Voyager Review : Is it Safe or Legit?

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Voyager supports more than 60 cryptocurrencies and offers services to both individuals and businesses. However, it is only accessible through mobile apps. Hence, in this Voyager review, we will go through all of its features and try to have a look at a way to earn passive income by its monthly interest payments.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • There are 60 cryptocurrencies available in Voyager crypto exchange app.
  • It is only available for iOS and Android devices.
  • The mobile app of Voyager offers simple trades, intuitive investing, advanced charting options, an integrated profit and loss calculator, and a proprietary newsfeed.
  • The minimum deposit amount on Voyager is $10 to open your account.
  • It lets users trade without any commission fee.
  • The current Voyager crypto price is $2.01.

What is Voyager?

Voyager is a U.S.- regulated crypto broker founded in 2017 by Stephen Ehrlich. This platform is accessed only through the mobile app, which users can download for iOS and Android versions. Voyager has more than 60 cryptocurrencies, and its services are available for both individual and institutional levels. This crypto application also lets users earn monthly interest payments and offer a commission-free fee structure.



Voyager Token

Voyager Token is issued as an ERC-20 token for the Voyager crypto exchange. Currently, it has a circulating supply of 222,295,208 with no current plans of issuing more tokens. The Voyager token price is $2.01 and has a 24-hour trading volume of $1,541,824. 

This native token VGX (Voyager) can be used to reward users within the Voyager ecosystem. Moreover, users can also generate interest in holding the token in the Voyager app.

Voyager Review: Earning Interest

The Interest Program is one of the main selling points of Voyager. With this, users can actively trade crypto and earn interest simultaneously with no limits and lockups. To participate in this program, users have to maintain the minimum monthly average balance. Currently, there are 32 assets on which users can earn interest. The interests are added monthly into the Voyager account. 

By default, all Voyagers are enrolled in this program. However, if one wants to unenroll, one can do so by visiting the crypto interest page in the Voyager app and tapping “Opt-Out.” To learn more about the Voyager interest program click to visit the Voyager reward section.

Voyager Review: Earning Interest
Voyager Review: Earning Interest

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Smart Order Routing

With its Smart Order Routing system, Voyager selects the best possible exchange rate and makes it easy for users to trade confidently. Further, it connects with the twelve largest and most reputable crypto exchanges to ensure that users get the best possible rates. 

How to use Voyager?

Voyager Registration Process

To register yourself, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, download the Voyager app either for the iOS or Android device.
  • Open the app and tap on “Sign Up.”
  • Enter the email-id and create a password.
  • After that, fill in the rest of the details, including your name, phone number, and address.
  • Thereafter Voyager will add you to their waitlist.
Voyager Review : Is It Safe Or Legit?

Voyager Review: KYC

Without completing the KYC, you can not deposit or add any bank accounts. So, to trade and earn interests, you will first have to complete your verification process.

  • Open the Voyager app and log in to your account.
  • Tap on your profile, and click on “Bank Account.”
  • You will be asked to enter your Date of Birth and Social Security Number.
  • Now, verify your email address, and upload your documents.

To verify the documents, Voyager takes a minimum of 30 seconds.

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How to Deposit Funds to a Voyager account?

To deposit cash into your Voyager account, first, you have to add an account. To add an account:

  • Visit your account page by tapping on the icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap on Bank Accounts, and then tap on “Add a Bank Account.”
  • Tap on continue and fill in your account credentials, and link your bank to Voyager.

Once the bank account is linked, you can now transfer funds. To deposit funds:

  • Go to your Account Page and select transfer cash or crypto.
  • Now, select “deposit to Voyager.”
  • Select the U.S. Dollars if you want to deposit cash or choose the crypto you wish to deposit.
  • Please enter the amount you want to deposit and slide to the right to deposit.
  • After then, slide to the up to confirm the transaction.
Deposit Funds To Voyager
Deposit Funds to Voyager

Please note that Voyager uses Plaid to connect your bank account securely. Furthermore, your daily deposit limit is $5,000, and the minimum deposit amount is $10. It usually takes around five business days for the amount to show up in your Voyager wallet. 

However, if users want to deposit an amount instantly, they can do so with Voyager’s immediate deposit. The daily limit of the immediate deposit is $10,000.

Voyager Supported Cryptos

Currently, Voyager offers 60 cryptocurrencies, including the top crypto assets like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Moreover, it is highly focused and provides access to more cryptos and tokens to their customers.

Voyager Supported Cryptos
Voyager Supported Cryptos

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Voyager Exchange Review: Referral Program

The Referral program of Voyager lets users receive $25 worth of bitcoin. Users can refer the other potential customers through the Voyager crypto exchange android app. Follow the below steps to earn the rewards:

  • Open the Voyager application and navigate to accounts.
  • In the account section, click on “Earn Bitcoin.”
  • From there, you can share your reward code or referral link.
  • You can share the link with only 100 people. 
  • The rewards will be deposited when the referred user deposits or trades a total amount $100. 

To know more details regarding the Voyager referral program, click here.


The Voyager app offers crypto Education which holds features like:

  • Node by Voyager: It is a Voyager crypto’s company blog, which features several articles while keeping beginners in mind. 
  • Newsfeed: Users receive a constantly refreshing crypto newsfeed in the voyager apps, which provides up-to-date information. 
  • Profit and Loss Calculator: With the integrated profit and loss calculator, users can effectively track their balances over time.

Voyager Review: Fee

The Voyager crypto platform is a commission-free broker that facilitates trading in the digital asset space. In simple terms, you pay no more than the quoted price while buying crypto. 

Furthermore, Voyager uses a unique Smart Order Routing system, which takes advantage of discrepancies between listed prices on cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, when Voyager finds a more advantageous price, it extends the savings and keeps a slight percentage difference. 

Withdrawal Fee

The Voyager withdrawal fee differs based on the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. Click here to see the list of withdrawal fees for cryptos. However, if you’re transferring FIAT through wire transfer at Voyager then you’ll have to pay a $50 fee. And for outgoing wires, there’s a minimum withdrawal amount of $10,000 and a fee of $50.

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Voyager Review: Customer Support

The Voyager customer support is quite limited and offers the following options to answer users’ queries:

  • Through Email: Voyager allows its customers to connect with them through the mailing system. Users can send their queries to [email protected]. Users should use the email id associated with their account to get the quickest response while submitting the request.
  • Through app messaging: Users can also get assistance through the Voyager application to submit their requests. Open the app, navigate to the account page, and click on “Help.” Their users can submit their queries.

Furthermore, Voyager also supports a brief and comprehensive FAQ section covering almost all the common issues and inquiries. Unfortunately, they don’t offer phone customer support, and users without a Voyager account will not receive any responses.

Is Voyager Exchange Safe?

Voyager protects users’ personal and financial information using industry-standard security protocols, including encrypted storage and secure data transmission. Moreover, Voyager is a U.S.-regulated and U.S.-based publicly-traded company. Around 250,000 USD held in the user’s Voyager account is FDIC-insured through partner banks.  

Voyager Review : Is It Safe Or Legit?

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Voyager Review: Pros and Cons


  • Voyager offers simple, straightforward, and intuitive mobile platform.
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • It has around 60 cryptocurrencies available.
  • Earn interest in selected crypto.
  • Commission-free crypto platform.
  • Users can access multiple exchanges at a single time.
  • Automatic buying option.


  • Only available for U.S. residents (except New York).
  • Voyager only has a mobile platform.

Voyager Review: Conclusion

In the crux, we can say that Voyager Crypto is a broker platform, which uses Smart Routing Technology to facilitate crypto trading and let users earn monthly interest on crypto holdings. Plus, users can deposit USD and the available 60 cryptocurrencies in their Voyager secure wallet. Although the platform is currently open only for U.S. residents, Voyager is working on allowing international users.

Frequently Aasked Questions

Does Voyager allow the coin to coin trading?

Currently, Voyager does not support crypto-to-crypto trading. However, as they mentioned, Voyager is working on this feature, and in the future, it will be made available to users.

What type of orders do voyagers support?

Generally, Voyager supports two orders only, including Market and Limit orders.

Is Voyager crypto safe?

Voyager crypto is safe, as it is issued as an ERC-20 token, which runs on the Ethereum network. The network leverages the well-tested cryptographic standards and methods of Ethereum to ensure a high degree of security. Moreover, it also incorporates public key cryptography as well as elliptic key cryptography for advanced security.

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