Bamboo Gangs: Is it the Best NFT Game Project?

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One of the most awaited NFT game projects, “BAMBOO GANGS”, is live now, leaving behind the greedy gaming projects. As the name suggests, the game is NFT based. The characters of the games are NFT designed. Users can very well benefit from these NFT based gaming characters by staking or earning various rewards and profits. In addition, the most prominent feature of the project that makes them stand out is that they allow the users to be the owner of their own gaming assets. Undoubtedly, in the most authentic sense, the NFT technology game. 

Summary (TL;DR)

  • An NFT based new gaming project.
  • Bamboo Gangs will soon be having their official token $BMBOO for listing and other gaming environments.
  • Gaming characters are Pandas with different traits.
  • Gamers get a set of quest games everyday.
  • Gaming assets can be put for sale.
  • The game is based on the theme of saving a planet.
Bamboo Gangs: Is It The Best Nft Game Project?

What is Bamboo Gangs?

Bamboo Gangs is an online game curated with the unique technology of NFT (Non-fungible token). The game is based on the theme of saving a planet as per the game, while the gamers are in designed as Pandas. The Panda is the centre of the characters in the game. The gamers can build their own “Bamboo Gang”. In addition, while saving a planet in the game, not only do the users have the most creative, enthusiastic, thrilling, and profitable experience, but also they become a source in saving the endangered animals from extinction simply by playing the game.

Bamboo Gangs

Gaming Terms

  • Staking: The gaming platform allows for staking of their official token $BMBOO. You can stake by sending the Pandas to the bamboo groves. While staking, the gamers earn 8$BMBOO per day for the next eight years; this increases when more Panda’s are staked. Note that, this is yet to come live on the platform.
  • Breeding: Users can breed new Pandas with $BMBOO if they have them in their pockets. To breed, the gamer must have two or more Pandas in their Panda squad.
  • Collectible: Here, users can collect various gaming assets and re-sell them at marketplaces or while playing. 
  • PVP turn-based battles: The gamers can play battles among their favourite characters and skills. Every time a gamer wins a battle, they are given rewards. Championships will be on board in the near future for users with maximum rewards and prizes.
  • Ingame token – $BMBOO: $BMBOO is the platform’s official token used in the games and in controlling the Pandas. 
  • PVE (Player vs Environment): A set of quest games will be available daily for the users to have a battle with their virtual opponents of different levels of difficulties. Other themed games will be available in the near future. 
  • DAD: Gamers having token $BMBOO can decide Panda Gangs future, directions, and developments. 
  • Land: Gamers can be landholders; that is, ownership of certain lands will provide for other game opportunities. 
  • Treasure Hunt: Gamers can start their own expeditions with their Panda Squads and find treasures. While finding these treasures successfully, the gamers will receive some $BMBOO and NFT’s as rewards. NFT’s won can be put for sale or can be used in the games. 
Game Details
Game Details

Different Stages of Bamboo Game

There are eight stages in the game as follows:

  • Stage 1: The very first stage is of “minting” the Panda as, without Panda, there is no game. There are 10,000 NFT pandas for everyone who is begining to enter the game in the initial drop. In this stage, the gamers build their gaming squad. 
  • Stage 2: In the second stage, gamers will receive the official token $BMBOO, which can be staked by sending the Pandas in the bamboo groves. Gamers earn more profit when they stake more and sooner. 
  • Stage 3: The third stage brings out the implementation of the gaming characters, that is, defence, attack power, endurance, and health. Additional NFT’s, artefacts, and accessories are further released. 
  • Stage 4: PVP turn-based battles begin in the fourth stage, where the gamers can battle with other characters. In addition, the $BMBOO holders will be given the position to decide on the Panda Gangs future, directions, and development, that is, DAO. 
Different Stages Of Bamboo Game
Different Stages of Bamboo Game
  • Stage 5: In stage 5, the users will be given more lands where certain game activities will be offered to play. Other locations for treasure hunts will be provided. In addition, there will be rewards given. 
  • Stage 6: The users are allowed to breed more Pmadas on conditions like they must have two Panda and official tokens in their pocket. 
  • Stage 7: Here in this stage, the gamers will be given PVE, where a set of new quests of virtual games will be provided every day with different difficulty levels.  
  • Stage 8: Game seasons are available, changes in-game quests, and other in-game activities. Championship of PVP is provided. 

Different Kind of Pandas

Gamers may receive five different traits of Pandas with the help of unique NFT technology. The various traits are as follows:

  • Mythic
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Elite
  • Common

Every Panda is generated automatically and randomly. Wholly based on luck, lucky ones may receive the rarest of all. The gamers at the same time earn ownership of the Pandas earned. 

How to Get/ Mint a Panda?

To get a Panda or minting a panda is a straightforward procedure. However, it is essential to know that you can only mint Panda if you have Etherum (ETH) in your Wallet. Though the platform talks about Metamask, users can also connect wallets like Coinbase Wallet. Below is given a step by step guide on how to mint a panda:

  1. Click on Mint on the header of the official website. A description box of “Mint” will appear as shown in the image given below:
Mint on Bamboo gang
  1. Enter the number of Pandas you wish to mint. Note that there are minting prices that the user will have to pay that is 0.1 ETH, and there is a transaction limit of 30 tokens, which is the user can only maximise the number of Pandas to be 30. Below connect Metamask, you will see the ETH required to earn those Pandas.
Number For Pandas
Number for Pandas
  1. Connect your Metamask Wallet with the network of Ethereum, and you will be able to purchase the Pandas. Click on Mint once the wallet is connected. 
Adding Quantity
Adding Quantity
  1. Once done, the platform also shows how rare your Panda is. You can check how many Pandas you own in your Metamask Wallet or click on “My Gang” on the official website to confirm the number of Pandas received.  

Conclusion: Bamboo Gangs

If you are looking for a beneficial NFT game, then Bamboo Gangs is worth giving a try. They have very unique and enthusiastic features in the games that take care of the gamer’s enjoyment and passive income. NFT gamers will surely love the uniqueness and creativity levels. In addition, the platform has its official token which can be listed on other exchanges as well. Finally, the gaming assets can be put for sale and usage in the games. Innumerable rewards and benefits for the gamers make the platform stand out. 

Furthermore, the interface of the platform is beginner-friendly and attractive to all kinds of users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is $BMBOO?
  • $BMBOO is an ERC-20 token which is the official token of Bamboo Gangs and will be used in the game at various points. 

  • How many Pandas are available?
  • There are 10,000 Pandas available as of now at stage one.

  • How the Gas fees are paid in Bamboo Gang?
  • Gas fees are paid in Ethereum, users can see the charges while minting that is 0.1 ETH.

  • Where can I see my Panda?
  • Users can see their Panda by clicking on “MY GANG” on the header.

  • Is Bamboo Gangs an NFT based game?
  • Yes, Bamboo Gangs is an NFT based game.

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