How to get Free Outfits in the Metaverse?

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Avatars, or digital versions of human beings, will interact with one other in the metaverse. However, even if meeting virtually, people require new outfits to represent themselves better. According to a Forbes report, the emphasis on sustainable fashion and the coronavirus pandemic is driving a trend towards digital clothes. The first wave of digital fashion markets has already come, with labels such as Gucci, Prada, and Ralph Lauren keen to enter the space. So, let’s see how we can obtain free outfits in the Metaverse.


  • NFTs are offering exclusivity to the digital fashion industry.
  • It offers a tremendous opportunity to benefit from virtual space.
  • Obtain free clothing by participating in NFT drops by various brands and designers.
  • Almost every type of avatar item is accessible for free in Roblox. 

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Metaverse and NFTs

The metaverse will be the internet’s future, connecting people, places, and things virtually. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which utilize blockchain technology to authenticate ownership of digital assets, have enabled the monetization of digital fashion. Though metaverse and NFTs are two distinct concepts for the fashion industry, NFTs provide a fantastic potential to profit on the virtual space, often known as the metaverse. 

Get Free Metaverse Outfits


boohooMan, an affordable fashion company for menswear, is offering an outstanding collection of NFTs for the first time. They are bringing the most recent threads from reality to NFT to develop a collection of boohooMAN fits. It features a large selection of t-shirts, outerwear, tracksuits, and hoodies. Make metaverse-worthy streetwear look out of them or keep them as a collection.

You can now receive a FREE outfit since boohooMAN is given away one NFT to eight randomly selected participants. Visit the boohooMAN competition page to take part and enter your information to be eligible to win an exclusive NFT. The NFTs from boohooMAN will be sent to the winners’ crypto wallets via OpenSea.

Free Outfits In The Metaverse : Boohooman

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Brand New Vision (BNV)

BNV (Brand New Vision Ltd), a fashion tech brand, intends to demystify the metaverse for the fashion business. BNV’s current focus is on creating “iconic or rare recreations of clothing.” For example, Jawara Alleyne, a designer, recreated Rihanna’s famous Blunt dress for the 30th anniversary of Dazed magazine as an NFT. The designer has collaborated with Brand New Vision (BNV) to release ten limited edition non-fungible token copies of his collaborative outfit, which he carefully rebuilt from pattern to piece. Each digital outfit will be free and resaleable to empower the NFT arena.

You can get a chance to win an NFT of Jawara’s Rihanna Blunt Dress by signing up here and filling in all the necessary details.


Free Clothes for your Avatar


Roblox, a popular online gaming platform, has created a metaverse around its player. It allows gamers to personalize their looks by buying clothes from the Roblox catalogue. But you can also get a load of free outfits and accessories in Roblox. Almost every type of avatar item is accessible for free in Roblox. Hats, hair, faces, neck, shoulder, front, back, waist, and other accessories are available. You can also acquire entire bodies, including all pieces required for an avatar!

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How can I get free Roblox outfits and accessories?

There are a few different techniques for getting free outfits for your Roblox character. One of the simplest and most effective strategies is to hunt for free products in the Roblox catalog that are currently accessible.

  • Go to the Roblox website and click on Avatar Shop.
Visit The Roblox Website
Visit the Roblox website
  • Choose “Accessories” or “Clothes” from the Category dropdown menu in the left corner.
  • After selecting the category, click on relevance in the right corner and Select “Price (Low to High)” from the next dropdown box, as shown below.
Chose The Pricing
Chose the pricing
  • A variety of free Roblox clothing pieces appear.

That’s all! Following the completion of this brief procedure, the free clothing item will be added to the players’ inventory. Players may repeat this procedure with the thousands of free clothing pieces offered in the Roblox catalog as many times as they choose.

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Want to try on digital clothes for free?

ZERO10, a new fashion technology start-up, has launched digital garments for free. The platform’s offering includes digital garments by designers Ksenia Schnaider, ZNY, Av Vattev, TTSWTRS, and Florentina Leitner. In addition, there are 12 genderless outfits available for free on the site.

Customers may explore, fit, and save images or videos of themselves wearing their favourite digital designer outfits by using the ZERO10 App. 3D body tracking, cloth simulation, and body segmentation technologies are used in the ZERO10 app. It allows customers to fit, picture, and record videos of themselves in digital clothes.



Every five Roblox users, according to the company, modifies their Avatar daily. If you spend a lot of time online, you’re undoubtedly concerned about the appearance of your Avatar. Some see it as an investment opportunity.

If a person purchases an NFT, a digital asset kept on the blockchain, and its value rises, it may be resold for a profit. NFTs are also becoming increasingly popular in the fashion industry due to technological improvements that allow fashion firms to gather extensive data on production methods and customer desires.

It may also provide brands with a new way to test products, allowing them to launch the first in the digital world, receive feedback, and analyze demand before selling them in the real world. So, it’s time to put on some digital clothing and get decked up.

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