6 Best Free Crypto Portfolio Trackers

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Crypto Portfolio trackers were created as a solution to the time-consuming and confusing chore of providing a comprehensive overview of the assets you hold. They can display the total worth of your portfolio by integrating it with exchange accounts and crypto wallets. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best free crypto portfolio trackers and let you choose the best one depending on your need. Here’s a brief summary of the article ahead:

Name PriceData Import (API/CSV)AccessAlerts
CoinTrackingFree+Upgrade YesAndroid
AltradyFree+UpgradeYes(Bittrex, Poloniex)Android

1. CoinTracking

What is CoinTracking?

CoinTracking is your one-stop shop for crypto tracking in the most straightforward way imaginable. The automated software has over 870K users worldwide. CoinTracking automatically imports trades from 75+ crypto exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase, and successfully runs in over 100 countries. They offer both free and paid services, as well as a team of experts who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you with your issues. CoinTracking makes things easy for you by providing customizable coin reports, profit/loss audit reports, and telling you about realized and unrealized gains.


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  1. CoinTracking uses a unique way to sync all of your transactions automatically by connecting its online portal to your cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. As a result, the software produces real-time tax reports and keeps you informed about the value of your investments at all times.
  2. A sneak peek at the CoinTracking review shows an all-rounder when it comes to aiding traders with their coin tracking, from frequently checking your balances to tracking transactions, automatically producing capital gains, and flipping the odds in your favor.

Is Cointracking safe?

CoinTracking is one of the most comprehensive portfolio trackers. It first went online in 2013 and has never been hacked or compromised since. The information is kept safe on their servers, which offer complete data and API encryption, and two-factor authentication.

2. CoinLedger

6 Best Free Crypto Portfolio Trackers

What is CoinLedger?

CoinLedger is the highest rated crypto tax and portfolio tracker used by more than 500,000 cryptocurrency investors. You can connect all of your wallets and centralized exchanges and watch the platform automatically track your gains, losses, and transaction history across all of the crypto platforms you’ve used, no manual work required!

CoinLedger’s Crypto Portfolio Tracker is completely free to use. The platform’s user interface is incredibly intuitive and built around ease-of-use. You can see all of your crypto holdings across all of your wallets from a single dashboard. Additionally, you can use the platform to generate tax forms based on your countries tax rules once tax season roles around. 


  1. CoinLedger is extremely simple to use. The user interface allows any level of cryptocurrency investor to intuitively connect to their accounts to begin tracking their crypto portfolio completely for free
  2. In addition to portfolio tracking, CoinLedger has robust tax reporting features including auto tax form generation based on your country of residence, tax loss harvesting, cost basis tracking, and full transaction history import capabilities.

Is CoinLedger safe?

CoinLedger is headquartered in the US and backed by some of the largest venture capitalists in the world. All data sent to or from CoinLedger is encrypted in transit using 256 bit encryption. API and application endpoints are TLS/SSL only.

CoinLedger leverages the most cutting edge security features to keep your data safe. Today, over 500,000 crypto investors trust CoinLedger, and 1,000+ five star reviews can be seen here

2. Blockfolio

What is Blockfolio?

Blockfolio was launched in 2014, allowing users to track and manage their portfolios, solving a common challenge for cryptocurrency investors. Blockfolio will enable you to trade and track thousands of digital assets across hundreds of exchanges in one easy spot by connecting it to your preferred exchange. Blockfolio was bought for $150 million in August 2020 by FTX, a crypto derivatives exchange that competes with Binance and Coinbase. Since the purchase, the app has included no-cost retail trading functionality, allowing users to buy and trade cryptocurrencies without paying a charge.



  1. This crypto portfolio tracking tool is helpful in a variety of ways. The Blockfolio app functions as a tracker for a user’s cryptocurrency portfolio.
  2. The software allows you to keep track of the prices of any tokens you own and gives you advice on when to buy and sell them. To import trades from other cryptocurrency exchanges, use the import feature in the Blockfolio app.

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Is Blockfolio Safe?

Blockfolio does not request personal information from the user. Second, users must manually enter their trading information using the app’s add icon. The Blockfolio trading app allows you to enter your API keys and have all of your trades imported instantly without any human effort.

3. CoinStats

What is CoinStats?

CoinStats is an excellent alternative to Blockfolio and one of the most popular crypto portfolio tracking tools. CoinStats customers may sync their MetaMask, Ledger, or other Ethereum-compatible wallets directly with the portfolio tracker. Users may now keep track of all of their crypto in one spot.


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1. Insights 

You can use this function to determine how and where half a million of the app’s users hold a particular coin. The tool also displays the distribution of buy/sell transactions of a coin of interest over the previous 24 hours and its dominance in CoinStats portfolios. Unfortunately, this functionality is only available as part of the CoinStats PRO plan, which costs $3.49 per month.

2. Wallet Integration 

Almost every cryptocurrency tracker allows you to sync your app with your cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Still, CoinStats goes above and above by allowing you to connect with non-custodial wallets as well.

Is CoinStats safe?

CoinStats app has never been hacked and has been in operation for quite some time. We can allow CoinStats to conduct trades or withdrawals using the API keys. However, if adding additional possible security concerns to your crypto experience is not worth it for you, it’s typically advisable to use CoinStats to follow your portfolio rather than making transactions.

4. MetaTracker

What is MetaTracker? 

MetaTracker is a multifunctional crypto portfolio tracker that lets you track digital assets. A special feature of the service is integration with the popular MetaMask wallet. Thanks to this, MetaTracker automatically synchronizes data on balances, transactions, and positions directly from the user’s wallet. This makes the process of maintaining a crypto portfolio as convenient as possible. In addition to MetaMask, the service is also compatible with many other sources. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain protocols can be tracked on the platform.


  1. The service provides the ability to integrate with most major exchanges and crypto wallets, which allows you to automatically import data on assets and their current value, making portfolio tracking very convenient.
  2. MetaTracker provides useful reports and analytical tools, and there is a calculation of unrealized profit by portfolios. Additionally, for the basic functionality, an optimal free tariff includes all necessary functions.

Is MetaTracker safe?

The MetaTracker development team makes great efforts to ensure the reliable protection of user information. Modern methods of identification, including two-factor authentication, have been implemented on the site and in the account settings. This makes it difficult for unauthorized persons to access personal data.

It is also important that MetaTracker is not storage of cryptocurrencies themselves but only tracks their current value. Therefore, there will be no direct financial damage in case of a data leak.

4. Delta App

What is Delta?

Delta crypto app is a well-known app that has recently gained popularity. This program lets you keep track of all your transactions over time. Delta allows you to import your trades from exchanges manually or via an API. Users can connect up to two exchanges for free in the free version. If you wish to link an unlimited number of exchanges, you must upgrade to a Pro member. Thanks to recent improvements, Delta is also featured with a new CSV file import option on the desktop. This app also has a price alert feature that you may use for buying and selling.

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Delta App
Delta App


  1. You may also add unrecognized currencies, allowing you to keep track of ICOs as you invest. The graphs are updated based on transaction dates rather than the date the coins were put.
  2. In the free version, you can sync portfolios across up to two devices. If you want to sync to more devices, you can upgrade to a Pro membership, which allows you to sync up to 5 devices. Unlike the other portfolio trackers, Delta just required read-only permission for API keys.

Is Delta safe?

The Delta app does not collect users’ personal information. It also allows users to connect to their hardware wallets. This feature prevents the possibility of bitcoin being taken from the Delta app. However, when creating a new API key for the Delta app, make sure it’s of the ‘view only’. This private API key should not be used to conduct trades or withdrawals on your behalf.

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5. Altrady

What is Altrady?

Altrady is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to trade on numerous exchanges with only one account. The user-friendly interface displays real-time data on the significant cryptocurrency spot values. Any trading transactions are completed through an API link to your exchange accounts. Their feature-rich Android and iOS apps allow you to keep track of your portfolio and performance while staying in touch with like-minded investors on the road. It’s a free program that lets you enter your API keys for PoloniexKrakenOKExHuobi, and Bittrex to trade both automatically and manually.

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1. Smart Trading

It is designed to help investors maximize earnings and profits during rapid market movements. Other methods, such as a Trailing Stop Order, allow you to reduce risks while maintaining earnings.

2. Crypto Base Scanner

Crypto Base Scanner is a great tool that helps traders dramatically increase their profits by employing the QFL strategy. Crypto Base Scanner searches the market for potential entry points and alerts the user when it finds a profitable opportunity using the QFL technique.

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Is Altrady Safe?

Altrady uses API keys to link the exchange, which is a secure option. Users cannot withdraw money via API; instead, they may place orders.

6. Navexa

What is Navexa?

For individual investors, traders, and financial advisors, Navexa is a cloud-based portfolio tracking and analytics tool. The platform offers users a variety of tools to monitor news and market data, follow the performance of their investment portfolios, and provide in-depth reports and insights. While supporting international exchanges like those in the US, UK, and Canada, Navexa primarily targets the Australian market. Navexa is suitable for both inexperienced investors and more seasoned traders and advisors because it is easy to use and accessible.

6 Best Free Crypto Portfolio Trackers


1. Portfolio tracking

Navexa offers consumers real-time statistics and tracking of their portfolios, enabling them to keep track of their investments and manage their portfolios intelligently.

2.Tax reporting

By giving customers access to comprehensive tax information that can be used to create tax returns and keep track of capital gains, Navexa makes tax reporting simpler.

3.News and market information

Navexa provides a variety of news and market information sources, enabling users to stay current on the most recent news and market trends.

Is Navexa Safe?

Yes, Navexa is safe to use. Navexa employs a variety of measures to protect user data, some of which are:

Data encryption: Navexa uses the most recent encryption standards to encrypt all user data while it is in transit and at rest.

Secure servers: To prevent unauthorized access, Navexa uses secure servers housed in data centers with physical security measures.

Navexa supports two-factor authentication as an extra layer of security, requiring users to enter a code in addition to their password in order to access their accounts.

Best Free Crypto Portfolio Trackers: Conclusion

The best tools are required to create the best cryptocurrency portfolio. Look for a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that connects to all of your coins and exchanges. Always keep in mind that you should not invest more than you can’t afford to lose. We hope this article has provided you with some of the top options based on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any pricing associated with these crypto portfolio trackers?

The majority of cryptocurrency portfolio trackers are free, although several include premium features. Start with the essential or free trials to get an idea of what the paid version looks like.

  • In this context, how can I keep track of my cryptocurrency portfolio?
  • They offer a complete view of all of your assets and make it simple to keep track of your portfolio. Crypto trackers also interact with various wallets and exchanges to provide you with a total portfolio value.

  • Which Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Is the Best?
  • The following is a list of the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers:
    1. CoinStats
    2. BlockFolio 
    3. CoinTracking
    4. Altrady 
    5. Delta

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