Is DogeMania a Scam?

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DogeMania intends to create a large DAO community of all crypto-doge-lovers, according to the initiative. Being inspired by various Doge communities and wanting to assist them all by uniting at the craziest financial event of the year — “DOGECOIN! DOGECOIN, The crypto-DOGE show.”

Is Dogemania A Scam?
Is DogeMania a Scam?

The primary purpose of the crypto-DOGE show is to bring together the Dogecoin and Doge-like token communities and developers into one large and united community that will ultimately destabilize the bankers’ mindsets and financial system.

The project aims to create several valuable tools for the Doge-like token and Dogecoin communities and developers.

“The Toolsverse” mentioned is:

TokenLocker: The first developer tool is an entirely free token locker.

The NFT Meme Creation Tool: will assist users in creating a good DOGE meme and minting it in NFT!

BRIDOGE: any Doge-like token will be able to join multiple chains.

DAO Charity Wallet:  Token holders will become members of our DAO and will be able to propose and vote on any charity transfer.

The project claims to produce a variety of beneficial tools for Doge communities and developers, in addition to the previously promising tools. Furthermore, they hope to hire more developers once their DAO is powerful enough to speed up the process.

The project was met with mixed reviews on Twitter, with some proclaiming Dogemania to be the best project while others failed to comply.

Is Dogemania A Scam?
Is DogeMania a Scam?

On the 25th of December, @DukeDari apparently lost many BNB to the initiative, stating that the user didn’t see it coming because everything looked so clean, including the website, social network accounts, CMC, etc. CG listings, and even the logo on the BSC scanner.

                        “I lost a lot, many #BNB … I think that those scammers are really good.”

Approximately 500 BNB were recently relocated from DogeMania to to0x51c18db637faa25Aef0643ac8b05e6Ac831f2402 through the creator.

On the 24th of December, shortly after its debut on the 18th, the protocol was rugged.

Because there was no security audit, it was unlikely that those who invested in the project could have spotted the issue.

Is Dogemania A Scam?
Is DogeMania a Scam?
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