SmithBot Review: Earn UPTO 104% APY

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SmithBot is a beginner-friendly crypto trading bots and signals provider. Further, according to historical data, the platform claims to provide 104% APY on ETH using their crypto trading bot. Therefore, in this SmithBot review, we’d be going through all of the platform’s features, pricing, pros & cons, etc.

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  • A unique bot whose engine runs on superior Intelligent algorithms. 
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Three different kinds of subscription plans are offered to the users. 
  • Pre-tested strategies and bots are available. 
  • The bot does not have access to users funds, they are safe on their exchange. 
  • A free trial bot is provided. 
  • No information is provided regarding customer support. 
  • The bot supports four exchange platforms, Binance, Kraken, Bitstamp, and Bitfinex

What is SmithBot?

SmithBot is a crypto trading bot that runs on modern and superior artificial intelligence algorithms. The platform supports trading crypto in pairs, and at the same time, provides complete transparency to its users. In addition, the assets are safe as they are stored on the trader’s exchange. Furthermore, the platform is easy to use as it is designed considering beginners. 


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SmithBot Review: Features

  • Trade 24/7: The algorithm based fully automated trading bots trade your digital assets 24/7 successfully as it is regulated on the cloud-based environment of a leading provider that successfully monitors the market. The bot is available, providing its services 99.99% of the time. 
  • Easy Access: The platform is highly dedicated to comfort beginners and hence offers pre-tested and tried bots for quick application. In addition, the platform provides visualizations and rankings of other bots of its platform for better comparison. For ease, the bot is developed to be easily used on any web browser and device. The interface is easy to use as no unnecessary options pop up, and the profile is set up within minutes. 
  • ZERO Emotion: Unlike humans, the bot does not miss opportunities due to human emotion or the natural cycle of the human body. The bot helps in making the ideal profits while eliminating the loss of money. The bot strictly runs on the instructed data fed. Thereby escaping all sorts of human errors. 
  • Secure: The bot is secured through consistent encryption of the bot’s servers and algorithm and this, in turn, protects the user’s privacy and security. Furthermore, the trading bot uses API keys to access your trading account and does not has permission withdraw funds.
  • AI Engine: The platform offers exciting features like Artificial Intelligence to optimise performances with their problem-specific algorithms, which were previously solely offered to or afforded by wealthy institutions. The algorithms are tested on real-time data and relevant situations. This unique feature helps traders in excelling their trading experience.  
Smithbot Features
SmithBot features

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SmithBot Fees

The platform offers three kinds of plans: Demo, Basic, and Pro. The planned demo is free of cost, which offers all the visualization of other bots for comparison. However, does not offer a bot facility. Users can purchase both the basic and pro plans on a monthly, half-yearly, and yearly basis and avail of services. The basic monthly plan starts at $14.99, while the pro monthly plan starts at $44.99. 

Both the plans offer all the functions and all the bots, while the only difference between the plans is the trading limit. The basic plan has a trading limit of $20,000, while for pro users, the trading limit is $1,00,000. 

Note, users can create a free demo account and try out the bot.

Smithbot Fees
SmithBot Fees

Exchanges Supported by SmithBot

Below are the four exchanges supported by the SmithBot:

How to use SmithBot?

The platform has an easy interface design, which is quite helpful to beginners. All you have to do is simply go to the official web page of the platform and check out their plans. However, the traders can also use the SmithBot with a demo account. Go to the plans, select a plan for yourself, and see a display opening up to “create new account”.

Give in all the necessary details, and you will have your account created. Once the account is created, connect it with your exchange, and the bot will start running successfully. 

How To Use Smithbot?
How to use SmithBot?

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Is SmithBot Safe?

Yes, Smithbot is safe to use as users’ funds are safe on their crypto exchange. SmithBot does not have access to the funds of its users. In addition, the platform is consistently encrypted to save from the fake manipulation of data.  

SmithBot Review: Pros and Cons

Pre-tested strategized bots available.Customer support is not available.
The interface is designed for beginners.
Free of manual adjustments. 
Trained and tested artificial intelligence is applied. 
The bot can be tried for free of cost with a demo account.

SmithBot Review: Conclusion

An overall a great bot that is worth a try. Considering the security practices and the unique AI intervention is something exciting and unique. The platform believes in providing services to both beginners and experienced at reasonable prices. Though only four exchanges support the bot, all four exchanges are the popular ones. The platform has plans for the near future and strives towards providing better services. Finally, the best part is its interface, an easy walk for everyone, avoiding unnecessary options and queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does SmithBot take to make a profit?
  • The platform’s algorithm is made for long-term plans. Users may see the result in six months and in a year. However, this pattern is not fixed. 

  • What is unique about SmithBot?
  • The platform has bots running on tried and tested artificial intelligence programs. The bots have been fed with required data and have been experimented on in real-time. 

  • How do I choose the right bot?
  • The platform on its free plan offers visualizations and rankings of its bot for comparison and exposure. Users must check out and analyze for themselves and choose the right bot that best fits their needs. 

  • Are there any hidden charges?
  • No, the platform does not charge any other fees other than its subscription fees. 

  • How does the SmithBot make money?
  • SmithBot makes money through the subscription fees charged. 

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