Where and How to Buy HTZ token?

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This article will talk about another cryptocurrency you must keep your eye on, the HTZ token. It is the native currency for the Hertz Network blockchain. We are going to explain everything about where and how to buy HTZ tokens!


  • HTZ is the native currency of Hertz Network Blockchain.
  • It is available on different centralized exchanges ( XT.com, Binance) and decentralized exchanges ( 1inch, Uniswap).
  • The transaction fees are nominal.  

What is the Hertz network?

Hertz network is a feeless Defi blockchain-powered by EOSIO. One of the critical features of the network is to allow users to create custom tokens instantly that can be exchanged on HERTZSWAP DEFI PLATFORM.

What is HTZ coin? 

HTZ coin is the native currency of Hertz Network Blockchain. It can be swapped with HTZ ERC-20 or HTZ BEP-20 at various exchanges. It is one of the on-demand currencies out there that is one of the four tokens of the HTZ network. 

What is HNC-20 Token?

It is a token that has been created using the hertz network token creation tool. It is customizable, and it requires 10000 HTZ in your wallet to make it. 

What is HTZ ERC-20 token? 

It is the token on the Ethereum network, and it is an essential token to swap HTZ coins. It can be easily changed in a 1:1 ratio on the Hertz network DeFi tool and other exchanges. This token is compatible with wallets like trust wallet, Myetherwallet, Metamask, etc.

What is HTZ BEP-20 token?

Like ERC-20, it is also an essential token to swap HTZ coins with. This token is used on the Binance Smart chain network and can be swapped on a 1:1 ratio on exchanges or the Hertz network Defi tool. Moreover, it is compatible with wallets like Trust Wallet, Metamask, etc. 

Coin Economics 

As of December 2021, the supply has been 29.10 billion. Thirty percent of this amount is for development and belongs to individual funds; meanwhile, the rest is for auto stakes. Here’s a graph with the statistics.

Buy Htz Token: Coin Economics 
Coin Economics 

Where to buy HTZ coins? 

HTZ coins and other HTZ tokens are straightforward to buy as they have both Ethereum and Binance exchange options. As of now, it is available on seven different exchanges.

How to buy an HTZ coin?

You can’t buy an HTZ coin with cash. However, you swap it with USDT. So before you start trading, you must have a wallet like Metamask. You also need USDT in your purse to exchange HTZ with it.

How to buy HTZ coin on XT.com?

  • First, head over to XT.com and log in. If you do not have an account then, sign up.
  • It would be best to have USDT in your wallet to buy an HTZ coin. 
  • Then, head over to trading > standard spot. You will land on a page where you have to search hertz on the search bar. Select HTZ/USDT.
Buy Htz Coin On Xt.com
Buy HTZ coin on XT.com
  • Scroll down, and you will find a transaction window. Enter your desired amount and click on buy HTZ. 
Enter The Amount
Enter the amount

How to buy HTZ coin on 1 Inch network?

  • Go to 1inch and click on the ‘connect Wallet’ button on the top right corner.
Buy Htz Coin On 1 Inch Network
Buy HTZ coin on 1 Inch network
  • A window will pop up, and you have to read and accept the terms and conditions, then select the wallet, in this case, metamask.
Select The Wallet
Select the wallet
  • You’ll find a drop-down menu where you will enter your desired exchange currencies. In this case, USDT is on the ‘you pay’ column and HTZ on the ‘you receive’ column by pasting the address copied from Coinmarketcap.
Copy The Address
Copy the address
  • After that, go to the advanced settings and select the slippage at 0.1%.
Advanced Settings
Advanced settings
  • Enter your desired value and click on swap.

HTZ Price

Just like other cryptocurrencies, the price of HTZ coins fluctuates from time to time. You can catch up to the latest data from Coinmarketcap

Htz Price
HTZ Price

Should you invest in an HTZ coin?

Investing in any crypto has its own set of risks and profits, but here are some of the critical features of HTZ that you might find important. 

  • It has a block time of 0.5 seconds, and it confirms a transaction within 50 seconds, so it is very fast.
  • HTZ desktop is very user-friendly, and it is feeless.
  • It is a DeFi platform that allows you to create your coins and swap them for HTZ.
  • It supports cross-chain swapping, which can be very handy. 


HTZ is a high-potential coin and is also very well optimized. The coin has a lot of functionalities, but just like other cryptos, it has risks too. Therefore, you must research and consult your financial adviser before investing.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the HTZ inflation rate?

The inflation rate of HTZ is less than 1% per year. 

What is the initial supply of HTZ?

The initial supply was around 28.95 billion. 

Can I buy HTZ with real money?

There is no such way to buy HTZ with cash, but you can do it through USDT.

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