Netflix’s ‘Love, Death + Robots’ launches scavenger hunt with 9 Hidden NFTs

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Key Takeaways

  • The NFTs will be spread across the show’s socials, physical billboards, digital platforms, as well as in the show itself.
  • Visitors can either mint the art as an NFT for free or choose right-click and save.

Streaming platform giant Netflix has launched a digital scavenger hunt with 9 hidden QR codes for the show, ‘Love, Death +Robots’. The NFTs are strewn across  Love, Death + Robots socials, physical billboards, digital platforms, and the show itself. The third season of Love, Death + Robots officially launched on Friday.

Each of the QR codes leads to one digital collectible that reflects each episode in Volume 3, and upon scanning the codes, fans will be redirected to a website that presents “Love, Death + Robots’ unique collective of visual perspectives and creative storytelling from Volume 3.

Netflix announcing the news said that Visitors are provided with the option to either mint the art as an NFT or can choose to simply right-click and save. “The choice is yours, human,” Netflix wrote in its description. Visitors who opt for minting can do so for free and only need to pay the nominal gas fee. In addition, interested individuals can also buy this NFT on OpenSea.

The collection currently has over 23 Thousand Owners, and the floor price is 0.001 ETH. The announcement also coincides with Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph joining NFT Photo Platform Cheeze as a  part of its board of directors. This move by Netflix is expected to open up the world of digital collectibles to a whole new group of individuals.

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This is not the first time Netflix is trying its hand at NFTs. Earlier this year, Netflix partnered with NFT marketplace major Candy Digital to release NFTs from the popular science fiction TV series Stranger Things ahead of its season 4 launch.

Several firms and people in the entertainment industry are now warming upto the idea of NFTs. Disney, back in November 2021, launched a set of collectibles via Veve. me. Warner Brothers partnered with Nifty’s in the space too, for the release of The Matrix 4 in late 2021. Music icon Madonna also recently released a charity collection of 3D non-fungible tokens called Mother Of Creation collection.

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Saniya Raahath
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