MoonXBT Review: The Best Social and Options Trading Platform

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Do you want to join a cryptocurrency community where you can interact while trading? Do you want to upskill your trading skills? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place and this MoonXBT Review is for you to help you out.

What is MoonXBT?

MoonXBT is an integrated social crypto trading platform that provides services such as contract trading, social interaction, and one-click copy trading services to global clients. The company has its headquarters in the Cayman Islands and operates in more than 200 countries over the world. 

Moonxbt Review

Is MoonXBT a Social Trading Platform?

Driven by the core values of simplicity and integrity, MoonXBT is the world’s first “Social + Trading” platform, aiming to bring the blockchain community closer together. MoonXBT social trading has various options for you to explore.

1. MoonXBT Copy Trading

The platform offers real-time copy trading for all MoonXBT users. Copy trading is an investment strategy in which investors can trade alongside their favorite traders, saving time and reducing losses.
Investors might follow one or more traders.  Further, an experienced investor can become a trader and can directly get up to 10% of the follower’s profit share through copy-trading orders.

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2. Trading Battle

On the platform, a trader can start or join a battle. You can create a battle if you have no MP and more than 0 followers. The fee for starting a trading duel is 1 USDT. The registration fee for participants is set by the creator and then is added to the total prize pool, so you can pay 0 if the participation fee is set at $0. Further, both the creators and the participants can contribute to the prize fund. A participant can join only one battle at a time. The ROE is calculated by the system on the basis of the maximum margin received of all open and closed orders.

3. MoonXBT Community

The MoonXBT community consists of three things – Forum, Game List, and Ranking. Online Forum is where you can follow traders, post comments, or share ideas, trading strategies, investing tips. Game List is a platform that allows you to start or join a trading battle at a very low fee. To make your trading experience fun, MoonXBT allows you to trade anytime & anywhere with users from all over the world. Not only this but with a ranking system you can also track your places on the list based on ROE.

Moonxbt Social Trading
MoonXBT Social Trading

MoonXBT Platform Review: Trade

Contract Trading is a popular derivative trading strategy. Traders can maximize their profits by forecasting the price rise or fall in volatile markets like stocks, foreign exchange, and digital currencies.

In contract trading, rather than buying the asset itself, you buy a contract for it. The strategy allows the traders to benefit from the price fluctuations in the assets. Further. The traders can gain huge returns while avoiding the risk of owning the assets thus making it a very useful trading instrument in volatile markets.

Advantages of MoonXBT’s Liquid Contracts

What is Options Trading at MoonXBT?

Some of the exchanges such as MoonXBT allow trading crypto options. You can try different MoonXBT options trading to take your game to the next level. Options are basically derivative financial instruments whose prices are determined by the value of underlying securities such as stocks.

  1. Warrant option: If you want low risk and high returns, consider purchasing a warrant option. You can select either call or put option to trade currencies such as BTC and USDT. There are no transaction fees. MoonXBT warrant option, which is derived from American options, provides a simplified trading process, a streamlined trading experience, and improved liquidity.
  2. American Standalone option: Known for their great flexibility and low risk, MoonXBT’s American Standalone options offer the best experience and excellent liquidity. Under this, they provide two types of options, call and put. When the asset prices rise favorably, the trader can use his option rights to maximize the profits.
  3. European Spread option: MoonXBT’s European options are simple & easy to operate yet superior in terms they allow the investors to close their positions early before expiration. As of now, the only European spread options trading pair supported by MoonXBT is BTC/USDT. There is no additional fee to be paid, the users pay only the option fee for products. You get high yields with minimal losses and no liquidation. 
  4. Touch Options: The good news is that luxury trading products such as touch options are now available exclusively on MoonXBT. The exchange allows investors to choose between two types of touch options: double one-touch and double non-touch which are based on a “yes or no” logic basis.

MoonXBT Platform Review: Fees

Overall, MoonXBT has a competitive and transparent fee structure.

  • Deposit: The platform does not charge fees on deposits.
  • Withdrawal Fee: On withdrawal of coins to a crypto wallet, a withdrawal fee is charged depending on the currency and network type. The withdrawal amount limit ranges from 10 USDT to 30000 USDT. 
  • Trading Fee: The platform’s commission is one of the lowest in the industry and is as low as 0.05% and is only applicable for takers. Further, MP discounts can also be used to deduct fees.
  • MoonXBT charges for orders after a certain period of time i.e., an overnight fee. The fee depends upon the leverage and overnight rate.
Moonxbt Review Spread Fee
MoonXBT Review spread fee

How safe are your crypto assets at MoonXBT?

MoonXBT has adopted strong security measures to protect the assets of the users from hackers and DDoS attacks.

  • Wallet Security: The assets are kept safe inside the cold crypto wallets. The platform eliminates a single point of failure as it uses multi-signature access to the accounts to prevent the loss of keys and cyber attacks.

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  • Fireblock software: MoonXBT, in collaboration with fire blocks technology, provides top-tier security for customers’ and investors’ digital assets.
  • Transaction Security: All the orders on the platform are executed via the Amazon AWS server for physical security and internal control thus preventing any DDoS and malware attacks.
  • System Security: MoonXBT has a highly responsive system that monitors all the risks related to the transactions and conducts a risk check system after completing each order. Further to increase speed and reduce delay time, the system uses unique code for every order.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: To improve security, the platform uses passwords and Google Authenticator to complete verification as a part of the 2FA system.

MoonXBT Review: Mobile Application

Yes, the mobile application is available for both iOS and Android users. Moreover, you can absolutely use the web version for free without downloading any software.

MoonXBT Review: Ways to earn

  • Register on MoonXBT to get 50 MP.
  • Further, complete the KYC procedure to earn 100 MP.
  • You get an additional 100 MP on linking phone or email.
  • Secondly, you can easily receive 30 MP every week through daily check-ins.
  • MoonXBT awards MP to traders based on trading volume.
  • Additionally, through referral tasks, you can earn 300 MP by inviting 3 users to MoonXBT.
  • Other irregular campaigns.

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MoonXBT Review: Advantages

  1. There is a demo option available on the platform where you can get started for free with zero risk and a lot of trading bonuses.
  2. To increase your profits, you can select a suitable order such as Take-Loss, Stop-Loss, or Trigger.
  3. MoonXBT is highly secured as it uses cold wallets with encrypted assets, multi-signature, and Two-factor authentication (2FA).
  4. The robust risk management system and insurance fund work together to minimize the risk.
  5. The professional multi-screen trading view is tailored for experienced users.
  6. The new users can register & earn exclusive rewards up to 35 USDT.
Moonxbt: Features
MoonXBT Advantages

What is MoonXBT’s Welcome Campaign?

Under the community program of MoonXBT, one can register and perform tasks on the platform to earn up to $ 35. However, the trading bonus is valid only for 72 hours.

  1. Community Rewards: You can join the Telegram network to earn a trading bonus of 5 USDT.
  2. First Deposit Reward: The users can get 1000 MP = 10 USDT on making a deposit of 50 USDT.
  3. Invitation Reward: The platform rewards the users with 2000 MP = 20 USDT on inviting 2 friends to the deposit.
Moonxbt Welcome Campaign
MoonXBT Welcome Campaign

MoonXBT Review: Affiliate Program

MoonXBT has launched an affiliate program for the users where they can become exclusive partners of MoonXBT and get up to a 50% rebate on every commission. You can also earn more income by inviting referrals to the platform. Let’s say, if you invite 100 people to MoonXBT, then you can probably receive a monthly rebate of up to 12,000. Plus, you get additional benefits such as private customer service, event customization, and many more.

MoonXBT Review: Conclusions

MoonXBT truly is the place where you can freely trade without worrying about anything. Right away from socializing to trading with people from all over the world, you get a taste of what it’s like to live in a community. There is no bar on the pocket size as you can easily begin with a 1 USDT investment. The support team is also available all the time throughout the week to ensure everything goes smoothly and that the MoonXBT users have a unique trading experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I be both an investor and a trader?

No, at any given time, you can be either a trader or an investor. Copy trading is not permitted on a certified trader account, so you must first change your status from certified trader to investor.

What is Option Premium?

The option fee, also called the premium, is the amount spent by the option buyer to buy the option.

Can I sell American standalone options?

No, MoonXBT American standalone options are currently only available to buy.

Does MoonXBT have an affiliate program?

Yes, there are multiple affiliate programs that allow you to invite friends, family, and others to try out the platform. Affiliate partners receive payouts of up to 60% of trading fees paid by their referrals. 

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