Logan Paul’s promised $1.9M refund still pending

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key takeaways:

  • Logan Paul has come under criticism once more after failing to repay CryptoZoo NFT purchasers six months after making that commitment. 
  • Coffeezilla, a crypto journalist and internet investigator, claimed in a recent YouTube video that Paul has not yet made restitution to the victims of his “scam” operation CryptoZoo. 

In a twist of events that has captured the attention of the online community, Logan Paul’s promised $1.9 million refund remains pending, leaving many questioning the credibility of the popular YouTube personality. 

The refund was initially announced by Paul as an act of goodwill following a controversial auction purchase. However, the delay in fulfilling his promise has raised concerns and intensified the scrutiny surrounding his actions.

YouTuber Logan Paul found himself embroiled in a major controversy approximately six months ago after being accused of scamming his audience with a non-fungible token (NFT) game project called CryptoZoo, which was initially announced in 2021. 

The project involved the sale of NFTs and the release of a ZOO token, but unfortunately, the game never materialized.

Following scrutiny and investigations by prominent YouTube personality Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen and others, Logan Paul released a video on January 13, in which he outlined a “three-step plan” to address the situation and rectify any wrongdoing. 

However, despite his promises, the controversy escalated further when a class-action lawsuit was filed against Paul, alleging that he and his team had misled and “rug pulled” the buyers of CryptoZoo.

Screenshots of correspondence with Logan Paul’s attorney, Jeffrey Neiman of the MNR legal company, were presented in a recent video by Coffezilla. These communications imply that a detailed plan for the reimbursement procedure is still pending.

The email mentioned that it represents Logan Paul and acknowledges the recipient’s inquiry regarding the progress of the CryptoZoo egg buyback. It states that Logan Paul is still dedicated to completing this process and that they are actively collaborating with him to determine the most effective approach to achieve the goal.

Coffezilla expressed worries about the ambiguity of this statement and emphasised the ease of working with blockchain engineers to quickly put the required code for the refund procedure into place. He added that Paul should have enough money to fully reimburse investors.

Coffezilla argued that Logan Paul’s financial resources should be more than sufficient to compensate the investors fully. The critic pointed out that the statement given by Paul’s representative, suggesting they were still in the evaluation phase, implies a lack of a concrete plan or potential delay, similar to the situation back in January when Paul initially addressed the issue.

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