MekaMiners Exploited: Reportedly $254 K Lost

CertiK Security Leaderboard Tweeted and informed the community that the project MekaMiners has experienced a near 100% price drop. Over 127M $MEKA tokens were sold for 641 $WBNB. The transaction hash is 0x99f972575918d48623ba6e0977601e7c86f96ad1fc817d12b47d76e4929db461. The seller address is 0x0F9e676aF75829E908496aa49BFb9C0Ec55E300B.

Soon after CertiK MekaMiners Tweeted that “We’re in contact with the company that audited us to try to understand what happened.” Then after hours of waiting today, they Tweeted that “We would like to ask to SolidityFinance to make an official announcement owning the responsibility of the contract security issue that caused a loss of 254.000$ in the contract audited by them.” SolidityFinance has not yet commented anything regarding this incident.

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From the address, we could find that the exploiter was able to call the smart contract and was able to mint additional MEKA tokens. After minting the MEKA tokens he then used them to swap for 641 BNB, hence draining the entire liquidity. Further, he then transferred those BNB to another account and finally to TornadoCash.

Mekaminers Exploited: Reportedly $254 K Lost

We could come to a conclusion that the exploiter might be doing this for a while since he got the BNB to pay the gas transferred over various wallets, and it comes out of TornadoCash as one can see in the image below.

Mekaminers Exploited: Reportedly $254 K Lost

MekaMiner’s vision is to create a new concept of NFT and combine NFT Gaming with artistic NFT. It gives opportunities for people to make their own passive income without the big investments. Their mission is to innovate the crypto game world creating more interactivity among players and non-players. It is one of the first NFT Games on the BSC blockchain that combines Art NFT with Gaming.

Mekaminers Exploited: Reportedly $254 K Lost
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