10 Best Cryptocurrency News Websites

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We live in times where if something happens, the world is aware of it within seconds. With the infinite sources of information available to us, it becomes hard to filter out and choose what websites one should spend his time on. Moreover, there are a lot of unreliable sources of information around the internet. Therefore, in this article, we have shortlisted the best new sources to update you with everything happening in the world of Cryptocurrency. Here’s a brief about the top ten crypto news sources:

Name Frequency of Posting (Average)Location
CoinCodeCap12 posts/ dayIndia 
TheBlockCrypto6 posts / dayNew York, US
CoinDesk 30 posts / dayNew York, US
CoinTelegraph 8 posts/ dayNew York, US
NewsBTC3 posts/ dayNA
Forbes 4 posts/ dayWashington 
Bitcoinist 3 posts/ dayVietnam 
Bitcoin Magazine3 posts/ dayNashville, Tennessee, US
CryptoSlate 6 posts/ day Seattle, Washington, US
U.Today 17 posts/ day New York, US
Bitcoin.com News 11 posts/day New York, US

1st Best Cryptocurrency News Website: CoinCodeCap 

The reason we started providing crypto news is that we came across a problem in the industry. All the major news platforms that provide accurate information are too slow and cover a specific number of stories. Moreover, the platforms that are fast don’t always provide a pleasant user experience. Therefore, we started off with a team of journalists who value information and keep our readers updated with happenings in the crypto environment.

Apart from the news we also provide product reviews, guides, tutorials, etc. You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel or listen to our Podcasts, find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.

Moreover, you don’t need to visit the website every time we publish a piece of news. You can also receive the latest crypto news from our Telegram Channel.


2nd Best Cryptocurrency News Website: CoinDesk

CoinDesk is one of the most famous websites, which updates its users with the latest news, in-depth analysis video, and life price updates. They aim to build the most influential, reliable media platform for a community worldwide to transform the financial system and the emerging cryptocurrency economy.

This particular website is an integrated platform for news, events, data & research for the upcoming generation of investing and the future of money.

Coin Desk

3rd Best Cryptocurrency News Website: CoinTelegraph  

Another amazing website specializing in Cryptocurrency and Blockchains is the CoinTelegraph. They keep their readers updated with the latest news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin, Ripple, Mining, Litecoin, Policy and Regulations, Cryptocurrency prices, DeFi and adoption, and other things related to Cryptocurrency.

It was established in 2013, and as claimed by the website, it is now a leading independent digital media resource covering a wide domain of news. Their content is focused on passionately delivering unbiased news, in-depth analysis, charts, insightful opinion pieces, comprehensive cryptocurrency price as well as consistent reports on the social transformation that digital currencies are now bringing into this world.

Coin Telegraph
Coin Telegraph

4th Best Cryptocurrency News Website: NewsBTC

NewsBTC is a crypto news site that specializes in updating people with what’s going on with Bitcoin, technical analysis, and forecasts for Bitcoin, Dash, Doge, Litecoin, and other digital cryptocurrencies. This particular website publishes articles about trading activities, the process of mining, ICOs, reviews, unique insights, crypto price analysis, and other news related to this.

They also hold exclusive interviews where they discuss multiple topics such as regulations or active and potential programs from experts within the industry, crowdfunding, artificial intelligence as well as blockchain. This website was established back in 2013. They want to provide reliable information to everyone, be it community members, traders, students, researchers, etc.

News Btc
News BTC

5th Best Cryptocurrency News Website: Forbes 

One of the best sources of Cryptocurrency news in Forbes which can prove to be the right place for the reader. It is a site that provides the latest news on the top cryptocurrencies, market cap, and guidance from experts on how to invest in these markets. Forbes can be the right choice if you are interested in learning more about financing or staying updated on what’s happening within this space.

They publish articles that can provide the reader with insider information and advice from various experts, along with lists of the best coins for investment. It is a beginner-friendly website, and the content on Forbes is updated frequently to meet readers’ needs. Anybody can access it regardless of what they know about Cryptocurrency. 


6th Best Cryptocurrency News Website: Bitcoinist 

To educate its readers with the happenings in the world of Bitcoin is the Bitcoinist website which reaches 2 million readers each month. It offers valuable and different insights through their research and information about Bitcoin, digital currency, as well as Blockchain technology’s latest news.

Additionally, it’s a portal for providing the latest news by monitoring Cryptocurrency, in-depth technical analysis, guides, decentralized digital money, and covering community events. Moreover, the reader may find information about Ethereum, ICOs, and exchanges. This website has been operating since 2013 and is an excellent fit for anyone who wishes to have up-to-date coverage on this industry as well as deep discussion about all aspects of it.

It can also be considered a good space for anyone trying to find out more about specific and detailed information on coins or tokens.


7th Best Cryptocurrency News Website: Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is another crypto news site out there for a person who wants to read up on cryptocurrency updates today and industry trends, ICOs, trading, mining – everything you might want to know if you are into crypto.

The content here on this website will keep you in touch with everything happening worldwide that has to do with blockchain technology or Cryptocurrency. Not only beginners but experts also prefer this website to stay informed in this field. It was started in 2012 and was launched by Mihai Alise. Earlier, Bitcoin Magazine published a print edition until 2015; the site delivers technical analysis and research, thought leadership, and educational materials related to technology and finance.

Bitcoin Magazine
Bitcoin Magazine

8th Best Cryptocurrency News Website: CryptoSlate

Starting in 2017, CryptoSlate is another amazing source to which you can refer for the Latest Crypto headlines, data, newsletter, and analysis for anything related to the 2203 cryptocurrencies across 50 industry sectors. This site gathers information, data, and real-time prices for thousands of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, it delivers localized news and data which focuses on 26 different distinct regions the site has named blockchain hubs. Furthermore, CryptoSlate keeps a large directory of most of the Cryptographic guise of money, crypto-related companies, organizations, products, and people. CryptoSlate likewise keeps an enormous catalog of crypto-related organizations, items, and individuals. As the website, CryptoSlate is an individualistic organization, not owned or handled by a company in the blockchain industry.


9th Best Cryptocurrency News Website: U°Today 

The U°Today website claims to be a global media organization that can help readers understand the new generation of technology and its future to society. U°Today aims to work for the emerging and active community of Crypto enthusiasts, professionals, newcomers, and beginners who wish to dive deep into use and develop the technology by paying attention to clear thoughts, accuracy, and independence.

The site provides crypto news updates and reports on crypto events around the world with a cohesive approach, concise, and publications free of errors. The website is also available in Russian other than English, due to which it is exposed to more regions. 


10th Best Cryptocurrency News Website: Bitcoin.com News 

Another very trusted source of information, data, and news is Bitcoin News. A reader can count on this website for daily news and information revolving around Bitcoin. Some other aspects covered by this website include the world economy, industry news, regulations, exchange rates, and money politics.

In addition to that, the reader may also find handy DIY tips, unbiased reviews, links to valuable tools that help in trading, and opinions revolving around Bitcoin. This website produces in-depth and comprehensive data that can help an investor utilize their investment by providing information on all the aspects of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin.com News
Bitcoin.com News


As a crypto investor, one of the most crucial points is to remain updated with the volatile market you are investing in, so you must know which is the right and reliable source of information and data to make the suitable investment. Websites are an underutilized source of information that can be worthwhile to investors. Therefore, it’s essential that whichever website you use to read information and news provides you with the latest and correct data. Choose the website according to what you want to know. Whether you need an in-depth analysis or interviews, you may want to listen to them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which news websites also launched podcasts?

Some websites that have also launched podcasts include Coincodecap and Coindesk.

Q2. Which are the best news websites for Bitcoin? 

Some news websites for Bitcoin enthusiasts include Bitcoinist, Bitcoin magazine, and Bitcoin.com News, among many others. 

Q3. Which news websites have a youtube channel?

News Websites that also have youtube channels to which users can subscribe include Coincodecap, Coindesk, Bitcoin.com, etc.

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