San Diego State University is Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

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Key Takeaways: 

  • SDSU has started accepting Bitcoin as donations.
  • The university has set up an endowment fund named, The Montezuma & Satoshi Cryptocurrency Endowment
  • Only 1% of the funds’ holding will be used each quarter. 
San Diego State University Is Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations
San Diego State University is Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

San Diego State University is now open to accepting donations in the form of Bitcoin. The school has started this on the recommendation of a bitcoin donor who convinced SDSU that it should accept donations in P2P money. However, the donor also suggested that it keep most of the donation and thus only 1% to be used in each quarter to explore future Bitcoin opportunities for the university. 

In October, a former undergraduate university student has donated 25,000 dollars worth BTC to encourage the school’s continued acceptance of peer to peer money. In addition, the university stated that The Campanile Foundation, an official-tax exempt auxiliary of SDSU dedicated to increasing the university’s private funding, has established an endowment fund, The Montezuma & Satoshi Cryptocurrency Endowment, to facilitate the coordination of the new donations vehicle. 

This endowment will only use 1% of its stock each quarter for various campus programs to “explore uses and discover how SDSU could interact with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin specifically”, according to David Fuhriman, the chief financial officer of The Campanile Foundation. 

The university has said that the donor has also asked to keep his donations in Bitcoin and not convert them into cash instantly to increase the value of the donation over the years. Fuhriman has further added, “if the value of bitcoin increases, then this endowment could last forever”, and they also think that this could be of good advantage for SDSU in the long run. 

The Associate Director of the Office of University Relations and Development (URAD) of the housing administration said, “The Donor envisions a future where donors and students understand the value and usefulness of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to support SDSU, including receiving and spending on campus.” SDSU is currently utilising cryptocurrency exchange Kraken for efforts related to Bitcoin. 

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