10 Best Crypto API for Developers

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Developers have widely used Crypto APIs to develop crypto applications, perform critical analysis, and make crypto more easily accessible to people.

These are some of the best crypto APIs for developers. All the essential aspects of cryptocurrency APIs have been covered in this article.


Crypto APIPricing PlanEase of useCustomer Support 
Now NodesFree and Paid plans start from 3 Euro.EasyYes 
Coinbase APIFreeEasyYes 
Brave New Coin APIFree and Paid plans starting from $40/monthEasyYes 
LunarCrush APIPaid with two weeks free trialEasyYes 
Crypto Compare APIFree and Paid plans start from $79.99 per monthEasyYes 
Nomics APIFree and a business (paid) planEasyYes 
Crypto APIsFree and Paid plans starting from 99 Euro/monthEasyYes 
CoinMarketCap APIFree and Paid plans starting from $29/monthEasyYes 
CoinAPIFree and Paid plans starting from $79/monthEasyYes 
Messari APIPaidEasyYes 

What is a Crypto API?

API or Application Programming Interface is an ordered set of programming instructions that enables two software applications to communicate with each other.

Similarly, the best crypto API for developers allows an individual, be it a user or a developer, to access resources and markets they have not entered before. 


Bitquery is a viable alternative that now supports API data streaming to more than 40 blockchains. Bitquery grew to prominence as a result of its unwavering dedication to users.

Market insights for individual projects and industry trends are accessible in Bitquery for several blockchain networks. Furthermore, money flow analysis can be used to determine the origin and destination of funds for blockchain investigation and compliance.

Prominent features of Bitquery API

  • The network’s API allows you to track blockchain money movement using a user-friendly interface that requires no technical knowledge.
  • Developers may access data across blockchains via a single GraphQL API as part of the firm’s sophisticated monitoring solutions.
  • In addition, developers may use GraphQL to acquire comprehensive data based on their platform’s requirements. 
  • The network is quick, and it can query large data sets and produce findings quickly.
  • Furthermore, the network allows developers to store large amounts of data at affordable costs. As a result, Bitquery is one of the finest solutions for developers looking to improve their Dapps monitoring and trading capabilities.

Bitquery Pricing

API Calls/minute10 API calls / minute180 API calls / minute480 API calls / minuteUnlimited API calls / minuteUnlimited API calls / minuteCustom
Points/month10K points / mo3M points / mo10M points / mo40M points / mo100M points / moCustom

Best Crypto API for Developers: Now Nodes

Suppose you are looking for the best crypto API for developers that will assist you in building good quality infrastructure with reliable servers and securing full nodes at a reasonable price. In that case, your search ends at Now Nodes. 

10 Best Crypto Api For Developers

NowNodes provides blockchain-as-a-service that assists the developers in creating high-quality and advanced blockchain applications. With Now Nodes, the developers can access about 40+ blockchain networks and over 1000 tokens and coins.

The experts behind this blockchain service have made strenuous efforts to provide cost-effective solutions to the developers and ensure a smooth flow of service and a better customer experience.

Also, NowNodes manages over 200000 transactions in a single second. Besides this, it also boasts excellent figures shown in the image below.

Prominent features of NowNodes API

  • It is one of the best options to scale up your crypto game with the help of shared and private nodes.
  • NowNodes users are kept updated about every transaction.
  • Testnets ensure a hassle-free and smooth process of crypto development.
  • Sturdy security has been maintained and assured through the WebSocket connections. 
10 Best Crypto Api For Developers

NowNodes Pricing

NowNodes has four pricing plans, including the free plan. The other plans are categorized as standard, pro, and VIP, available at 3 euro, 200 euro, and 500 euro, respectively. 

PlansFreeStandardPro VIP
Pricing03 Euro/month200 Euro/month500 Euro/month
Requests/day20,000Unlimited Over limit price-1 Euro per 100,000 requestsOver limit price-0.5 Euro per 100,000 requests

Best Crypto API for Developers: Brave New Coin API

BNC brings out one of the finest APIs currently present in the crypto world. It has integrated with over 200+ cryptocurrency exchanges.

In addition, it has been known to bring forth the most accurate historical data about thousands of crypto assets. Data from this crypto news API has been used to research, analyze, and build many renowned crypto websites and applications.   

10 Best Crypto Api For Developers

Prominent features of BNC’s API

  • BNC has come up with a set of public and private APIs that can be used by developers as well as various crypto institutions.
  • Also, BNC has integrated its public APIs with TradeView, Rakuten, RapidAPI, and Quandl, allowing developers to access it easily. 
  • The API supplies crypto assets with global spot rates and market reference rates for 1500+ crypto assets and 6500+ crypto pairs, respectively.
  • It also offers standardized crypto exchange data feeds. The user can retrieve data from the hundreds of exchanges connected through BNC’s API.
  • The API also gathers the block explorer and market capitalization data and arranges it based on either market cap or trading volume.
  • Historical crypto-asset market data and spot rates, LX program, crypto market cap, and market cap table are available.


The BraveNewCoin API is free, and paid plans are available. A basic, pro, and ultra plan that starts from $0, $40, and $200 per month is open.

PlansBasic Pro Ultra 
Ticker requests200,000 / month500,000 / monthUnlimited
Lookups200,000 / month500,000 / monthUnlimited
OHLCV requests3,000 / monthUnlimited 

Best Crypto API for Developers: LunarCrush

Users can access API endpoints for thousands of crypto assets through LunarCrush. With the help of its API, critical data that significantly impacts the crypto coins can be retrieved easily. The sources include markets, news, feeds, records, influencers, etc. 

10 Best Crypto Api For Developers

LunarCrushes uses advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to retrieve and collate crypto data for a meaningful application.

The LunarCrush API is the one that powers their app. Undoubtedly it is one of the most reliable APIs that gathers tens of thousands of social posts and thousands of links. 

The collected data makes distinguishing between a bot and an authentic influencer easier. Factual data of social influencers is critical when they are ultimately or indirectly impacting the numerous cryptocurrencies. 

Prominent features of LunarCrush API

  • This API assists in assessing the impact of social activity such as Twitter activity, Reddit activity, news activity, spam activity, and, moreover the various cryptocurrencies.
  • The correlation rank algorithm of this API states the correlation between the market price of the cryptocurrencies and the gathered social data.
  • Price volatility defines the changes in price as well as volume over time.
  • It gauges social activity (negative and positive reactions) to gain insights into crypto coins.
  • The search popularity feature allows you to spot the popular coins at a time relative to the search volume.
  • Robust API Documentations are available to assist the user in case of any dead end.
  • Users can also integrate the social assessment with the TradingView charts.


LunarCrush API offers a paid plan that starts at $199 per month. However, developers can get a pretty good picture of the API by taking the two-week free trial.   

Best Crypto API for Developers: Crypto Compare API

From providing highly scalable endpoints to collecting thousands of trades, Crypto Compare API has gathered the trust of over 30 thousand clients worldwide. The API gives several reasons as to why their API is better. 

10 Best Crypto Api For Developers

Prominent features of Crypto Compare API

  • Crypto Compare API provides an unbelievable range of extensive data that includes social data, historical data, blockchain data, cryptocurrency trade data, etc.
  • Furthermore, it also ensures the authenticity and integrity of the data by performing periodic API testing, monthly exchange reviews, and anomaly reporting.
  • On average, over 30K clients connect with the live streaming data, supported by hundreds of WebSocket and API servers.
  • The infrastructure of Crypto Compare API is such that the load is distributed over multiple servers that guarantee lightning speed delivery and accuracy for over 180 million requests per hour.
  • Most importantly, the data transfer process is secured through TLS encryption. 
  • The API provides pricing data, news feeds, articles, and other trading info for over 5K+ coins and 240K+ cryptocurrency pairs.


The pricing structure has been divided into four categories, shown below.

PlansPersonal Professional Corporate Enterprise 
PricingFree$79.99/month$199.99/monthFree trial
Websocket subscriptions50500700Custom 
Websocket DataAggregrateAggregrate, TickerAggregrate, Ticker, OHLCAll + trade data, order book

Best Crypto API for Developers: Nomics API

Trusted by top companies like Coinbase, Coventure, Tokensoft, and so on, Nomics API has already made a mark in the crypto world.

With its super-fast and powerful Rest API, it strives to build a product that archive, aggregate, and analyze crypto data for its users. 

10 Best Crypto Api For Developers

Prominent features of Nomics API

  • This bitcoin API can access pricing and trading data from major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Poloniex, etc.
  • The Nomics API allows the user to create trading bots, charting tools, mobile applications, strategy backtests, portfolio valuation tools, pricing websites, etc.
  • Moreover, the market data provided by the API includes top orders and trades, crypto market cap, OHLC data for coins and cryptocurrency exchanges, and historical trade data. 
  • The API documentation is extensive and contains code samples in different programming languages like Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.
  • It also displays gapless raw data trade, sparkline, exchange rate, ATH, and supply endpoints.    
  • Also, the Nomics website has been built using the same API, so pretty much everything they provide has already been laid out.
  • Though the API is pretty expensive for a new developer, it is a real gem for experts because it contains everything a typical developer needs. 


The API is free for personal use (pricing and mobile apps). Still, the API is paid for the business use (exchanges, critical operations, and HFT). 

Best Crypto API for Developers: Crypto APIs

Crypto APIs is a blockchain development platform notable for transporting encrypted data to their respective users.

Developers only need to integrate it once and they will be set to go! Users can keep track of all their activities from a single dashboard. A skilled team of experts observes and ensures the smooth function of all the products on their platforms.

10 Best Crypto Api For Developers

Prominent features of Crypto APIs

  • The dominant attribute of Crypto APIs are the blockchain tools that are actually a set of cryptographic APIs that makes work easier and faster for the developers.
  • The REST APIs provide access to data like account balances, tokens, transaction activity, blocks, smart contracts, mempool, fees, etc. in just about 25ms.
  • Also, the user is notified at its verified endpoint whenever an event occurs. 
  • It supports more than 30 networks.
  • On top of that, the REST APIs also collect and collate the market data from cryptocurrency exchanges neatly. These indexed databases are made available to the users through this API.


This API offers the most feasible plans to its customers.

PlansFreeStandardStartupAdvanced ProfessionalCustom
Pricing099 Euro/month299 Euro/month599 Euro/month1199 Euro/monthPricing on inquiry
Daily credits1,0003,00010,00030,000100,000Custom 

Best Crypto API for Developers: CoinMarketCap API

CoinMarketCap is the first preference for most crypto enthusiasts out there for authentic and reliable information.

It has created its API, keeping in mind the growing demands of the crypto community. Furthermore, it has made it feasible for young and novice developers.  

10 Best Crypto Api For Developers

Prominent features of CoinMarketCap API

  • The most exciting feature of this API is that it allows the user to test out their strategies and run simulations using their crypto data.
  • This way, the user can double sure of whatever strategy they have prepared using the data collected from numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and coins. 
  • For building any application or tool, CoinMarketCap API is the one-stop solution for the developers with its highly accurate data.
  • Also, users can experiment with different sets of data using their free plan and can continue with the paid one to access more features of their API. 


PlansBasic Hobbyist Start-up Standard ProfessionalEnterprise 
PricingFree$29/month$79/month$299/month$699/monthPrice on inquiry
Call credits/month10K40K120K500K3MCustom
Historical dataNo historical dataone month historical conversionsone month hist. conversions & OHLCVthree months of historical data12 months of historical dataHistorical data from April 2013 to present 
Data Endpoints111121292929+

Best Crypto API for Developers: Coin API

CoinAPI strives to produce all kinds of market data for the crypto assets so that its customers won’t have to look for data anywhere else.

The API has integrated with 300+ crypto exchanges and supports over 15K+ crypto assets. The team double-checks the authenticity and accuracy of the data and the codes.

The package of market data of the crypto assets includes market symbols, exchanges, purchases, order books, quotes, exchange rates, and OHLCV bar data.

10 Best Crypto Api For Developers

Prominent features of CoinAPI

  • The simple RESTful API ensures speedy data delivery in XML, JSON, and CSV formats. 
  • CoinAPI is well-documented and easy to use, allowing the developers to make the most out of the API effortlessly.
  • Also, it uses WebSocket and FIX protocols in case of more complex demands like real-time market data steaming. Developers can access the database of historical data as well.
  • On top of that, the developers can also access various important libraries on Github of several popular languages like Python, C++, Java, etc. Now developers can focus on the bigger picture rather than fussing over small coding details.
  • Developers can also access 20 TB of raw and preprocessed market data for research and analysis. 
  • Developers can also carry out backtesting of models, proactive portfolio risk management, and portfolio valuation using historical data. 


PlansFree Start-up StreamerProfessionalEnterprise 
Pricing0$79 /month$249 /month$599/monthPrice on inquiry
WebsocketTrades test onlyTrades onlyTrades + QuotesUnlimitedUnlimited
FIX protocolNo accessNo accessNo accessUnlimited Unlimited 

Best Crypto API for Developers: Coinbase API

Coinbase enables users to integrate bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and other crypto coins in the new and existing applications through its impressive REST API.  

Some of the main functions of free Coinbase API are Wallet API, Wallet notifications, Coinbase connects, merchants’ checkouts, coinbase exchange API, and Toshi.   

Prominent features of Coinbase API

  • With Coinbase API, a user can gather data to be read and build robust applications. 
  • Easy generation of over 4 million Coinbase bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum wallets, and addresses is possible through this API.
  • Apart from this, users can also access real-time and previous information for their analysis.
  • Furthermore, users are kept updated about payments and other wallet events. 


Coinbase API is a free crypto API. It is excellent for developers who are just starting and cannot afford paid apps.

Best Crypto API for Developers: Messari

One of the best APIs in the market retrieves information from a curated band of crypto resources and data collected by the research team of Messari. 

Messari provides intensive information about the investors, consensus, token economics, governance, supply schedule, token distribution, and much more about any asset in a single API. Apart from retrieving the crypto data, it also organizes data into comprehendible charts and graphs. 

Furthermore, it would be hectic to sort information(categories, price, market cap, trading volume) through these big heaps of data. So, Messari also introduced filters to enhance the user experience. 

Prominent features of Messari API

  • The website itself is an excellent example of API implementation. The website of Messari is built entirety using their API.
  • The Messari API is a favorite to users that opt for custom solutions.
  • The extensive API documentation explains the basics quite quickly. 


The Messari Enterprise plan is priced at $1000/month and $10,000/year, covering all the website’s services and access to asset profiles, fundamental metrics, and market data through their API.  

Best Crypto API for Developers: Conclusion

Cryptocurrency is having the most significant impact on the masses at this time. Crypto data is being used for research, analysis, experiments, and whatnot! Therefore, it is more than necessary to have a reliable crypto API for developing applications and getting accurate data as fast as possible. 

Each of the above best crypto API for developers boasts numerous features, and the user will have to select one according to their requirements and pricing budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an API key?

An API key is used for authentication. It is a unique identifier that sees whether the connecting API has access rights. The key is a code passed by an application, and then the API is called to identify the user.

Is attribution required for the free plan of Nomics API?

Yes, the free program of Nomics API asks for attribution. The user will have to include a ‘do follow’ link on their homepage that gives the credit for the crypto data.

Is the API key necessary to access the free CoinGecko API?

There is no need for an API key to access the free version. 

How can I get my CoinMarketCap API key?

You can get your CoinMarketCap API key by signing up on the developer portal and copying the key. You can also make a test call to know whether it is working fine or not.

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