Twitter Crypto Team Looks for a Senior Product Manager to Work on Cryptocurrency Projects

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Key Takeaways:

  • Twitter crypto team looks for a senior product manager to work on cryptocurrency projects.
  • The new hire should collaborate with the Bluesky team to shape Twitter’s decentralized social media future.
  • NFTs, DAOs, dapps, and other similar concepts should be familiar to the product manager.

For its Twitter Crypto team, social media platform Twitter is hiring a senior product manager.

According to the job description, the Senior PM should work with the product and engineering teams to see how cryptocurrency can help with specific goals and developments.

“At this time, our primary focus is on creators, namely creative monetization. We’ll be looking at NFTs and NFT tooling, membership tokens, DAOs, and more in this capacity!” reads the article.

The position requires the hire to collaborate with the Bluesky team to shape Twitter’s future as a decentralized social media platform.

“Inform new strategic initiatives in the blockchain and web3 space,” according to the job description.

The product manager’s job entails creating and maintaining roadmaps, as well as designing crypto-specific features and products.

Experience in product management, as well as knowledge of dapps, blockchain interoperability protocols, blockchain scaling protocols, P2P systems, byzantine fault-tolerant distributed systems, or web3 primitives, are all required for the position (like NFTs and DAOs).

They should stay on top of new crypto developments and serve as a domain expert for Twitter on all things crypto.

In November 2021, Twitter launched its crypto team. Tess Rinearson was named engineering director of the team to develop the “plan for the future of crypto at Twitter.” The social media behemoth recently added the Twitter Blue feature to iOS, allowing users to use their NFTs as display photos by connecting their crypto wallets.

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Chetna Prakash
Chetna Prakash

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