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Deposit Money In Wazirx

How to Deposit Money in WazirX?

As a beginner, using even the most user-friendly platform too can get overwhelming. The fear of losing funds and falling into an embarrassing mess can be frustrating. The prime step in any crypto exchange is buying, selling, trading and taking…

Best Wazirx Alternatives

4 Best WazirX Alternatives in India

WazirX is one of the best and safest crypto exchange platforms in India. However, there are a number of other platforms that you can choose instead of WazirX while getting access to similar features and security. In This article, we…

5 Reasons To Switch From Wazirx To Coindcx

5 Reasons to Switch from WazirX to CoinDCX

Tired of the limited services and high trading, deposit, or withdrawal fees at WazirX? Well, this article is for you as it’s an unbiased guide for the reasons to switch from WazirX to CoinDCX. Comparison Table Features WazirX CoinDCX Maker…

Wazirx Vs Coinswitch Kuber

WazirX vs CoinSwitch Kuber – Full Comparison

Between the struggle to choose the most advanced crypto trading app, the debate of simple interface or low fees has been never-ending. WazirX and CoinSwitch Kuber both offer an easy-to-use user interface and decent fees. Therefore, here’s a brief WazirX…

Unocoin Vs Wazirx

Unocoin vs WazirX: Which is best for you?

Unocoin and WazirX are some of the best bitcoin exchanges in India, and in this article, we’d be talking about almost all the features of each of them you should know before choosing one of them. Here’s a brief overview…

How To Buy Matic (Polygon) On Coindcx

How to Buy Matic (Polygon) on CoinDCX?

Polygon technology, or formerly Matic network, has seen recent surges in its value, and hence it provides a good investment opportunity. This article will discuss the steps involved and benefits of buying Matic from CoinDCX. Summary Polygon (Matic Network) was…

Free Bitcoin In India

6 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin in India

Bitcoin is one of the most rated cryptocurrencies on almost all the crypto exchange platforms in the world. Due to its popularity and high reliability, Bitcoin hodlers are accumulating digital gold. Therefore, in this article, we’d be discussing the best…

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