading tools and number of bots, while the most expensive one offers more bots. 

Both platforms offer a trial of their starter plans.

TradeSanta vs CryptoHopper: Conclusion

In this article, we’ve had a look at TradeSanta and Cryptohopper automated trading platforms.

Cryptohopper surpasses TradeSanta in number of exchanges connected and offers more variety in trading indicators and signals. 

TradeSanta offers some features unavailable for Cryptohopper users such as Grid strategy and Smart order. It is more user friendly, still enjoying the same powerful functionality of an automated bot. The pricing is also lower, than the one of Cryptohopper.

TradeSanta is a good choice for novice traders due to its easy-to-use interface and traders wanting to take advantage of all market fluctuation, whereas Cryptohopper may suit traders who want to experiment with technical settings.

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