Cypherock X1 Review- A Wallet That You Must Have

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The Cypherock X1 is a cutting-edge digital asset storage solution created to meet the growing demands of cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the necessity for a secure and trustworthy storage alternative has become vital. The Cypherock X1 addresses this need by offering a highly secure and user-friendly hardware wallet. In this Cypherock X1 review, we will examine in depth at the Cypherock X1 wallet’s features, functionality, and security mechanisms, as well as evaluate its performance in securing your critical data.


  • Cypherock X1 is the world’s first hardware wallet that eliminates the need for seed phrase backups. It decentralizes private keys by cryptographically separating them into many portions, providing a secure method that eliminates the risk of paper or metal backups.
  • Cypherock X1 has a unique and effective design, consisting of one X1 Vault and four X1 Cards. The X1 Vault features a dual-chip design for offline computation and verification. It includes an OLED display and joystick, making it simple to verify and sign transactions offline. X1 Cards are NFC-enabled smartcards with EAL 6+ security features. They use the same secure hardware as your bank’s credit cards!
  • The Cypherock X1 vault is totally open source, and it has been securely audited by KeyLabs and WalletScrutiny. Keylabs is a security organization that has previously discovered flaws in the Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.
  • The CySync software allows you to store over 3000 coins and tokens while also tracking and managing portfolios.
  • Manage all of your crypto wallets with a single app. cySync allows you to track your whole cryptocurrency portfolio across all of your wallets. Manage all of your private keys and sign transactions with one app.
  • New Year Price Slash – Get Cypherock X1 @ 159 USD! 20% off without code.

What is Cypherock X1?

Cypherock X1 Review- A Wallet That You Must Have

Cypherock X1 is a hardware wallet designed to securely store and manage cryptocurrencies. It provides an offline storage solution, often referred to as “cold storage,” which can help protect digital assets from online hacking and theft. The device typically uses encryption and other security measures to safeguard the private keys associated with the stored cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, it may support a wide range of cryptocurrencies, providing flexibility for users with diverse investment portfolios.

Key Features

Cypherock X1 Review- A Wallet That You Must Have
  1. Eliminating the Need for Paper Backups: Cypherock X1 eliminates the need for paper backups, enhancing digital security in today’s world. This revolutionary solution not only protects your digital assets from physical damage or loss, but it also makes it easier to keep your seed phrases protected.
  2. Combining Open Source and High-Security Elements: Cypherock X1 combines open-source principles with strong hardware security. This dual approach ensures that the software is open to community examination and trust-building, while the hardware components provide bank-grade security, protecting your funds from both digital and physical threats.
  3. Cypherock Hardware Design: The Cypherock X1 wallet is designed to be both useful and visually appealing. Prioritizing user experience, the hardware is designed to be both sturdy and user-friendly, with an interface that appeals to both experienced cryptocurrency aficionados and newbies.
  4. Seed Phrase Protection: Cypherock offers breakthrough seed phrase protection. Decentralizing the storage of private keys considerably reduces the risk associated with traditional single-point storage solutions. This strategy not only secures valuables, but also provides peace of mind.
  5. Efficient Recovery Procedures for the Cypherock Wallet: The wallet has a quick recovery process, which ensures that you can always access your valuables. This method is intended to be simple, ensuring that your digital assets are secure and recoverable even if unanticipated situations arise.
  6. Introducing the Legacy Inheritance Feature: This functionality ensures that your digital money may be safely transferred, making Cypherock a wallet that not only protects your present but also your future.
  7. Streamlining Portfolio Management: Cypherock addresses the different needs of cryptocurrency users by streamlining portfolio management. This functionality enables effective management of various wallets and assets, reducing the complications.
  8. Pricing: Cypherock X1 wallet is priced at 159 USDT.

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Cypherock X1 Design and Built

Cypherock X1 Review

Cypherock X1 consists of five essential components: the main device, which has a tiny screen and joystick, as well as four companion plastic cards. It’s small, unobtrusive, and comes with a joystick for user control. It is one of the smallest devices on the market, alongside the Ledger Nano, Trezor, and BitBox02, which are currently the smallest.

However, Trezor and Ledger are too well-known, making them easily identifiable, whereas this device is highly discreet. The material is plastic, and it is only available in black. It weighs only 17 grams, making it extremely lightweight, and each of the four cards weighs approximately 5 grams, for a total weight of 37 grams.

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Security Measures

In the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrencies, digital asset security is critical. Cypherock X1, with its strong security measures, serves as a fortress against a variety of threats.

  1. Cypherock X1 prevents remote hacking by not storing seed phrases online or on widely accessible digital media. This method essentially eliminates remote attack routes, making it an extremely safe option for digital asset storage.
  2. The wallet is designed with numerous layers of physical security. Its strong construction and tamper-evident seals prevent unwanted physical access, ensuring that your assets remain secure even in the face of physical tampering attempts.
  3. Cypherock X1’s multi-location key storage technology mitigates the ‘5 Dollar Wrench’ assault, which compromises wallets by physical intimidation. By dispersing critical components, the danger of losing everything in a single event is drastically reduced.
  4. Cypherock X1 is meant to withstand side channel attacks like power analysis and electromagnetic leaks. Furthermore, secure supply chain management reduces the possibility of tampering during manufacture and distribution.
  5. Recognizing the need of independent verification, Cypherock has undergone a thorough audit by Keylabs. The findings support the wallet’s strong security architecture, giving users more confidence in their choice of Cypherock X1.

Setting Up and Initializing the Wallet

  1. The Cypherock X1 vault distinguishes out for its ergonomic design, which blends flair and functionality. The device’s user-friendly joystick allows for intuitive navigation, resulting in a smooth and delightful user experience.
  2. To begin the onboarding process, customers must install the cySync companion program on their PC and connect to the X1 vault. The cySync app guides users through the onboarding process, encouraging them to create a password for the app. Forgetting this password requires an app reset, but it will not jeopardize the users’ crypto holdings.
  3. To improve security, users can provide an email ID to enable email-based 2-factor authentication. After completing onboarding, consumers receive an email with the authenticity results of their Cypherock X1 straight from Cypherock’s server, decreasing reliance on the cySync app alone.
  4. Authentication and pairing of X1 cards with the vault is now a breeze—a simple tap on each card completes the setup.
  5. To transfer and receive cryptocurrency, you must first create wallets and add accounts, which you can accomplish by clicking the Generate New Wallet option on the X1 vault.
  6. Users can optionally set a PIN to protect this wallet, ensuring that if an unfavorable event happens and you lose two of your five components, your funds are still protected. This PIN encrypts the portion of your private key contained within each of the sections. Once established, the PIN cannot be altered; you must destroy the wallet and recreate it to change the PIN.

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Sending and Receiving Crypto

To accept cryptocurrency from your pals, simply retrieve the receive address from the cySync app and email it to your friend who will send you cryptocurrency. To validate the address displayed in the cySync app, simply connect your X1 vault and press any of the four X1 cards.

To send coins from your account to a friend, obtain the receiver’s address from your buddy and paste it into the cySync app. Depending on the coin, input the amount you wish to send. The cySync app and the X1 vault will display transaction data, including the amount and address you’re transmitting to, on their trusted displays, which you should verify; you should only clear sign the transaction.

Then, simply enter the wallet’s PIN and tap any of the four X1 cards below the X1 vault to sign the transaction; the cySync app will broadcast the signed transaction to the blockchain, and you’re done.

Cypherock X1 Pros and Cons

Audited and scrutinized by leading security firmsSmaller screen size compared to other hardware wallets.
EAL 6+ certified secure elementNot compatible with MetaMask yet
Fully open sourcecostlier than some of the other wallets
Seed phrases and private keys are decentralized.

Comparision with Ledger and Trezor Wallets

Cypherock X1 Review- A Wallet That You Must Have


In conclusion, the Cypherock X1 has proven to be a reliable and highly secure device for managing digital assets. The overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and feedback highlight the effectiveness of its hardware-based security modules and robust encryption. For those who value the security of their private keys and sensitive information, the Cypherock X1 provides peace of mind.

Moreover, the device’s compatibility with various cryptocurrencies has been praised by users, as it allows for convenient management of all digital assets in one place. This feature eliminates the need for multiple wallets, making the Cypherock X1 a practical choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cypherock X1 compatible with software wallets?

Yes, Cypherock X1 enhances software wallets by adding an extra layer of protection. It functions as a cold wallet, protecting your private keys and providing secure cryptocurrency storage while avoiding the risks commonly associated with software wallets.

What makes Cypherock X1 a unique hardware wallet in the crypto space?

The Cypherock X1 hardware wallet has unique features such as encrypted NFC-based cards, dual chip architecture, and Shamir Secret Sharing for private key management. These features are uncommon in standard crypto wallets, making Cypherock X1 a unique offering in the crypto world.

How does Cypherock X1 enhance the traditional concept of a cold wallet?

Cypherock X1 improves on the basic concept of a cold wallet by including additional features like as offline transaction verification and tamper-resistant passive cards. This not only ensures the safe storage of private keys, but also adds levels of security to transaction verification.

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