6 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin in India

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Bitcoin is one of the most rated cryptocurrencies on almost all the crypto exchange platforms in the world. Due to its popularity and high reliability, Bitcoin hodlers are accumulating digital gold. Therefore, in this article, we’d be discussing the best ways to earn free bitcoin in India.

Today as well, if you are planning to own a Bitcoin but are not able to do so because of its high value in the market, you can earn small proportions of them for free with various websites and also by following some of the tips and traces that we are about to share with you.

These proportions can also turn into a vast amount shortly, for which you can easily reap the benefits. Read our full blog on how to earn Bitcoin in India online for free.


  1. You can earn free Bitcoin in India using various applications.
  2. Shop and Earn Bitcoin with Gosats.
  3. Lend your crypto using Vauld.
  4. Join telegram channels and participate in airdrops. Even we send free crypto signals; Join CoinCodeCap Classic.
  5. Play games and earn Bitcoin with Zebedee.
  6. Mine earn Bitcoin with NiceHash, BetterHash, and CryptoTab Farm in India. 

Earn Free Bitcoin in India with Airdrops

One of the most popular ways to earn Bitcoin online for free in India is by participating in airdrops. Airdrops are some of the challenges that you need to complete to become eligible for winning some amount of Bitcoin. These airdrops are organized on various telegram channels and on many websites, in which anyone can participate after joining the track and being a member.

These challenges include sharing the airdrop with several people, adding a designated number of people to the group, or even creating an account on a specific application. The person who completes all those challenges or tasks posted by the group owner has a high chance of winning the rewarding value of Bitcoin.

However, instead of joining a Telegram channel where you can be scammed join ours. We provide free crypto signals, using which you can trade and earn profit. Moreover, we also provide free trading analysis and at times, legit airdrop opportunities.

6 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin In India

Earn Free Bitcoin in India at Gosats

Have you ever wondered about a situation where you can shop from your favorite application for groceries, home-based products, clothing, and more while investing for your future in crypto at the same time? Yes, this is the future we were always discussing, a generation where investments would be made while spending! Use the Gosats application and avail your Gosats card, which you can use to play orders and purchase on other applications.

With each purchase you make using the Gosatsapp, you would earn free Bitcoin and many other cryptos. Make this intelligent purchase while brilliantly investing in crypto with Gosats.

Earn Bitcoin Online For Free In India With Gosats
Earn Bitcoin Online for free in India with Gosats

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Earn Free Bitcoin in India with Zebedee

If you are a gamer and love to play games while enjoying them wholly and believe that you have the ability and skills needed for winning a tournament, then Zebedee is the place that needs you. Play games at Zebedee while winning tournaments in the same. Each time you win a match or a contest, you will earn Zebedee points which you can covert and buy Bitcoin for the same.

Another brilliant and thrilling opportunity the application provides is earning points by streaming a game on Zebedee. When you are pouring it online, other people at Zebedee will watch you play, and if they like your style of play, they can transfer or donate some of their points to you, which you can purchase Bitcoin for. Use this unique application that drives you passionately and provides you with Bitcoins.

Earn Bitcoin Online For Free In India With Zebedee
Earn Bitcoin Online for free in India with Zebedee

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Earn Free Bitcoin in India at NiceHash

If you are familiar with the process of crypto mining, then NiceHash is the application for you. Download the Nicehash application on your PC and start mining Bitcoin with its help. Store the mined amount of Bitcoin in your wallet, which you can also sell at the prevailing market value. Use NiceHash to mine Bitcoin worth so many dollars. The application would work in the background while uninterruptedly doing your work.

Earn Bitcoin Online For Free In India With Nicehash
Earn Bitcoin Online for free in India with NiceHash

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Earn Free Bitcoin in India at BetterHash 

Download BetterHash on your PC and be the winner of the gold, which is available online in the form of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, which is nothing less than gold, can be yours when you are mining for it using the BetterHash application. The program runs on a specified set of pre-programmed Algorithms that use your processor and mines Bitcoin for you in the virtual space. Grow along with this application on an everyday basis.

Earn Bitcoin Online For Free In India With Betterhash
Earn Bitcoin Online for free in India with BetterHash

Earn Free Bitcoin in India at CryptoTab Farm 

You have no idea what your computer and the processor involved in it are truly capable of! But now you will know this intelligent device better, which is nothing like before. Download an application called CryptoTab farm and start generating long-term income by mining Bitcoin.

This application is available for all devices, whether it is Android or an iOS one. The application is easy to install, allows quick withdrawals to its customers, and is user-friendly for its interface and interacting abilities. Control all your activities with its dashboard and monitor it all time.

Earn Bitcoin Online For Free In India With Cryptotab Farm
Earn Bitcoin Online for free in India with CryptoTab Farm

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With these user-friendly and highly integrated applications, you can earn Bitcoin on the go. Without any extra effort, you can invest for the future that would benefit you in the long run. The best part about this application is that it can make you earn Bitcoin while choosing what you enjoy the most, like shopping, playing games, and even streaming live. Download these applications and start with your Bitcoin mining or Bitcoin earning journey and amuse yourself with these wisest choices. 

6 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin In India

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Are these applications safe to use?
  • Ans. Yes, these applications are 100% safe and secure to use, and reliable when earning Bitcoin for free in India.

    2. Which is the best Bitcoin mining application in India?

    Ans. NiceHash is India’s best Bitcoin mining application due to its run-in background feature and its reliability and speed in mining Bitcoin on the go. 

    3. How can we participate in airdrops?

    Ans. You can participate in airdrops by joining various telegram channels or airdrop websites made for airdrops only.

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