NFTs will Change the Movie-Making Business Forever

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Blockchain technology has truly transformed the world of investing. While cryptocurrencies are modern investment alternatives, the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has changed the way creators and artists fund and sell their projects. 

Nfts Will Change The Movie-Making Business Forever
NFTs will Change the Movie-Making Business Forever

Filmmakers have been using NFTs to give their fans access to exclusive content like special interviews with the artist and movie scenes that are not featured in the film. However, the NFT community Arabian Camels has taken this a step further. They have collaborated with Swapp Protocol to fund the production of its $50 Million feature film ‘Antara’ by using NFTs based on the life of ancient Arabian knight ‘Antarah Ibn Shaddad’. 

Josef Brandmaier, the producer of ‘Antara’, said, “The impact that Arabian Camels will have on Hollywood is immense. This is an exciting and revolutionary move that will inject a whole new lease of life into the movie business”. 

The use of NFTs to fund the films will lessen the industry control of the conventional lenders and production studios to provide extra rights to the fans who support the film. Instead, the owners of the NFT will share ownership of the film, get credit as producers, or even get roles to play withinside the movie.

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Ujan Chakraborty