Quantra’s Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate Review

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The Internet turned everyone into a blogger, Crypto will turn everyone into a trader/investor. However, people jumping into crypto with no experience in trading faces a lot of problems. Trading is a skill, which you need to practice. Without trading skills, it is gambling, not trading. Hence, in this article, we’ll discuss Quantra‘s Crypto Trading Strategy (Intermediate) course, which will help you learn about crypto trading.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate course focuses on introducing cryptocurrency and related terminologies along with measurable strategies.
  • Furthermore, it provides an understanding of quantitative tactics and principles that you can apply to invest wisely.
  • The learning platform is easy to navigate and use.
  • It is an IDE-consolidated environment that aids in the practical application of the notion.
  • It is one of the courses in the Cryptocurrency Trading for Quants Learning Track on Quantra.

What is Quantra?

Quantra, a product of Quantinsti, was established in 2010. It’s a learning platform that offers 37 courses focused on algorithmic and quantitative trading. The courses range from basic to advanced level and are developed in collaboration with pioneering educators and industry practitioners. Apart from Quantra, Quantinsti also offers a training program called EPAT (Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading) available globally. You can apply for admission by sending your application online.

Moreover, Quantra also provides Financial Aid to deserving candidates from Singapore. Be sure to check out the syllabus and fee structure on Quantra.

Quantra: Quantitative trading

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Course Introduction

In this article, we will review the Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate course. But, first, let us walk through the syllabus and features of the platform.

Highlighted Topics:

  1. Introduction to cryptocurrencies.
  2. Strategy creation and testing
  3. Calendar Anomalies
  4. Ichimoku Cloud Strategy
  5. Divergence Strategy
  6. Risk Management wrt Intraday trading.
  7. Live trade strategies.

Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate: Structure

The course is divided into sections of Short Lectures videos, Information Documents, MCQs, Code snippets, and Jupyter Notebooks containing python codes. Furthermore, the course by Quantra is self-paced.


There are no prerequisites to enrol for this course from a theoretical perspective. However, we advise aspirants to have a basic knowledge of python and IDEs.

Learning Experience

The overall experience with the platform was seamless. The account dashboard consists of enrolled courses along with their completion status. 

Navigation is relatively easy and Quantra offers almost everything we expect from an e-learning platform.

Jupyter Notebook
Jupyter Notebook

Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate: Online Utilities 

Everything that they offer is accessible online. There is no need to download any IDE on a personal computer. The Jupyter notebook is assimilated with their platform so you can compile and run the codes without having to go through the trouble of setting things up.

Downloadable Documents and Codes

There are downloads available for the Jupyter Notebooks, which have the implemented codes of the concepts. Furthermore, Quantra provides instructional documents to assist in setting up the environment for Live Trading.

Video and Content Description 

The content is carefully curated to provide complete understanding. Furthermore, Quantra uses animation techniques to make things look more appealing and easy to comprehend. Every notebook has step by step walkthrough of the codes. 

There are different playback speed options. In addition, the video has two languages for the subtitles that is English and Spanish.

Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate: Interactive Learning

The course is highly interactive as MCQs are based on the topics at the end of each section. Also, Quantra provides problem statements for completing code snippets between the topics and a hands-on approach for coding.

Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate: Code-Based Problems
Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate: Code-based problems

Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate: Pricing

The intermediate course by Quantra comes at INR 6,300/- (This is a discounted price. It may vary in the future.)

Why should you learn Crypto Trading Strategies?

If you are interested in cryptocurrency and trading, you need to learn crypto trading strategies because it increases the chances of making successful trades based on quantitative insights. In addition, you will be predicting how cryptocurrency markets work and what things to factor in while trading.

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Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate: Pros and Cons

While there are mostly positive things about the course, there is still room for improvement.


  1. Easy to understand and intuitive platform.
  2. The navigation bar to jump between sections.
  3. Online integrated environment to run codes and see the result on the go.
  4. They have a community portal for connecting and sharing.
  5. Practical implementation of the concepts and downloadable files containing the same for further practice.


  1. A robot does the voice-over for the content.
  2. A guide to describe how and from what level to start the course would help the beginners. This is a course on a Learning track, and enrolling in all the lessons would not be feasible for everyone. 

Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate: Conclusion

The Crypto Trading Strategies Intermediate course by Quantra exists to introduce trading strategies to you and also implementing those strategies via python. They have had excellent reviews by their alumni and have grown substantially over the years. I would encourage you to try and check out the courses offered and maybe enrol for basic ones if you are a beginner or just opt for the one well suited for your expertise.

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