Top 3 Best Gaming Cryptos for May 2023

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Are you looking for the best gaming crypto to invest in this month? If you are a fan of blockchain-based games and want to earn some rewards while having fun, check out these top 3 gaming crypto for this week: ILV, GALA, and MAGIC.

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ILV Crypto

ILV is the native token of Illuvium, a decentralized open-world RPG game that features stunning graphics and immersive gameplay. Illuvium allows players to explore a vast world, capture and battle creatures called Illuvials, and trade them in the marketplace. Additionally, ILV is used to stake, govern and earn rewards in the game.

ILV had a great rally lately, reaching an all-time high of $1,604 on November 30th. ILV is trading at around $45, with a market cap of over $121 million.

This gaming crypto is available at throwaway prices and can prove a good money spinner in a year’s time.

Ilv Crypto
ILV Crypto

GALA Crypto

GALA is the utility gaming crypto token of Gala Games, a platform that hosts several blockchain-based games such as Town Star, Mirandus, and Spider Tank. Gala Games aims to empower players by giving them ownership and control over their gaming experience.

GALA is used to buy and sell in-game items, access exclusive content, and participate in the Gala Games ecosystem. GALA is down by almost 98% from the all-time high level. GALA is now worth about $0.0303, with a market cap of over $210 million.

Gala Crypto
GALA Crypto

MAGIC Crypto

MAGIC is the governance token of Dvision Network, a metaverse platform that enables users to create and enjoy various virtual reality content. Dvision Network offers services such as NFT marketplace, VR editor, and VR city.

MAGIC is used to vote on proposals, access premium features, and earn rewards on the platform. MAGIC has corrected by almost 86% from all-time high level. MAGIC is valued at around $0.85, with a market cap of over $180 million.

Magic Crypto
MAGIC Crypto


These are the top 3 gaming crypto for this week that you should watch. They all have great potential to grow and deliver unique gaming experiences to their users.

These all gaming cryptos have corrected with the price now very favorable for investing with a medium-term vision horizon. Please note that cryptos are very unpredictable, hence one should invest or trade wisely.

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