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MekaMiners Exploited: Reportedly $254 K Lost

Mekaminers Exploited

CertiK Security Leaderboard Tweeted and informed the community that the project MekaMiners has experienced a near 100% price drop. Over 127M $MEKA tokens were sold for 641 $WBNB. The transaction hash is 0x99f972575918d48623ba6e0977601e7c86f96ad1fc817d12b47d76e4929db461. The seller address is 0x0F9e676aF75829E908496aa49BFb9C0Ec55E300B. Soon after…

Theft of Cryptocurrency is at an All-Time High

Annual Total Cryptocurrency Stolen By Victim Type, 2019-2021

Follow us on Google News As per a 2022 cryptocurrency crime report, crypto thieves made off like bandits as digital assets grew in prominence. According to blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, illegal transactions increased by about 80% to US$14 billion (RM58…

TitanoFinance Hacked: Reportedly $1.9 Million Lost

Titanofinance Hacked

Follow us on Google News Today PeckShield detected that TitanoFinance get exploited and the exploiter gained about 4,828.7 BNB (~$1.9m). The exploiter’s funds were initially held in this wallet 0xAd9217e427ed9df8A89E582601a8614FD4F74563. They have been split into 23 addresses. According to CertiK…

Crypto Burgers Hacked: 770K USD Lost

Crypto Burgers Hacked: 770K Usd Lost

Follow us on Google News Key Takeaways:  CertiK decentralized security solutions and the world’s first Security Oracle also detected multiple flash loan attacks with $BURG with a loss of around $770K currently. Crypto Burgers will immediately create direct contact with…

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