Altrady review | A powerful alternative to Coinigy

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In this article, we will review Altrady, a software company based in The Netherlands providing a trading terminal to professional crypto traders.

Its flagship product is the Altrady cryptocurrency trading platform, a subscription-based software where users can trade and manage assets on multiple crypto exchanges using only a single screen.

We tried using the product by getting its pro plan to see if trader feedbacks are real — that Altrady simplifies cryptocurrency trading for its users. Here are some of the things we found out:

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Ease of Use: A Look at Altrady’s User-Friendly Trading Interface

Altrady’s trading interface is easy to use. 

We asked Altrady’s leading designer, Roman Ivanov, about their design process. He says,

“You know, we just follow this design principle: keep it simple. Since Benoist and I started building Crypto Base Scanner and Altrady, all we wanted was to make things easy and simple for traders. We already know how intimidating crypto trading can be. The least that we can do to make a beautiful contribution to this industry is by allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency trading through the introduction of simple and easy-to-use tools like the ones that you can find in the Altrady platform.” 

Roman Ivanov, Altrady’s leading designer

There seems to be a lot of truth in Roman’s statement because after successfully signing up for the Altrady software, we were immediately brought to a cool trading page that has a customizable layout with the following features: 

Multiple Exchange Trading 

Trading on different exchanges can be super easy with the help of Altrady’s multi-exchange trading terminal. You have to integrate your exchange account to Altrady to trade from different exchanges using only your Altrady app. Among the exchanges supported are Binance, Binance US, Binance Futures, Bittrex, BitMEX, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, Kraken, OKEx, Poloniex, Huobi, and HitBTC.

Altrady Trading Terminal
Altrady review: Trading terminal

Dark or Light Theme

The Altrady designers seem to be aware that traders have different personalities — some like to work on dark themes while others like to keep it bright. Altrady allows you to work on two different themes — dark or light, by simply adjusting your layout settings. Through this feature, you can have the design that you like depending on your mood for the day. 

Personalized Layouts & Moveable Widgets 

Another thing to love about the trading page is its customizability feature. You can create different layouts and save them accordingly. If you trade using different strategies, then you could perhaps prepare different layouts for each trading strategy. 

Easy Navigation 

Altrady’s trading page is extremely easy to navigate. Relevant information is grouped for traders to check the details they need to monitor markets, make their trades, and track their cryptocurrencies.

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Altrady Review: Multiple Market Tabs

A trading interface has to be designed efficiently to help day traders find profitable markets. With Altrady’s market tabs, you can easily select coin pairs, speedily open your favorite markets, and jump from one chart to another.

High-Definition Interactive Charting 

Visual presentation of details can have a significant impact on user performance. By having dynamically colored and visually clear charting information, it would be a lot easier for traders to understand market information. Altrady features interactive crypto charting to allow users to effectively interpret market movements by drawing patterns and spotting trends in a volatile crypto market.

Altrady Review: Charts
Altrady review: Charts

Efficient Asset Management: Altrady’s Automatic Portfolio Solutions

One of the difficulties being experienced by traders is asset management. When you trade different coins and invest in multiple cryptocurrencies across exchanges, it becomes challenging to get a correct picture of your assets’ entirety. Altrady resolves this problem by providing users with automatic portfolio tracking solutions that can help monitor your assets’ movement even when they are scattered in different places.

Portfolio Management

Break-Even Calculator

The Break-even calculator is a cool widget that is conveniently accessible on the trading page. You can use the Break-even calculator to assess whether you are losing or winning on a particular coin market. This widget works by automatically calculating your profit margin and break-even point, so you won’t have to use manual calculators or spreadsheets. Use the information presented in the break-even calculator to help you in deciding your future trading actions.

Altrady Review | A Powerful Alternative To Coinigy
Altrady review: Break-Even Calculator

Automatically Synced & Organized Portfolio Manager

If we compare the existing crypto portfolio management tools in the market right now, we can say that Altrady is giving a strong fight. Perhaps it is because of the developers’ trading background that allowed them to translate their trading experience and desires into useful technology. 

The Altrady portfolio manager offers an efficient solution to the asset tracking problems of those who trade in multiple exchanges. Once the exchange account has been integrated into Altrady, your portfolio manager will automatically reflect correct and updated information of all your assets on integrated exchange wallets. 

We must say that the Altrady Portfolio manager is genuinely commendable — it is a powerful tool that any trader would love to use not just for coin tracking but also for decision-making. Since it presents asset information in an organized way, it helps you know your coins’ distribution according to the currency and exchange location. 

Market Analysis and Trading Evaluation Made Easy: Altrady’s Automatic Analytics and Monitoring Tools 

Asked about his own experience with crypto trading, Benoist says,

“Markets are complicated — we know that. Honestly, I had experienced the challenges of not having the right tools for market analysis when I just started exploring the path of crypto buy and sell. I used to stare all day and all night on the movement of crypto charts hoping to find the right time and the right coin pair that would finally give me my profits. Trust me; I know how difficult it is to succeed in the complex crypto trading industry. This is exactly the reason why I started Altrady – to ease this complexity and make the industry more accessible to everyone.” 

Benoist Claassen, Founder at Altrady

Hearing this response from Benoist made us realize that Altrady wasn’t just built for the sake of business. There is an excellent driving force behind Altrady, which stems from the personal failures of its founder in the crypto trading arena. 

But has Altrady truly made crypto market monitoring and trading evaluation a lot easier? 

With thousands of cryptocurrency markets out there, a couple of indicators, and all the random news surrounding the crypto world, how can Altrady help us find the right coin markets to consider? 

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Crypto Base Scanner 

If software products were to be identified as family members, we could say that Crypto Base Scanner is the older sibling of Altrady. Benoist and Roman first started Crypto Base Scanner even before they released Altrady to the trading public. 

Although traders can subscribe to Crypto Base Scanner separately, pro plan users of Altrady can use the scanner for free as an inclusion in the package. 

This software has an excellent function of scanning markets and analyzing crypto bases against price histories. It uses unique algorithms to monitor thousands of crypto markets automatically. It utilizes a powerful technology to send immediate notifications when price levels have gone down a certain percentage from the base level. 

We have heard of a lot of good trader feedback on Crypto Base Scanner most especially those who are using the QFL or base strategy. This crypto market scanner allows them to find good points for entering a market to get consistent profits.

Altrady Review: Crypto Base Scanner And Quick Scanner
Altrady review: Crypto base scanner and Quick Scanner

Quick Scanner 

One of the unique tools that we love from Altrady is the Quick Scanner. We all know that whales can significantly disrupt crypto markets because they hold a huge percentage of certain coins. Their activities can immediately affect other traders’ chances of winning or losing the crypto trading game. 

Those who are subscribed to Altrady’s pro plan can use the Quick Scanner tool. Using this, you can be instantly notified when their algorithms trace a quick and big price drop in the market — a move that may be happening because of whale activities. Getting the information instantly as it happens can help you participate in the whale activity and possibly profit from it. 

Multiple Charts 

Although this feature is relatively new to the app, we can say that Altrady’s Multi Charts is among the best in the market. Chart displays are in high definition, and organization is also customizable. 

We love how we can see a lot of information all on one screen with this feature. We don’t need separate trading monitors when monitoring markets’ movement in our watchlist because the app already allows for it.

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Trade Analytics 

We’ve already talked to many crypto traders. Whenever we ask them about their trading performance, most would say that it’s okay — an answer that no one can accurately gauge. If we will ask you the same question, how would you respond? 

Altrady’s Trade Analytics help you find the right answer to this question — not for interviews or sharing with other people but for your own sake. It helps you evaluate your trading performance so that you can make the right decisions. Through this tool, you can get a historical understanding of all your trades and analyze trading performance in the past.

Altrady Trade Analytics
Altrady review: Trade Analytics

Real-Time Alerts 

Real-time alerts are crucial to a trader’s success in the crypto trading sphere. We don’t want alerts that come after minutes because that could compromise our winning rate. Surprisingly, Altrady’s crypto alerts are among the fastest in the market — they are accurate, reliable, and fast. 

Trading for Profit: Altrady’s Trading Solutions 

We subscribe to trading platforms for the ultimate reason of getting profits, right? Although there are a lot of software development companies that promise innovation and convenience, at the end of the day, we want to be successful in trading and get the maximum returns from our investments and win from our trades. 

Altrady has cool trading tools that help users get good profits from crypto trading: 

Trading Bot Integration 

Among the trading bots that can be integrated into Altrady are ApexTrader, Nefertiti, Zignaly, and CryptoPHP. Using these bots along with Altrady’s signals can help you experience super easy trading anytime. It gives you a chance to participate in markets even if you are doing other stuff. 

Different Trading Order Types 

Altrady’s trading terminal gives you different options for placing your orders, such as market order, limit order, stop-limit order, scaled ladder orders. These varied order types can help you react to different market conditions and follow whatever strategy you deem appropriate.

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Smart Trading Automation 

A new trading feature recently introduced by the Altrady team is their smart trading automation. Right now, it only includes trailing stop orders and take profit orders to help users implement advanced trading strategies. According to their roadmap, they still have more trading automation solutions being developed to benefit the trading community. Doesn’t that excite you? 

It seems that we have already discussed a lot of features of the Altrady crypto trading software. But what exactly is our favorite (or our favorites)? 

Honestly, picking favorites could be unfair and unreasonable because a trader will never be successful with just a few trading tools. But for this review’s sake, let us say that Altrady has, indeed, captured our hearts because of its simplicity and reliability. It has powerful signals and real-time alerts that give us relevant crypto information at the right time. The combination of its interface design, trading terminal, and portfolio technology proves to be extremely beneficial for those who want to be successful in trading.

Trading Strategies, Methods
Altrady review: trading strategies, methods

Altrady vs Other Crypto Trading Platforms

Altrady admits that they are not the pioneer in the crypto trading software industry. But who cares about that, anyway? Technology, after all, should go on like a wave and influence innovation from others.

It seems that the greatest rival of Altrady is Coinigy. Coinigy can be considered as a big brand – a Goliath in this case and Altrady would be your David. Although Altrady started small and has fewer subscribers, the Altrady software seems to be a powerhouse of trading tools.

Where Altrady wins over Coinigy is in the following aspects:

  • Layout Customizability
  • Automatic Position Tracker
  • Automatic Break-Even Calculator
  • Multiple Order Types
  • Trade Import from Exchanges
  • Notes Widget

We can’t say precisely which platform is the best because we all have our trading strategies and have unique trading needs. 

What Traders Need to Know: Frequently Asked Questions About Altrady

Question: Does Altrady have a mobile application?

Answer: Yes, Altrady has a mobile app that allows you to get cryptocurrency price alerts. You can use the mobile app to check your trades and monitor your portfolio.

Question: Is it safe to use Altrady?

Answer: Yes, Altrady uses sophisticated encryption technology to secure your account. Altrady does not have access to your funds.

Question: Does Altrady have trading fees?

Answer: No. Altrady does not get trading fees. The only amount you give to Altrady is the amount of your subscription plan.

Question: Does Altrady trade on my behalf?

Answer: No, trading orders are made by the user. You can place different order types on the Altrady trading terminal – market order, limit order, stop-limit order, scaled ladder, trailing stop, and take profit.

Question: Does Altrady get commissions on trades?

Answer: No, Altrady does not get any commission from your profits. Altrady receives only your subscription fee.

Question: Can I use Altrady for many exchanges?

Answer: Yes. Connect your exchange accounts to Altrady for easy and convenient trading. Supported exchanges are Binance, Binance US, Binance Futures, Bittrex, BitMEX, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, Kraken, OKEx, Poloniex, Huobi, and HitBTC.

Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?

The choice of your plan should depend on what you need. If you are merely interested in their powerful signals, then settle for the lowest subscription amount of €12.95 monthly. This includes signals to the supported trading bots. If you want to take advantage of advanced features like signals, portfolio manager, multi-exchange trading terminal, mobile app, and positions, then you could go for the Trading Plan at €19.95 monthly. But if you want to get all the cool features of the Altrady app, we would highly recommend the Advanced Plan at €29.95 monthly. This includes all Trading Plan features plus trading analytics, base scanner, quick scanner, and developer API.

Try Altrady and get 40% discount (annual plan) and 10% (monthly plan) using coupon code COINMONKS

In Summary: All the Trading Features that You Might Also Love from Altrady

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Multiple Exchange Trading 
  • Dark or Light Theme
  • Personalized Layouts & Moveable Widgets 
  • Easy Navigation 
  • Multiple Market Tabs
  • High-Definition Interactive Charting 

Asset Tracking Solutions:

  • Break-Even Calculator
  • Automatic Portfolio Manager

Market Monitoring & Trading Evaluation Made Easy:

  • Crypto Base Scanner 
  • Quick Scanner
  • Multiple Charts
  • Trade Analytics
  • Real-Time Alerts

Trading Solutions:

  • Bot Integration
  • Different Order Types
  • Smart Trading Automation
  • Multi-Exchange Trading Terminal 

The Altrady crypto trading platform is indeed a useful innovation that can help thousands, if not millions of traders worldwide. Although far from being perfect, we can say that subscribing to this app would be a good investment as a crypto trader. 

We just hope to enhance their mobile application to allow for crypto trading on multiple exchanges by just using a smartphone. We believe that’s already in their roadmap, but it would be awesome if they can speed up the development for the Altrady trading community’s sake. 

You can try Altrady for yourself and see if you will also like the app. They have a free trial subscription for 14 days. Don’t worry. They promise never to get your credit card details during the trial period without risk or obligation from you. 

But then, we doubt if you’ll end the trial without liking it. Try using it for a few days, and you might discover another friend on your trading journey. Click here for your free trial. 

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