Best Crypto Staking Coins

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Whether you are a beginner or expert in crypto trading, you always look for the safest option. Staking your coins appears to be one of the safest choices in a volatile market or a long-term investment. Also, staking helps you earn passive income on a regular basis. Hence, it is essential to know the best crypto staking coins. 

RequirementsMinimum of thirty-two. One Tezos One BNB on the Binance chain.One Sushi5.5 ADA is the minimum requirement
PlatformsAvailable on both centralized and decentralized platforms.Available on both centralized and decentralized platforms.Available on both centralized and decentralized platforms.Available on both centralized and decentralized platforms.Available on both centralized and decentralized platforms.
NetworkBeacon ChainTezosThe Binance ChainEthereum BlockchainADA

Ethereum (ETH 2.0): 1st Best Crypto Staking Coins

The Ethereum staking here is for everyone, and while staking, you also earn new ethereum in the process. The Beacon Chain will introduce this proof of staking. With the Merge schedule for June, things seem pretty interesting. With Ethereum shifting to proof-of-stake, the selling pressure on ETH miners won’t be there anymore.

Further, the daily issuance would reduce by over 90% and hence, can lead to a crazy scarcity in the market. this might be the best time to start stacking sats; cause if a 50% reduction in Bitcoin supply can start a bull market, imagine what a 90% reduction in ETH supply would do. However, personally, the market sentiment is too bearish to see significant changes. Therefore, do your own research.

Ethereum (ETH2)

Rewards for staking ETH:

  • You will be given rewards for adding transactions into a block. In addition, rewards are given for actions that help the network reach a consensus. The rewards you will receive are yet to be known. 

Benefits of staking to Ethereum:

  • With proof of stake, you will not need intensive computers and hardware to participate. 
  • This procedure will consume less energy. Traders with no knowledge of technicalities can also stake Ethereum. 
  • Finally, it will generate more accessibility.

TEZOS (XTZ): 2nd Best Crypto Staking Coins

Tezos allows users to stake XTZ uniquely. The platform encourages building blocks in the network by proof of stake. You can start baking blocks as a baker with 1 XTZ. Users who do not have 1XTZ can contribute their share to the bakers. More the XTZ, the higher the chances of being selected in the blockchain. Bakers share the revenue and rewards with their contributors. The baker will reward the revenue generated with the share of your coin contributed. This is known as delegating. 

Rewards or revenue for delegating XTZ:

  • Now the staking here involves a baker. So they charge a fee, which ranges between 5% to 20%. The revenue generated is unpredictable due to the volatility of the market and the number of tokens being staked. 
  • If the entire token is staked, the revenue per year would be near 5.51%. Which, of course, is highly not possible. Assuming half of the token is staked, the baker’s revenue can be closer to 11%, double the inflation rate. 
  • The delegators will earn less compared to bakers.

BNB (Binance): 3rd Best Crypto Staking Coins

Binance is the most popular exchange across the globe. Hence Binance’s official token, BNB, is a popular coin to stake. It’s an excellent coin for beginners with beginner-friendly staking plans. In addition, the platform guarantees interest to its users even if the market drops. 

The platform Binance exchange offers both kinds of staking. Proof of stake and proof of work. In proof of stake, they do not provide flexible staking. Instead, they provide locked-up staking. Nevertheless, they let you redeem when you wish. 

Rewards and benefits for staking BNB:

  • You can stake BNB for thirty, sixty, and ninety days. Therefore, the locked-up estimated APY is 5.86%. On the other hand, the minimum staking amount is 0.1 BNB. 
  • All the rewards earned will be distributed to the spot wallet. 
  • Staking Binance BNB is the easiest choice as all of the procedures can be done on the Binance exchange itself. Moreover, you can buy the coin directly on Binance and stake it there. Unfortunately, this benefit is missing in most of the staking coins.  

SushiSwap (SUSHI): 4th Best Crypto Staking Coins

SushiSwap (SUSHI) is a great coin to stake. The platform supports more than twenty wallets and fourteen plus chains. Undoubtedly, a coin with a pretty high potential of making you earn high revenue in the long term. You can stake this coin directly on its platform SushiSwap. To stake coins on a decentralized platform like SushiSwap, you need to have some coins on the platform itself. Or you can buy them by swapping coins. 

The coin is available for buying and staking on centralized platforms like Binance, Huobi, Kraken, and others. The prime reason this coin has gained popularity is its exceptional rewards and benefits. You can use wallets like Metamask and Binance wallet for the decentralized platform. 

Stake SushiSwap

Rewards and benefits for staking with SushiSwap:

  • The platform lets you earn new $SUSHI.
  • You get a share in the platform’s earnings through fees. 
  • You can make X number of sushi coins while staking sushi. 
  • The rewards with the platform’s earnings through fees keep on increasing. 

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Cardano (ADA): 5th Best Crypto Staking Coins

A beginner-friendly staking coin is Cardano(ADA). The prime cause behind being beginner-friendly is its mobility to let you unstake when you wish. The platform provides a reward calculator to calculate your estimated earnings by staking Cardano(ADA). Here, with the network of Cardano, you can go with Pool stake privately or in a group. The more the coins are delegated to the group. The higher the chance of creating a block in the network. 

You can stake Cardano on popular exchanges like Binance, Kraken,, and many others. Or directly on the decentralized platform. 

Best Crypto Staking Coins

Rewards for staking with Cardano:

  • With Cardano, you can expect a delegation reward of up to 4.6083%. You can use this staking calculator to calculate your returns. 
  • As soon as the contribution of a pool increases, the rewards and revenue increase.
  • The earned rewards are distributed every five days.  
  • With the staking calculator, you can also predict your rewards and earnings. 
  • You are in complete control of your coins, and they are never locked. 
  • There is no risk of losing funds while you are delegating. 

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Benefits of Staking crypto

  • You can start staking with third-party wallets and with exchanges. 
  • Earn rewards and revenue by staking coins on centralized or decentralized exchanges.
  • Having technical knowledge is not compulsory. 
  • The process is easy and can be executed within minutes. 

To know more about staking, click here

Drawbacks of Staking crypto

  • The market’s volatility is unpredictable, and thus the revenue can be unpredictable. However, exchanges like Binance give you guaranteed profit on staking certain coins. 
  • In fixed staking, your coins get locked up. To redeem, you may have to pay charges. In addition, if the price goes up while you are staking, you will not be able to sell your coins. 
  • Not all flexible staking can give you good returns and rewards.


We have talked about five coins in this article, but many other coins can be staked. We have talked about the Binance exchange more than any other exchange. That was only for explaining purposes. You can always go for any exchange you prefer. One last tip I would give is always stake coins which you can stake for the long term. At the same time, pick a procedure that can be done quickly instead of lengthy procedures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is proof of stake bad?
  • Proof of stake is nothing but staking your coins in a locked period for a while. Therefore, it is not bad. Instead, it is the investment with minimum risk involved. Crypto trading has the highest volatility. So if you are looking for a safe option in the long term, then proof of stake is suitable. 

  • Does Bitcoin use proof of work?
  • Yes, Bitcoin uses proof of work. For example, the most extensive network of mining coins is Bitcoin, via proof of work. 

  • Is ETH proof of stake?
  • Presently, ETH is not a proof of stake. It will be launching in the coming year, 2022. You can still contribute to the network. Note that this information is subject to change. 

    Is staking Ethereum worth it?

    Staking Ethereum is definitely worth it because the risk involved is moderate and the process of staking is easy. Do check out the Ethereum staking calculator to get a bigger picture. 

    Is staking BNB on trust wallet safe?

    Yes staking BNB on trust wallet is safe. The platform Binance offers its own wallet though. You must check out Binance wallet.

    Is staking Cardano worth it?

    Yes, staking Cardano is worth it. Read how to buy Cardano(ADA) here. You can also read the beginner’s guide on Cardano, to read click here.

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