Quantra’s Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced Review

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Trading crypto without information is gambling, as more than 90% of the projects out there do not offer a solution or are scams. Hence, this is where online courses and venues for online education come in handy. For example, Quantra’s Crypto Trading Strategy (Advanced) course will help you learn about crypto trading, given that you’ve been through their intermediate course.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced course by Quantra is focused on analyzing the current cryptocurrency market trends.
  • In addition, it provides the perception of the quantitative strategies and concepts that can be used to invest reasonably. 
  • The learning platform is simple to use and navigate. 
  • It is an environment with IDE consolidation, which helps in the practical implementation of the concepts. 
  • You can download a copy of the codes to run on your IDE. Also, you can change the code as per your requirements. 
  • Quantra’s Cryptocurrency Trading for Quants Learning Track includes this course.

What is Quantra?

Quantra, a QuantInsti product, was founded in 2010. It’s an online learning platform with 37 courses in algorithmic and quantitative trading. The courses are designed in conjunction with leading academics and industry practitioners and span from beginner to advanced. QuantInsti, in addition to Quantra, offers a global training programme called EPAT (Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading).

You can apply for admission by submitting an online application. Furthermore, Quantra offers financial assistance to eligible individuals from Singapore.


Apart from EPAT, it also provides algorithmic Trading courses ranging from beginner to expert. However, you’ll have to complete the intermediate course before starting with this one, so if you have, great! If you haven’t, you should definitely enroll in the intermediate course.

Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced: Introduction

We’ll go over the Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced course in this article. Let’s start with a review of the platform’s syllabus and features.

Highlighted Topics

  1. Creation of long-only momentum strategy.
  2. Backtest pair trading.
  3. K-means clustering and Hurst exponent.
  4. Quantitative Strategy Framework.
  5. Application of the strategies learned in Live markets.  

Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced: Structure

Like its predecessor course, the structure of this course is similar to the previous one, as discussed in Quantra’s Crypto Trading Strategy Intermediate Review.

Short Lectures videos, MCQs, Code snippets, Information Documents, and Jupyter Notebooks containing python codes make up the course. Furthermore, it is a self-paced course.

Crypto Trading Strategies: Advanced
Crypto Trading Strategies: Advanced

Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced: Requirements

It is required for an applicant to go through the intermediate course of the same learning track before taking up this course. In addition, you are required to be familiar with python programming and working with IDEs.


The advanced course comes by paying INR 8,100/- (This is a discounted price. It may vary in the future.)

Learning Experience

Quantra has a simple interface and a smooth transition between topics. Furthermore, the navigation is quite convenient, and the dashboard’s overall design is optimum and pleasing.

Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced: Jupyter Notebook Snippet
Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced: Jupyter Notebook Snippet

Online Utilities

The course content is available online. In addition, the platform has an integrated IDE (Jupyter Notebook) to perform coding, visualization, and execution. Therefore, it is not essential to set up the environment on the local PC. 

Downloadable Documents and Codes

The codes and documentation is provided in downloadable format at the end of the course. Furthermore, Quantra offers setup and instruction guides to perform the code execution on the personal computer.

Video and Content Description 

The content has been carefully chosen to ensure complete comprehension. To make it more appealing and understandable, animation methods were applied. Every notebook includes a step-by-step guide to the coding.

There are several settings for playback speed. In addition, the video’s subtitles are available in two languages: English and Spanish.

Downloadable Code Templates
Downloadable code templates

Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced: Interactive Learning

Since the course focuses on MCQs on the subjects at the end of each segment, it is quite engaging. Between the topics and the hands-on approach to coding, there are also problem statements for completing code snippets.

Why should you learn Crypto Trading Strategies?

For anyone interested in Cryptocurrency trading, it is most important to know what the trends are and how to invest intelligently. However, to expand your investment portfolio correctly, you must make sure that your investments are strategy-based, not just on gut feeling. Hence, the crypto trading strategy advanced course by Quantra provides you with a very in-depth guide to learn about trading strategies.

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Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced: Pros and Cons

While there are mostly positive things about the course, there is still room for improvement.


  1. Easy to use platform.
  2. You can run codes and view the results on the move in an online integrated environment at Quantra.
  3. They provide a community site where people may interact and share information.
  4. You get a certificate on completing the course.
  5. Implementation of the principles in practise, as well as downloadable files containing the same for additional practise.


  1. The voice-over for the content is too robotic at Quantra.
  2. You need to complete another paid course before starting this one.
  3. Beginners might benefit from a handbook that explains how to begin the course and at what level. Moreover, this is a Learning track course, and not everyone will be able to complete all of the courses.

Crypto Trading Strategy Advanced: Conclusion

The Crypto Trading Strategies Advanced course is designed to hone your trading strategies, implement those strategies via python, and analyze the results to develop an efficient model. Quantra’s alumni have given them rave evaluations, and they have expanded significantly over the years. Therefore, I would recommend that you go through the courses available and enroll in the simple ones if you are a novice or choose the one most suited to your level of experience.

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