10 Best Cryptocurrency Blogs [Must Read]

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As the Cryptocurrency Industry is becoming more prominent over the past few decades and is growing massively and continuously, people are looking for sources to learn more and more about Cryptocurrency to make the most out of their investment. With that aim in mind, the investor must utilize every resource available. In this article, we present to you a list of Cryptocurrency blogs that can assist you in your journey of Cryptocurrency investing. 


Coincodecap is a dedicated platform providing the best cryptocurrency blogs, latest news on Cryptocurrency, Crypto signals, crypto news videos, news podcasts, and various other Crypto related services. We keep you updated with the market trend worldwide in detail so that you don’t miss an update of what is happening in the world of Cryptocurrency. Coincodecap is a beginner-friendly site that provides an excellent opportunity for beginners to claim significant returns simultaneously learning about the market.

You may subscribe to their premium channel, which will give them access to quality signals, support that is available 24*7, and access to Spot and Futures Premium Channel. Coincodecap is a crypto educational publication where you can find guides, reviews, and various other educational content related to Cryptocurrency and the current scenario of the cryptocurrency market.

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Best Cryptocurrency Blogs : CoinCodeCap

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For investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Coinmonks is a popular platform. The blog offers insightful news, commentary, and analysis on cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The blogs of Coinmonks are renowned for their in-depth research, helpful advice, and tutorials on subjects including mining, investing, trading cryptocurrencies, and decentralized finance (DeFi). Articles about smart contracts, blockchain development, and incorporating cryptocurrencies into other businesses are also available on the platform.
The wealth of knowledge and varied viewpoints that the Coinmonks writing community shares can benefit readers. The blogs of Coinmonks provide a plethora of material to suit a wide range of interests and knowledge levels, regardless of the reader’s level of expertise or need for in-depth analysis.

10 Best Cryptocurrency Blogs [Must Read]
Best Cryptocurrency Blogs : Coinmonks


Bitquery is a cryptocurrency data provider that offers various tools and services for blockchain analysis, market intelligence, and data visualization. Their dedication to providing high-quality data and tools aims to contribute to the growth and development of the blockchain ecosystem. The Bitquery blog features the latest product updates, research, and articles by the Bitquery team. It covers various topics, such as airdrop analysis, DeFi airdrop, and NFT sales insights.
Bitquery’s blogs often delve into the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market, provide insights into blockchain analytics, and offer educational content. They may also cover decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency regulations, and emerging blockchain technologies.

10 Best Cryptocurrency Blogs [Must Read]
Best Cryptocurrency Blogs : Bitquery


One of the most prominent websites for providing cryptocurrency news, blogs about Blockchain, apps, and DeFi. Cointelegraph, a Cryptocurrency media company has provided valuable and helpful information for seven years and is a reliable source. Cointelegraph publishes Blockchain use cases in the real world and analyzes everything in-depth. The blogs indicate a clear structure, a news feed, crypto rating and regulation, and information regarding the latest coin offerings. They cover all four aspects of Cryptocurrency, including Cryptocurrency trading, mining, crypto news, and Blockchain. 

Best Cryptocurrency Blogs : Cointelegraph

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One of the leading digital media, events, and information service companies for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. CoinDesk hosts events and webinars each year, including one of the most popular programs of the crypto world, which is the Consensus Summit, and regularly publishes analytical articles revolving around all blockchain use cases. It is a useful website, especially for advanced traders, as here, the readers come across highly technical and in-depth analyses about anything affecting the blockchain industry. CoinDesk was started in 2009 and has gained over 13 million average monthly readers. 

10 Best Cryptocurrency Blogs [Must Read]
Best Cryptocurrency Blogs : CoinDesk

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Bitcoin Magazine 

BTC Media LLC owns Bitcoin Magazine, the media and publishing branch of BTC Inc. Established in 2012, it has provided a detailed analysis, research, education, and thought leadership on topics of the fintech. Another fantastic fact about Bitcoin Magazine is that it is the world’s first magazine and one of the most reliable and celebrated sources of news, information, and expert commentary on Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and the entire industry that has evolved around it. It serves its community with accurate, consistent, and timely content compatible with whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader. To remain in touch with the latest updates on Bitcoin, you can refer to the bitcoin blogs on this website. 

Bitcoin Magazine 
Best Cryptocurrency Blogs : Bitcoin Magazine 

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Intending to provide unbiased and fair reporting of everything related to Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain is the Blockonomi. It was launched in 2017 to provide information and data, articles, reviews, and tutorials related to the recent happenings in all the aspects of Cryptocurrencies, Fintech, and the blockchain economy. According to Lumi, Blockonomi is #5 of the best Crypto news publications. This website can help beginners and experienced traders because of the simplified and in-depth information regarding a particular topic. If a reader is looking for content related to traditional money, they have recently launched sister-site MoneyCheck for content about finance and investments.

Best Cryptocurrency Blogs: Blockonomi 

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One of the best sources of Cryptocurrency news, blogs, updates, and information is the website Coinspeaker. It is one of the oldest websites and has been operating since 2014. It informs and keeps its readers updated with the recent and up-to-date prices on various currencies and trends on where these currencies are. In addition, Coinspeaker provides unique and valuable information on the latest trends in the field. The reader may also find STO and ICO information is also available on the site and general price analysis features that help the users identify new and various trends. Over 200,000 unique visitors per month read it. 

Best Cryptocurrency Blogs : Coinspeaker


CryptoPotato has been operating since 2014. It proves itself to be a strong candidate among many competitors that post blogs related to recent events for various aspects, including altcoins, crypto trends, and the crypto news update. Furthermore, a separate section is dedicated to Interviews with multiple leaders from Cryptocurrency and guides Bitcoin for beginners and Bitcoin, and Crypto guides 101. Finally, as part of their educational efforts that have been published in the form of featured guides, articles, and videos, they also offer a scholarship to Economics and Computer Science students. 

Best Cryptocurrency Blogs: CryptoPotato


This website is another India-based platform founded 3 years ago, intending to provide the simplified and latest news, blogs, and cryptocurrency trading updates for all crypto enthusiasts. From providing price-specific updates to in-depth features that include leadership insights from the industry, this platform primarily focuses on the recent happenings in Cryptocurrency in the United States and the United Kingdom. Their website provides simple and straightforward information, compatible with beginners and experienced traders. 

Best Cryptocurrency Blogs : AMBCrypto

MintMe.com News 

As claimed by the website MintMe.com, the news is a crowdfunding platform where patrons also earn if their favourite influencer is successful. In the MintMe.com platform, any person can create a token representing themselves or projects they are posting, further allowing them to back it up with their authentic and original creations and publish and encourage a massive set of possible supporters and buyers. At the same time, the created tokens become a part of their trading chart where all investors of all kinds help them keep the possibilities of yield from it either by offering the tokens for a better price or for holding them. Moreover, it provides information, news, and data to its readers, proving worthwhile. 

Mintme.com News
Best Cryptocurrency Blogs : MintMe.com News

BitMEX Research – Research Focused Cryptocurrency Blog

The BitMEX Research is another exciting platform where the reader can find deep insights into why and how one or more current happenings influence the crypto market in a certain way. Most people are unaware of this resource as they only know BitMEX as an exchange platform and miss out on this section which provides one of the most in-depth sources of information, data, and blogs revolving around Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology. The BitMEX Research team tries to provide their point of view, where they try to answer every question that might pop up in a reader’s mind because of these reasons and many more. It is easy to put their blog among the top crypto blogs.

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Best Cryptocurrency Blogs: Bitmex Research 
Best Cryptocurrency Blogs: BitMEX Research 

Best Cryptocurrency Blogs: Conclusion 

By reading these blogs, the reader will always remain updated with cryptocurrency and blockchain news and events happening worldwide. However, one thing that the reader must keep in his mind is that these public sources like blogs and articles can assist and help only by analyzing data from different angles and providing you with various learning sources, answering all possible questions and lastly might include manipulation under every analysis of unique information and statistical facts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which website provides Bitcoin blogs only?

A1. Websites that provide blogs on Bitcoins include Bitcoin Magazine, CryptoPotato, Blockonomi.  

Q2. Which platform offers scholarships as an effort to educate the community? 

A2. Cryptopotato, as a part of their educational efforts, offers scholarships to computer science and economics students. 

Q3. Which website provides news related to crypto in the United States? 

A3. AMBCrypto, an India-based platform, provides Cryptocurrency news, information, data, and blogs, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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