Curve Might Introduce the Newly Developed Fundraising Gauge

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The Curve community initiated a vote. The vote is on a proposal to introduce a new “FundRaising Gauge”. At the time of writing, 95% were for the support and 5% were against it. It will enable a more efficient financing model.

Curve DAO currently uses the Curve Ecosystem & Community Grants Program 5 to fund projects that benefit the Curve Ecosystem as a whole. These funds are raised through the grants governance process 2 led by the Community Council 2. The funds raised are vested over a minimum of one year, have a fixed length, a fixed funding rate, and are capped by the Treasury.

While this has worked well, Curve proposes a “no vesting & variable rate” funding model that does not deplete Treasury Reserves; rather, the funding is enabled by a CRV Gauge via the gauge voting system. They believe that this will enable a more robust grants ecosystem, more efficiently supporting R&D and other DAO-approved endeavors.

Most of the people want this proposal to get into action as soon as possible and are using Twitter to spread information about it so that people go and vote for this proposal.

The benefit of this proposal is that it will use CRV emissions in addition to incentivizing LPs in this way Curve will be able to realize their gauge’s full potential. This method will allow Curve to raise funds without reducing Treasury funds by tapping into CRV inflation. It will be more adaptable, with the ability to change vote weights on the fly. If veCRV holders are dissatisfied with the progress made after granting, they can change their gauge vote to reduce the amount of emissions received or even kill the gauge.

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Chaahat Girdhar
Chaahat Girdhar

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