4 Best Crypto Trading Bots in Germany

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Want to know the best crypto trading bots in Germany? Well, here you go. After an in-depth search and analysis, we have come up with these 5 best crypto bots in Germany that you must give a try. Further, we’ve also introduced a Free Crypto Trading Bot, Pionex to automate your trades.

Supported ExchangesIn-built12ElevenNineTen
Ease of useEasyEasyEasyEasyEasy

1. Pionex

Pionex is an auto-trading platform that has more than sixteen free trading bots. Pionex certainly comes out to be the best choice among all kinds of traders as it offers various categories of free bots.

In addition, Pionex gets most of its liquidity from Binance and Huobi, making it fast, reliable, and to the point failure resistant. 

To know more, read the Pionex review.

Best Crypto Bots In The Uk: Pionex

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Pionex Features

Trading Bots

  • Grid Trading Bot: Despite the volatility of the crypto market, grid trading bots make a profit for their users with fees as little as 0.05%. The bot is trained to buy at low prices and sell at high prices 24/7. The bot also helps in buying the dip and increase the number of coins holding.
  • Arbitrage Bot: The bot utilizes the futures market and helps the user in earning through crypto arbitrage. Users can begin with $50 with no lock-up period.
  • Smart Trade: A bot that allows for fixing a buy price and selling price, as it trails the market 24/7 and creates profit for the users. Trailing sell and Trailing buy, helps in eliminating human emotions of selling early and missing on the opportunities at buying at a dip. 
  • Long term based Bots: BTC moon and ETH moon, available for grid bots and grid bot for BTC in pair respectively. Both the bots are for long term strategy, with a wide price range and 500 grids. 

These are some of the prominent trading bots on Pionex. Several other bots are provided keeping in mind the different types of markets. 

Trade with USD

Pionex allows its users to trade crypto with USD by either depositing or withdrawing using bank accounts. To use this, traders must download the LITE version/ app of Pionex, as the standard version of the app supports only cryptocurrencies. However, remember this version is not available in all countries or regions. 

Pionex Fees

  • Withdrawal Fees: Withdrawal fees depend on coins and tokens. For more information regarding the withdrawal fees, visit here.  
  • Deposit Fees: Deposits are free of cost. However, the platform only supports certain coins and tokens in the early version.
  • Trading Fees: Maker and Taker charges are 0.05%. 

Is Pionex Safe?

The liquidity of Pionex is aggregated from Binance and Huobi. And is one of the best brokers of Binance and market maker of Huobi. The platform is backed by 1,00,000,000 USD and licensed by MSB and FinCEN.

Pionex Security
Pionex security

Pros and Cons of Pionex

Pros Cons
Free trading strategies and bots are offered.Trading with USD is not offered at all places. 
The app is available. 
Automatic buying and selling. 

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2. 3Commas

3commas is one of the best crypto trading bots in Singapore where you can utilize the benefits of automated trading. Established in 2017, the company behind it is based in Toronto. Read our 3commas review to know more.

3Commas Products and Features

The following products are offered by the platform:

  • Copy Trading: 3Commas particular platform allows you to copy the portfolio of other traders by assessing their statistics, such as historical profit and losses, preferred trading pairs, and volumes.
  • SmartTrade: This platform SmartTrade feature allows you to execute trades across multiple exchange platforms. 
  • Trailing orders essentially allows you to adjust your stop loss and profit-taking parameters automatically.
  • Moreover, the innovative sell feature offers you to sell a specific coin and purchase them back later.
  • The user can customize your bot which is sensitive to TradingView signals to receive notifications.

Some of the features of the 3Commas platform are as follows:

  • 3commas has SmartTrade combined with TradingView indicators to trade efficiently just by connecting API.
  • It accepts Credit cards, PayPal, and bitcoin as payment methods.
  • It deploys 2FA for security and does not hold your funds on its platform. Therefore it doesn’t have the right to withdraw or manipulate your funds.
  • You can customize your 3commas bot which is susceptible to TradingView signals to receive notifications.
  • You can go through the academy and learn about setting up a 3commas bot. 
    For trial purposes, it provides a 3-day full access trial period.
  • It has a dynamic trading terminal, an interface that allows the management of multiple exchanges. 
  • The bot services differ by platform. Check the limitations here.

3Commas Fees

3Commas Plans
3Commas Plans

Is 3Commas safe?

  • Although this platform does not provide us many details regarding its security protocols, the funds are not held on the platform. 
  • The exchange account and trading bots are linked through API, and then automated trade takes place, only the provisions API keys generated by their exchanges. 
  • Lastly, one drawback that has been observed is that it collects personalized data. 

3Commas Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
User-friendly platform.The onboarding process is lengthy 
Comprehensive education and learning tools.Users experience minor lags in the mobile application of this platform.
Active customer care service team.Trade Bot Commission on Lower Tiers.
7-day free trialLimited features in the trial version.

3. Coygo

Coygo is a trading bot that offers various services through professional tools like arbitrage trading, day trading, portfolio trading, and many more. In addition, Coygo is that one-stop bot that has multiple tools available for a better trading experience. Finally, the platform is supported in over 75 countries.

Read our Coygo Review to know more.

Coygo Features

  1. Unified Terminal
  2. Real-time insights
  3. Security First in priority 
  4. Crypto Arbitrage bots
  • Industry-leading DIY crypto arbitrage
  1. Simplified Transfers
  2. Coygo Mobile application is available
  3. Multi-exchange trading
  4. Portfolio Tracking
  5. Security and latency that is Mudrex never has access to your funds and the servers never acts as a middlemen to any exchange. 
  6. Coygo Screener

Coygo Fees

The platform offers yearly, monthly, weekly, and per-day plans to its traders. Coygo also has a free version. Undoubtedly, the one-day plan is exciting for those who wish to try the bot and get practical exposure. 

4 Best Crypto Trading Bots In Germany
Coygo fees

Is Coygo safe?

The platform keeps the information secured with U.S. federal and state regulations. The platform does not have access to any of the user’s exchanges. Moreover, the servers never act as a middleman. In addition, all the information provided is secured behind firewalls. 

Pros and Cons of Coygo

Various features are offered. No backtesting
Low fees. 
Live customer support is provided.

4. Coinrule

Coinrule is an automated trading bot that helps you fight the highly competitive algorithms and professional trading by hedge funds. The bot requires no coding. Traders can quickly test the strategy’s performance they wish to choose based on the historical data available for free. 

Read our Coinrule Review to know more.

Best Crypto Bots in Germany: Coinrule

Coinrule Features

  • 24\7 automated trading.
  • Test strategy
  • Secure trading across exchanges

Coinrule Fees

The platform offers four kinds of packages: Starter, Hobbyist, Trader, and Pro on both a monthly and annual basis. However, with annual packages, the platform offers a 25% discount.

Is Coinrule safe?

Coinrule does not ask for private keys or withdrawal rights. In addition, they store the API keys in 256bit AES encryption. The platform also uses data encryption in transit, which means all the communication data is stored in TLS 1.2 or more. Furthermore, the platform uses Cloudfare CDN to protect from DDoS and other types of attacks. 

Coinrule Pros and Cons

High SecurityHigh fees
Free strategy testing and free package available. 
Beginner-friendly platform. 

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With these five bots, we have covered their features, pros and cons, fees, and security aspects of the platforms, and the basic criteria needed to choose a platform. 

We hope we have been successful in providing a good range of trading bots in Germany. However, the best bot is and always will be that fits your needs and situation. If you are a beginner we would recommend you try out the free versions for exposure. Make sure you do a good amount of research on the security policies of the platform you choose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Name the best crypto trading free bot in Germany?
  • The best crypto trading free bot in Germany is Pionex.

  • Are crypto Bots legal in Germany?
  • Yes, crypto bots are legal in Germany. 

  • How much does Mudrex cost?
  • Mudrex charges fees in two different ways. First, it charges on the total amount of investment made by the trader, and then there are fixed fees. The second kind of charge is when a trader opts for private strategies.

    Are crypto bots profitable?

    None of the bots guarantees profit to any of its users. The bots basically help the users overcome natural human emotions and behaviors and eliminate loss of funds. For example, impulsive selling in the fear of losing funds and missing opportunities while sleeping. 

    Are bots safe to use?

    Bots are safe. However, do thorough research on the security protocols of the bot you choose. 

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