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How To Get Free Outfits In The Metaverse?

How to get Free Outfits in the Metaverse?

Avatars, or digital versions of human beings, will interact with one other in the metaverse. However, even if meeting virtually, people require new outfits to represent themselves better. According to a Forbes report, the emphasis on sustainable fashion and the…

How To Buy Land In The Metaverse

How to Buy Land in the Metaverse?

When things are going online, buying land in the virtual world of augmented reality is taking hold. Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Sandbox, and many similar platforms are coming up with the concept and practices of buying land in Metaverse. So, if…

Infosys Launches Metaverse Foundry

Infosys Launches Metaverse Foundry

Infosys a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting announced the launch of the Infosys metaverse foundry. The metaverse foundry will help enterprises explore the metaverse, including virtual and augmented environments, for their customers, workplace, products, and operations. Follow us on…

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