DePo Prior Employee Drained Platforms Funds

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Yesterday, DePo informed people that their dApp is under heavy load right now due to increased transaction volume. The team is very busy working hard to restore functionality as soon as possible. They even informed people that a prior employee drained & sold of one of their Farms rewards wallets, moving SSS/LP to “inactive”. He’s fully doxxed and they have commenced legal proceedings against him. Staked funds remain safe in a separate wallet and a new rewards wallet will be loaded to restore APY.

They have suggested to people that while they work on reloading Farm reward wallets, they would encourage all stakers of (W)BTC, USDC, & USDT to withdraw their funds as an additional security measure. The reward auto-harvest function is temporarily preventing withdrawal of staked funds from Farms & returning high gas fees. The team is working to resolve this issue and they will provide further updates soon.

Depo is the first decentralised multi-market aggregator in the world and the gateway to institutional-grade crypto investment. This is because while other aggregators focus on a single aspect of the crypto space, DePo connects the entire ecosystem. You can trade, store, and manage your entire digital asset portfolio. From a single interface, you can access multiple platforms and markets such as CEXs, DEXs, NFT marketplaces, farms, and pools.

They clarified by saying that only 1 wallet was compromised and this was not a hack. It was code inserted not picked up by the audit. The wallet has drained and was the REWARDS for farms. Farms tokens are safe. No one has had money or tokens taken till now.

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Chaahat Girdhar
Chaahat Girdhar

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