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This article will review Godex.io, a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies secretly. As the platform rejected the concept of collecting and retaining clients’ personal data.


  • Godex is a privacy-focused crypto exchange platform.
  • It is not mandatory to create an account to trade.
  • Godex supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies.
  • The order execution takes only 5-30 minutes.
  • No limit on exchanging coins.
  • Users can exchange any amount per transaction.
  • The number of daily transactions is unlimited.
  • The exchange rates are fixed.

What is Godex.io?

Godex.io is an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies, which allows users to swap different crypto assets privately. Godex was officially launched in 2018 with its focus on simplicity and a smooth user experience. One of the facts that make it unique is that users don’t need to create an account to swap between different cryptocurrencies. 

The owner of the platform calls themselves “industrialists” due to their significant experience in this industry. Their communication or relations with the major players and in-depth knowledge of the market shaped the principles of the services. This makes Godex services functional and most attractive in front of their expanding list of clients.

Keeping in mind the privacy and nature of cryptocurrency, the Godex exchange platform rejected the idea of collecting and storing clients’ personal information. Therefore in this way, it respects the user’s right to secrecy and financial confidentiality.

Godex.io currently comes under the fastest exchange services market, with the order execution time varying from 5 to 30 minutes. This time highly depends on the confirmation speed in a decentralized network. Like it will take a longer time for amounts of more than 1 BTC. Users can be assured as this service’s reliability is based on physical protection from servers and modern security protocols.  

How does Godex.io work?

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is select a pair of cryptocurrencies for exchange, the original one and the one you require, like BTC and XRP. The exchange rates will not fluctuate and remain fixed. So, after that, you need to fill the fields with the XRP address and the location where the transacted cryptocurrency will land. 
Godex.io Swapping
Godex.io Swapping
  • Step 2: The system will send the selected amount in bitcoins to the address you mentioned. A confirmation window will follow this step to reconcile everything again. After a few minutes of Bitcoin transaction, Godex will send XRP to the address you selected initially.

Please note that this platform says that the time of depositing ranges between 5 to 30 minutes. This period can also exceed if the volume is above 1 BTC.

Godex.io Review: Exchange Rates

Under this section, you can review the complete list of coins and their exchange rate in one place. Godex allows you to view the pricing into both Bitcoin (BTC) and USD. They also have a separate section where they mention the crypto assets’ with rising and falling values. 

Godex.io Exchange Rate Review
Godex.io Exchange rate review

Godex Review: Widget

Godex offers an IFrame widget, which users can use to embed Godex features into their program. You can set the default payment amount, payment coin, and destination coin according to your choice. You also have an option on the widget’s size, plus whether you want to add their logo or not. In general, the widget provides the exchange interface in an HTML iframe. However, users can contact them to get the widget into their preferred language. Please note that to use the widget, users have to register for the affiliate program. 

Godex.io Widget
Godex.io Widget

Godex.io: Affiliate Program

The affiliate program gives around 0.005 BTC as a bonus to every user who registers themselves for it. Besides this, they also receive up to 0.6% of every transaction of their referral exchanges. You can also enjoy the leverage of using the Godex widget. To become a part of the Godex affiliate and start earning, you first have to register yourself.

The registration process is simple; all you need to do is enter your email address and a valid password. You will also see a unique ID, which you can use for further login. 

Godex.io Affiliate Program
Godex.io Affiliate Program

Once you register yourself, you will get a confirmation mail into your email id. Click on the link and confirm it. Now, log in to your account, and you are all set to enjoy the leverages. 

Godex.io Review: Supported Cryptocurrencies

This exchange platform offers a competitive selection of cryptocurrencies. Users can trade from more than 200 different coins for trading. It also supports significant cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin BTC, 2.91% and Ethereum ETH, 7.10%, and some more exotic altcoins virtually. In general terms, Godex competes readily with the most traditional cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of supported coins.

Godex.io Review: Supported Cryptocurrencies
Godex.io Review: Supported Cryptocurrencies

Godex.io: Privacy

Godex gives a high priority to privacy for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It also tries to cater to a privacy-specific audience. To trade on the Godex exchange platform, users don’t have to register themselves or provide personal details. The icing on the cake is that Godex also supports integrated addresses for Monero XMR, 3.36%, and shielded addresses for Zcash ZEC, -1.08%. These two coins are the most popular privacy coins on the market today.

Godex.io: Fixed rates

The rates you see when initializing the trade on Godex will be the rate when you are executing your trade. Unlike other platforms, Godex does not fluctuate the rates of the coins. This feature is helpful, which protects the users from sudden volatility spikes that can happen when their trading is in process. This service is another attraction point for users.

Godex.io Customer Support Review

Godex has an FAQ section that contains the information related to general queries. If users want to contact them directly, then they can go to the Godex contact page. The contact page has two parts: when users want to make a general query or ask them something. The other one is for enquiring about technical or account support. In general, they reply within 24 hours. 

Godex.io Review: Pros and Cons

No personal information is needed to use Godex.io.Fiat currency is not available.

There are no limits on the size of the order.
It does not support any advanced order types.
Users can order as many times as they want.
They have more than 200 cryptocurrencies available.
This platform has fixed exchange rates.
An affiliate program is also available.

Godex.io Review: Conclusion

If you prioritize privacy or place a premium on privacy, then Godex.io is definitely a good choice. It allows users to exchange between different crypto assets quickly and without any limitations. This swapping process is simple, and all a user has to do is visit their site and start exchanging. The high ratings of Godex on Trustpilot suggest how satisfied its customers are. However, if you are looking for an advanced trading feature, we would advise you to select another platform. To do so, you can read the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Godex.io legit?

Yes, the platform is legit and functioning. There are no cases or news about customers losing their funds, or about any security breach, or anything related to leaking sensitive information. However, it would be best to start with a smaller amount and increase the amount once you trust the platform. 

How quick Godex.io Process users order?

According to their website, the execution time of this platform varies from 5 to 30 minutes. This time depends on how quickly the transaction will get confirmed by the network, and a new block will be formed in the blockchain network. Also, please note that the different coins take different confirmation times.

Do users have to register to access the affiliate program?

To become an affiliate partner of Godex.io to start earning quickly, Godex.io has a simple registration process. It is needed to access affiliate links, user’s balance, widgets, and many more. 

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