CryptoHopper vs NapBots | How to automate your Crypto trades?

NapBots and Cryptohopper automate the trading cycle and allow users to make steady profits. In this article, we will compare NapBots and Cryptohopper and show their advantages and disadvantages.

NapBots is a cloud-based service that enables automated trading of cryptocurrencies. It was launched a few years ago and has thousands of users. Based on the trading frequency(weekly, daily & hourly) users can choose from a variety of pre-made crypto trading strategies to automate their trading. Many NapBots customers choose to diversify between multiples strategies to reduce risk, others prefer to stick to one crypto strategy.

Cryptohopper provides trading bots based on technical indicators. It needs some human intervention for initialization, but it is capable of trading on your behalf, similar to other trading bots.

1. Subscription & Pricing

Cryptohopper begins at a cheap price but gets expensive when you climb up the pricing ranges. The NapBots silver plan is particularly affordable in this regard.

NapBots starts at a lower price, but increases substantially as you choose higher subscriptions, also it charges you an extra fee if you want to increase your trading limit of the plan.

Starter package$16.58/MonthFrom €7/Month
Intermediate package$41.58/MonthFrom €39/Month
Pro package$83.25/MonthFrom €99/Month
CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Pricing

CryptoHopper Pricing

Cryptohopper Prices
CryptoHopper Prices

Users can evaluate the program in a trial phase before committing to a particular subscription. You can purchase a full subscription when the free trial ends.

Cryptohopper has the same features in various plans but raises the number of positions, tokens/coins, etc.

Cryptohopper’s most frequent complaint is that the cheaper products provide less features than the $99. Since this drawback remains across multiple sites on the sector, consumers can take it into account.

7-day free trialHigh pricing for most plans
limited features in the trial version

NapBots Pricing

Napbots Pricing
Napbots Pricing

NapBots also has multiple monthly subscription plans and can be canceled at any time. You also have the option to pay with NPX token with 25% of the subscription, receiving the token at the same as ICO price.

  1. The Silver package at NapBots gives you access to:
  • Trading bot platform
  • Weekly Bots
  • Unlimited Execution
  • Budget included: €1000
  • All Supported Pairs
  • Auto Mode allocation
  1. In addition to the above features, the next price package offers:
  • Custom Bot Allocation
  • Weekly & Daily bots
  • Long/Short Bots
  • Bot copying and viewing
  • Leverage Allowed
  • Budget included: €3000
  1. Lastly, the professional package opens up:
  • All features available in other plans
  • Weekly, Daily & Hourly Bots
  • Leverage allowed
  • Switch exchanges
  • Budget included: €5000
  • Switch Exchange

NapBots teams offers custom mandates for people that are willing to trade more than $100k, for more information you can write [email protected]

Affordable starter planLimited to weekly bots in the simulator mode
Simulator mode for FreeNo Hidden fees

Pricing winner: NapBots has a cheaper starter plan and gradually increases prices on the plan.

Cryptohopper: 7.5/10

NapBots: 8/10

2. CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Reliability

Trading bots are generally more efficient than humans, but NapBots have a great reputation for steady profits.

Cryptohopper Reliability

Both platforms have the privilege of being more trustworthy than regular people. Cryptohopper, however, is allegedly vulnerable to glitches, bugs, and crashes, which jeopardize the earnings.

Decent profits capacityBug vulnerability

NapBots Reliability

It is highly risky to trade the crypto market, and you should recognize the dangers. In reality, some traders are losing money – mostly because of their human errors. That said, people also make big profits according to NapBots users.

Not so riskySlight space for errors
Several successful reviews
100% Automated
In-house made strategies with proven profitability

Reliability winner: NapBots appears to have fewer unpleasant accidents to deal through.

Cryptohopper: 7/10

NapBots: 8/10

3. CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Ease of Use

This might take a while for newcomers to grasp how Cryptohopper operates.

Cryptohopper Ease of Use

Many people find it hard to build their profiles, set models, etc. on Cryptohopper mobile app. You can not perform such acts in a browser unless you are in desktop mode.

Nice desktop experienceComplicated for newcomers
Mobile support needs to be improved

NapBots Ease of Use

Napbots works well on desktop browsers but the mobile version can be improved. It is usually structured in a manner that is easy to understand. Some users have complained that you can’t connect your bot directly via mobile, as you need first to go to your desktop computer, but this doesn’t affect at all the ease of use of the interface.

Simple and smooth interfaceNot possible to set from mobile
Super quick setup

Ease of use winner:  For NapBots, setup and software is much more simple to use.

Cryptohopper: 6/10

NapBots: 8/10

4. CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Exchange Platforms

Both trading bots have some major exchanges but Cryptohopper users have a wide choice and, by extension, more cryptocurrencies to pick.

Cryptohopper compatibles Crypto Exchanges

Currently, 11 crypto exchanges are compatible with Cryptohopper. The list includes KuCoin, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Binance, Bittrex,  and some others. While it is appropriate for certain traders, it can restrict those who wish to fully increase their holdings.

Major exchanges are presentedMissing some big players
More options to come

NapBots Exchanges

NapBots currently supports the best and most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitstamp, Bitmex, Bitfinex, Bitpanda Pro, Phemex, Binance, Okex, Kraken, and more are in the pipeline. You can link via API and before linking them, check what features your exchange of preference supports.

Major crypto exchangesSome big exchanges missing (ex- Coinbase Pro)
Quick connection in a few clicks

Exchange support winner: The Cryptohopper exchange list much better and traders with a greater range and versatility.

Cryptohopper: 9/10

NapBots: 7/10

5. CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Profitability

There is no guarantee that everyone will make a profit. However, both trading bots have demonstrated that traders can successfully profit from these trading bots.

Cryptohopper Returns

Cryptohopper offers extensive technological features to keep profits stable. In fact, the trading bot generates considerable income although not all of the time.

High ROI Acceptable risk0.5% transaction fee

NapBots Returns

NapBots bot has a unique trailing property for any crypto market. This helps the tool to exchange the most lucrative position wherever it is placed. At first, you may not get the highest profit rates but users learn how to enhance trading bots’ configuration over time.

Frequent good trading opportunitiesOccasional losses
No transaction fees on the platform

Profitability winner: It is difficult to track how profitable the service is for all customers, but the average income on both platforms is good.

Cryptohopper: 8/10

NapBots: 8/10

6. CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Trading Strategies


Bots can operate both off-shelf and customized strategies successfully.

Cryptohopper Strategies

Prefabricated trading techniques provide consumer reviews that have been checked. However, you risk incorrectly configuring them if you want to change it to your liking.

Marketplace with many strategiesExposure to unprofitable strategies

NapBots Strategies

With NapBots, automated cryptocurrency trading can be done by copying a strategy from the marketplace. However, they require serious backtests and due diligence. Once you’ve chosen one or multiple strategies, you can allocate the assets to each one.

A wide array of strategiesRisks from trial and error
Multiple tools to boost pre-made strategies

Trading strategies winner: Both services offer a wide range of crypto trading strategies

Cryptohopper: 8/10

NapBots: 8/10

7. CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Operating Systems

Both Cryptohopper and NapBots are cloud based and also have a mobile apps that allow trading anywhere.

Cryptohopper Operating Systems 

Cryptohopper is available on both iOS and Android and provides all the necessary trading functions.

Smooth operation on all platformsNone found
Intuitive app interface

NapBots Operating Systems

You can enjoy the NapBots mobile experience if you still want to stay on top of your game. It helps you to change your bot configuration at any time or to track your progress anywhere. The engineering team achieve successful integration of trading view and a user interface that is easy to understand.

No bugs foundLags in the desktop app
Full functionality on both mobile and desktop

OS winner: Even though Cryptohopper has a better interface. You will be fully satisfied with both services regarding apps and operating system requirements.

Cryptohopper: 8/10

NapBots: 7/10

8. CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Privacy & Security

Cryptohopper illustrates in greater detail how user protection is guaranteed, while safety precautions are clarified less clearly by NapBots.

Cryptohopper Privacy and Security

Cryptohopper does not store your tokens that prevent user funds from being compromised. The collection, preservation, and analysis of data is always performed in compliance with the most stringent laws.

SSL secured communication channelUse of cookies by advertisers
Personal identification information is not required

NapBots Privacy and Security

The team does not provide any security related detail. However, no breach or fraud is reported till date.

No reports of breaches or fraudUnclear information
You can add IP detection and other security measuresNo 2FA

Privacy and security winner: Cryptohopper stat its policies better, while no online service can be completely safe.

Cryptohopper: 8/10

NapBots: 7/10

9. CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Support

Both trading bots have good customers support, but Cryptohopper appears to have a useful support section.

Cryptohopper Support

If users have a problem, they can submit a support ticket that a staff member examines quickly. In addition, you can request help on other Cryptohopper channels or access the FAQ section covering common problems.

Comprehensive support sectionNot all accounts are active
Quick responses

NapBots Support

The team will also deal with your problems – you can send a message to the chatbot or an email to support and also ask questions on the Telegram channel.  There are also guidelines and the FAQ page written by the team.

Multiple educational articlesLess structured material
24/7 support

Help and support winner: Cryptohopper gives more comprehensive knowledge but NapBots offer more practical tips for trading and their team is available around the clock.

Cryptohopper: 8/10

NapBots: 9/10

10. CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Communities

Both services provide substantial assistance to traders.

Cryptohopper Social Communities

You will find educational material for your level of experience, whether you are a seasoned trader or just a beginner. You will access communities and forums in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese, for Discord and Telegram.

Active social media groupsNone found
Multiple languages

NapBots Communities

Users can join the telegram group where they can interact directly with team members of the project, and  they have a YouTube Channel to share platform tips and features. Also, the blog provides valuable content.

Available in multiple channels to communicateN/A
Supportive community for beginners

Winner: These two platforms provide all the necessary content to sets their trading bots.

Cryptohopper: 10/10

NapBots: 10/10

11. CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Features

Let’s see the different features of Cryptohopper and NapBots.

Automated Crypto Trading

Cryptohopper trading bots provide technical analysis, which is a tool for pro-traders. It uses technical indicators such as RSI, Stochastic RSI, EMA, Bollinger Bands, MACD, etc. Many users note that the bot is superb during upward moves on the market.

However, for inexperienced users, TA can be complicated, therefore they can’t unlock the service’s full potential in this case.  And, when the market is down, the bot needs more human intervention and activity.

The NapBots service is different from Cryptohopper. They are more plug n’ play style and do not offer other trading tools besides their strategies. However, beginners find it very useful and straightforward.

If you are looking for a free trading bot, try Poinex, they only charge trading fee, not month on month fixed pricing.

Trading Templates and Strategy Customization

Cryptohopper allows you to choose between prepared and scratch strategies. As they can set it up fast and without much awareness of how to trade, beginners are more likely to stick to modules. Nevertheless, as experts online point out, there can be no evidence of usable techniques published by real consumers.

NapBots users can purchase automated bot algorithms developed by their team of professional traders as well as build strategies themselves. The platform also helps you to mix strategies and adjust leverage without having to make your own. Users should note that adjusting criteria to satisfy their particular specifications can be risky. But if you feel good in your skills, it’s not going to be a problem.


When you customize your chosen plan or build one, you’ll most definitely want to know whether it’s going to be profitable. Both platforms provide equal opportunities to test the plans without wasting money. Backtesting helps you to see how the plan would work in the real-world based on historical evidence. Before you find the correct one, you should compare the efficacy of various methods.

Signals and Risk-Minimizing Features

The trading of the Cryptohopper bot will rely on the signals of third-party technical analysts (signalers). Likewise, NapBots hosts a number of signals that you can choose from. The benefit of using NapBots in this respect comes from a simple browsing layout. You can access relevant data to each strategy, such as average performance, maximum gain, frequency of transactions, and other risk metrics. It helps you to make the right decision.

As for risk-minimizing features, Cryptohopper offers a take Profit, stop loss, and trailing stop loss, while NapBots offers less direct implementations of this concept. In fact, you can take profit and stop loss on NapBots by adjusting leverage and the majority of the analysts believe that trading is reckless without protection mechanisms. This reduces the chance of major damages and destroys everything you have.

Social Trading

Cryptohopper simplifies the life of traders with the Mirror Trading feature. Those who can not yet rely on their own market judgment will follow experienced traders. This feature is free to use if you have an active subscription.

NapBots presents users with crypto strategies in a copy trading style. Allowing their users to cherry-pick and copy their desired strategies developed by their team of traders. Their effectiveness can be further boosted using leverage but this is a risky election.

Features winner: If you don’t want to deal with professional features such as technical analysis, NapBots is your service. Also, NapBots’ strategies are considered more reliable because they are created by experimented quantitative researches and traders.

Cryptohopper: 8/10

NapBots: 9/10

Cryptohopper VS NapBots: The Verdict

Pricing and plansNapBots
Ease of useNapBots
Exchange platformsNapBots
Trading strategiesCryptohopper
Operating systemsCryptohopper
Privacy and securityCryptohopper
Help and supportCryptohopper
CryptoHopper vs NapBots: Verdict

Overall rating

Cryptohopper: 7.4/10

NapBots: 8/10

After reading through thousands of reviews and checking both services, we have established a firm opinion on which one is better. Judging by our scores alone, NapBots gains the lead in more categories than Cryptohopper, mainly in the generated performance. By using one of the services, you can achieve some degree of success. However, if you like a broader range of crypto exchanges and cryptocurrencies pairs, secure functionality, and a flawless user interface, Cryptohopper should be your top choice.

Written by Cripto.Media

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