Ben Phillips made $12M from SafeMoon Crypto Pump and Dump Scheme

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Key Takeaways:

  • YouTuber Ben Phillips has been exposed for running a $12 million SafeMoon pump and dump scheme. Phillips shared his wallet address in a Tweet requesting fans pay for his Starbucks. 
  • This gave internet detective Coffeezilla the chance to follow up on a tip he’d received.

Earlier this month, CoffeeZilla, a fellow YouTuber, revealed Ben Phillip’s $12 million pumps and dump operation in a video to his millions of followers.

Last April 12th, Phillips tweeted his wallet information and asked supporters to pay for his Starbucks. This provided an opportunity for online detective Coffeezilla to follow up on a tip he’d received as part of a larger investigation into the controversial ponzi game token SafeMoon.

According to CoffeeZilla’s calculations, Phillips paid $4 million for SafeMoon on PancakeSwap between March and December of last year and sold it for $16 million within the same time period, resulting in a $12 million profit.

The British YouTuber signaled to his followers in a series of now-deleted tweets promoting the coin that he would keep his baggage. “Well, I’m HOLDING,” Phillips said on April 6th, adding, “I feel bad for anyone who sold AGAIN!” He cashed out roughly $721,000 in tokens that day.

YouTuber Ben Phillips was exposed for running a 12-million-dollar pump-and-dump scheme called SafeMoon. Phillips asked fans to pay for his Starbucks using his wallet address in a Tweet. This gave internet detective Coffeezilla the chance to follow up on a tip he’d received.

The cryptocurrency’s team has enlisted the help of several influencers, including YouTuber Jake Paul, to promote it. Dave Portnoy of Barstool lost 90% of his $40,000 investment in SafeMoon.

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Baisakhi Mishra
Baisakhi Mishra

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