Bitwise Ethereum Ad Mocks Traditional Finance with 24/7 Accessibility

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Key Takeaways:

  • Bitwise launches a national TV ad highlighting Ethereum’s 24/7 operations.
  •  New Bitwise commercial compares Ethereum’s non-stop service to traditional finance’s 4 pm cutoff.

The second wave of the crypto ETF marketing blitz has officially begun, with crypto index fund manager Bitwise releasing a national TV ad promoting the Ethereum network. 

The 39-second commercial, launched on Thursday, emphasizes Ethereum’s advantages over traditional finance by showcasing its 24/7 operation. 

In contrast, the ad portrays “Big Finance” as clocking out at 4 pm, drawing inspiration from a classic Apple advertisement comparing Mac computers to PCs in the early 2000s.

In the commercial, a young man casually dressed as Ethereum engages in a conversation with an older man in business attire, representing traditional finance. 

The Ethereum character expresses surprise when the traditional finance representative, dressed in a nightgown, mentions he’s done for the day after working non-stop since 9:30 a.m. He adds that Ethereum would be tired too if it “moved billions around the world.” 

Bitwise has seized this opportunity to “capture a piece of crypto history” by offering the ad as an NFT mint on the Ethereum blockchain.

Alongside this innovative ad campaign, Bitwise has revised its Form S-1 registration statement for its spot Ether (ETH) exchange-traded fund (ETF), highlighting a potential $100 million investment upon its launch. 

The SEC filing indicates interest from Pantera Capital Management, which may purchase up to $100 million of shares in the Ether ETF. However, these indications are not binding commitments, leaving open the possibility of varying investment amounts.

Victoria Kulbanska Anderson, Bitwise’s Head of Growth Marketing, praised Ethereum as the most versatile blockchain and expressed excitement about the campaign’s potential. “With this campaign, we wanted to bring that versatility to life in a memorable way.

 There’s something about personifying Ethereum as a contrast to legacy financial and tech platforms that both highlight its potential and spotlight just how inefficient the status quo can be,” Anderson explained. 

Bitwise plans to channel 50% of the proceeds from the NFT sales to the Protocol Guild, supporting Ethereum open-source developers. The remaining 50% will go to the actors involved in the commercial, showcasing Ethereum’s unique capability of fostering fair and transparent compensation for creators. 

Bitwise’s Ethereum ETF endeavor, highlighted by its amended spot Ethereum ETF S-1 filing and a $2.5 million seed investment, underscores the firm’s commitment to advancing the Ethereum ecosystem.

Bitwise’s latest marketing efforts, combining a national TV ad with NFT minting and a renewed focus on its Ethereum ETF, demonstrate the firm’s innovative approach to promoting cryptocurrency. 

By highlighting Ethereum’s continuous operation and contrasting it with the traditional finance sector, Bitwise aims to draw attention to Ethereum’s groundbreaking potential and the inefficiencies of the current financial system.

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