Best 6 Ways to Gain Returns on MoonXBT

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MoonXBT offers plenty of features that can enable a user to gain returns on MoonXBT. This article will walk you through several ways by which you can earn or gather profits other than just trading on MoonXBT. 


  • The copy trading feature of MoonXBT is pervasive and profitable.
  • Earn up to 60% commission through referrals.
  • Get exclusive rewards for each event and welcome campaign of MoonXBT.
  • Collect moon points to get more discounts on trading fees. 

1. Copy Trading with MoonXBT

No one can resist the allure of copy trading, not when MoonXBT has so much to offer! 

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Get Profit On Moonxbt: Copy Trading With Moonxbt
Copy Trading with MoonXBT

What is Copy Trading?

Copy Trading is undoubtedly one of the most ingenious features evolved by copying specific traders through automated trading. In this, more experienced traders allow other novice traders to copy their trading plans and strategies to increase their chances of higher returns. 

Copy Trading saves a lot of time which allows you to focus on other things. Now, users don’t need to observe market trends and research popular coins to trade all the time. 

MoonXBT is one of the best social trading platforms. Investors can take advantage of this exclusive and unique feature to connect, interact, and learn from professional and veteran traders.  

Be an Investor to copy the strategy from professional traders

First, a user has to create an account on the platform to start copy trading on MoonXBT. After that, they can begin choosing the traders to copy. This platform has also introduced several factors to assist their investors in filtering the traders according to their needs. All the elements are elaborated on below. 

  • Style

Investors can sort traders based on the methods they apply in trading. Even style branches out in six more categories. Investors can choose traders who use high or low leverage, whether they trade long-term or short-term, or use small or big margins. 

  • Rate of Return or ROR

It depicts the loss or gain percentage over a particular period over a specific or initial capital. A follower can filter traders based on a 30D ROR and a total ROR offered by MoonXBT. ROR can be calculated using this formula.

Rate of Return = PnL of all orders / maximum margin

  • Number of Trading Days

Traders are also sorted on the number of trading days. For example, users can search for trading days less than 30 days, more than 30 but less than 60 days, and finally more than 60 days. 

  • Win Rate 30D

As the name suggests, the win rate signifies the successful trades a particular trader has executed. It is the number of wins to the total number of trades undertaken by a specific trader. Followers should look through the win rates of the traders before taking any decision to copy a trader. 

Win Rate 30D
Win Rate

Followers can select the tags to filter the traders according to their requirements. Moreover, every follower can see the total number of transactions, win rate 30d, ROR 30d, total ROR, and trading pairs on a trader’s profile. Thus, these comprehensive filter strategies offered by MoonXBT disposes of all confusions of the followers and assist them in making an informed decision.

Followers To Select A Tag
Followers to select a tag

Be a Trader to Earn Commissions and Gain Returns on MoonXBT

Copy Trading benefits both the traders and the followers. The followers gather profit and experience by copying a trader. But, on the other hand, the traders can charge up to a maximum of 10% profit share from their followers. So, when they close the position, the expected profit share is automatically deducted from the profit of the followers.

How to Become a Trader?

A user can become a trader by heading to the copy trading section on the platform and clicking on ‘become a trader.’ But they have to fulfill some conditions to be eligible for becoming a trader. 

  • The cumulative deposit of the user should be more than 500 USDT.
  • The total number of trading orders should be a minimum of 5.
  • The user applying to become a trader is not a follower, therefore does not copy other traders at the time.
  • The user should not have a holding order or pending order. 

Things to Remember

  • Every transaction and copied trade is recorded for the benefit of the user to review later in case of any discrepancy. 
  • Followers can copy several traders at once to increase their returns. 
  • The maximum daily limit of the margin that can be copied is 50000 USDT.
  • Users should have at least 20 USDT to get started with copy trading on this platform. 

2. Revenue Through Referral Program

MoonXBT referral programs allow a trader to get up to a maximum of 30% rebate. The following table shows the maximum refund a trader can get for each level.

LevelNumber of Invitees  Maximum Rebate 
1At least 110%
2At least 520%
3At least 1030%
Revenue Through Referral Program
Revenue Through Referral Program

How to get a Rebate?

  • First, copy the registration and invitation code and send it to your friend.
  • Second, your friend registers on MoonXBT through your link and opens an account.
  • Next, your friend should start trading, and then only you will be eligible for the promised rebate. 
  • For each successful trade, the user will get the equivalent rebate percentage.

Rebate = actual handling fee * rebate ratio

Things to Remember

  • As the user invites more friends, their account gets updated accordingly, and then they receive the rebate per cent based on the level of their MoonXBT account. 
  • A user can receive a maximum 30% rebate.
  • There is no limit to the number of invitees.
  • If the real-time trading of your friend exceeds 100000 USDT, then both you and your friend will get a trading bonus of 10 USDT.

MoonXBT Affiliate Program

Traders can join the MoonXBT Affiliate Program and earn up to 60% of the trading fee paid by their referrals when they execute any trade. Users can earn lifetime commissions without even investing anything. 

The exclusive one-to-one support includes private customer service, operational support, event customization, and promotional materials that assist in doubling their efficiency. 

Moonxbt Affiliate Program
MoonXBT Affiliate Program

Become a Partner

  • A trader first has to register and create an account on MoonXBT. 
  • Fill the application form on the website and wait to be notified through the mail. 
  • After this step, the trader will receive an exclusive invitation code which they can use to invite new customers to register on MoonXBT and start trading.
  • By completing the above steps, the partner will start receiving commissions for a lifetime that are credited simultaneously, and they can also withdraw their commissions anytime. 
Become A Partner
Become a partner


The commission of the partner can vary with the monthly trading volume of the customers. 

The monthly trading volume of the customersRebate Ratio
Greater than 30M USDT50%
Greater than 10M USDT and less than 30M USDT 40%
Greater than 5M USDT and less than 10M USDT 35%

3. Follow MoonXBT social media

MoonXBT Ambassador Program

The ambassador will receive 100-500 USDT as a monthly salary, an individual medal, trading bonus, MoonXBT points, and customized gifts in this program. In addition, they also get a chance to participate in activities and meetups. 

Grab a share of 1 BTC event

In this event, if a user deposits more than 50 USDT, they will receive a 5 USDT trading bonus. In addition, they will also get a chance to participate in the lucky draw in which they can win a share in 1 BTC. 

Grab A Share Of 1 Btc Event
Grab a share of 1 BTC event

Copy Trading Super Reward: 15,000 USD is Waiting for You!

In this event, the user has to copy trade, and then they have to fill in a questionnaire which will fetch them a 15 USDT trading bonus. There are a total of 1000 rewards available for the users. Early birds in the event are likely to get bonuses first. 

Other rewards

  • MoonXBT offers a splendid bonus of 160 USDT if the user deposits a minimum of $500 for the first time.
  • Joining the MoonXBT community will fetch you $5.

4. MoonXBT Welcome Campaign

In this campaign, users can enjoy exceptional trading services and bonuses on every activity. Rewards are described as follows:

  • Users receive a trading bonus of 5 USDT after they complete their registration and verification on MoonXBT.
  • Traders also receive moon points of 20 USDT after they invite two friends through their invitation link.
  • After a trader deposits 50 USDT, they get a trading bonus of 5 USDT in addition to 10 USDT fee discounts, moon points, and a portion of 1 BTC.

Each user is entitled to get all three categories of awards.

Moonxbt Welcome Campaign
MoonXBT Welcome Campaign

5. Lower transaction fee on MoonXBT helps you save money

MoonXBT charges low and competitive prices in comparison to other popular cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, traders have to pay only a 0.05% trading fee, which is extremely rare. In addition, they can also get more discounts on trading fees if they have enough moon points. 

They also charge an overnight fee applicable when a position is held onto a new trading day. Both the trading fees and the overnight fees are calculated as shown below. 

Trading Fee (Open/Close a position) = Margin * leverage * 0.05%

Overnight Fee = Margin * leverage * 0.05%

It does not even charge any deposit fee. However, users have to pay a low withdrawal fee for the type of chain used. 

  • 28 USDT for OMNI chain
  • 20 USDT for ERC20 chain
  • 1 USDT for TRC20 chain
Moonxbt Fees
MoonXBT fees

6. Collect Mp (moon point)

There are several instances where MoonXBT rewards you with points called Moon points (MP). 

  • The user gets a trading bonus after registering on the platform, 5 USDT + 3000 MP = 35 USDT.
  • If you deposit 50 USDT for the first time, you will get 1000MP.
  • For inviting two other friends to deposit on MoonXBT, the user will get 2000MP. 
  • If a trader completes the KYC verification, then they are entitled to get 100 MP.
  • Similarly, if a user links their phone number or email with their MoonXBT account, they will receive 100 MP as a bonus.

A trader can also get moon points if they complete some trading tasks, as elaborated below.

Task Moon points
First-order placed 200 MP
Trading volume = 10,000 USDT100 MP
Trading volume = 20,000 USDT150 MP
Trading volume = 50,000 USDT300 MP
Trading volume = 100,000 USDT500 MP

If a person collects enough moon points, say 10000 MP, they can exchange it for getting the equivalent amount of moon points. 

100 MP = 1 USDT

Also, Moon points can be used to get discounts on trading fees as well. 


There are enough ways to make ample amounts of profits even without actual trading. MoonXBT has established several features by which the traders can grab profits all the time. They also have a fantastic community and introduce special rewards, programs, and events from time to time for their users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw the trading bonus?

No, users cannot withdraw trading bonuses, but they can get more discounts on the trading fees. If the users attempt to withdraw their trading bonus, it will get canceled instantly. 

What is the expiry date of the trading bonus?

The trading bonus can be used for three days from the date of issue. After three days, it expires and therefore cannot be used anywhere. 

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