Solana initiates probe to identify the cause of its network outage

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Key Takeaways:

  • Over the weekend, Solana experienced one of the worst disruptions in its past.
  • The experts are looking into the root reason of the outage, according to the most recent SOL team update.
  • The Solana Foundation has published a study on the problem and is diligently looking into its underlying causes.

The Solana network recovered from the outage and resumed operations on February 26 after two consecutive coordinated restart efforts. The Solana network staff is still looking into the underlying causes of these outages, though.

With 11 significant and 3 minor network outages in 2022, Solana has a history of outages. During this time, the downtime outages varied from 1 hour 15 minutes to 17 hours 7 minutes. In more than a year, the most recent interruption was the highest.

However, a number of basic factors suggest that Solana might be able to get past these obstacles and stage a comeback in the days to come. Solana Status published the Mainnet Beta Outage Report on February 27.

Although the specific causes of the disruption is still unknown, the team is actively looking into it. Periodically, the report will be updated as more information becomes accessible.

To confirm no user transactions would be affected and to give more time for in-depth data analysis, a preliminary reset attempt was cancelled. The community collectively resumed the network using an older slot than the one that had been chosen after more research. No verified user activities were reversed or adversely affected.

Validators switched to vote-only mode during the outage, and engineers and the validator community decided to roll back to the prior stable release, v1.13.6.

On Twitter, community members voiced their opinions after becoming weary of the recent developments in the SOL story; some even questioned Solana’s status as one of the  leading cryptocurrency.

Some members of the crypto clan still found a way to laud the openness of web3 networks despite their anger at Solana’s interference. @soolfuul believes that no Web2 company actively updates their customers about service outages, and thus promotes the Web 3 is better agenda.

Solana and Ethereum and Bitcoin were also being contrasted by other forum members. In a Twitter discussion, a community member pointed out that Solana decided to move quickly while occasionally breaking Ethereum’s rules. Although Solana’s strategy is riskier, the Twitter user claimed that it also opens the way for quicker innovation.

The community is extremely upset about the most recent disruption to the Solana blockchain. Nonetheless, the Platform is looking into the matter and updating the public frequently. The Solana blockchain is still experiencing performance problems, but the team is still dedicated to long-term development and technological advancement.

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