Geco.One Review : Is it Safe and Legit?

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Investing in digital assets can be difficult due to high volatility and new projects coming out every other day. In this Geco.One review, we’ll talk about the margin trading feature on the Geco.One exchange and will also discuss the pros and cons of the platform.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Geco.One enables users to invest in the crypto market securely.
  • It is a multistage crypto exchange platform that renders the facility of PAMM accounts.
  • You can take advantage of Geco.One affiliate program and get up to 20% discount on the trading fees.
  • It offers five order types: fast transaction, stop, limit, market, and OCO.
  • The platform adopts Ethereum Blockchain and ERC-20 token protocols standards to build a utility GEC token.
  • Geco.One is based on SSL encryption and keeps your data safe and secure.

What is Geco.One?

Geco.One is a trading platform that is licensed in Estonia and began its work in 2018. It allows the users to trade in several digital currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and many others, from a single Geco.One account. In addition, it has a unique feature called a PAMM account, which allows you to invest using the knowledge and skills of experienced traders. Review : Is It Safe And Legit?

Geco.One Review: Products


Be part of the world’s top cryptocurrency buying and selling platform by joining Geco.One. They are the number one margin and most advanced crypto buying and selling platform for Bitcoin holders in the international market. If you’re searching for precision and security, select Geco.One. Moreover, the platform is capable of maintaining its status by way of retaining its core values:

  • Superfast order processing: The platform can process around 50,000 orders every second due to the most exemplary transaction engine.
  • Risk control: You are delivered protection with complete chance manipulation, including the option to set a prevent-loss or take-earnings before or after the order is placed.
  • Top-stage liquidity: Get the trades you need with minimum slippage via our network of liquidity carriers.

Geco.One Review: Order Types

Geco.One offers its users the below five different order types to make their experience extraordinary.

  • Fast Transactions
  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
  • Stop Order
  • OCO

Geco.One Review: PAMM

The PAMM provider brings buyers and traders underneath the same roof with mutually beneficial deals. This specific buying and selling gadget has been utilized successfully for years inside the FOREX market, and now Geco.One is introducing it to the crypto markets. Furthermore, a PAMM account allows you to share within the earnings of successful investors without actually having to trade yourself. Instead, you can invest your bitcoin within the money owed of skilled traders and obtain a slice of their profits as a reward.

Geco.One Review: Fee Structure

You can incur two kinds of charges while buying and selling at Geco.One. The Trade Fee and Overnight Financing. In addition, you can discover targeted facts regarding expenses. 

  • Trade Fee: You will have to pay Trade Fee any time a function is opened or closed, which is 0.04% for Cryptocurrencies.
  • Overnight Financing: It is identical for all instruments and is charged at 0.01%. 

How to Trade with Geco.One?

Follow the below steps to get started with Geco.One:

  • You can open your account on Geco.One in just 30 seconds. 
  • Now, you need to transfer bitcoins to your Geco.One wallet, which BitGo secures.
  • Further, go long or short and set your stop loss on any available instrument. 
  • Now, wait until your position reaches the price level desired by you, and then close it. Review : Is It Safe And Legit?
Trade with Geco.One

How can you Deposit Funds on Geco.One?

  • First, navigate to your Dashboard. Then, if you like to send bitcoin to your Geco.One account from a personal wallet, you can scan the QR code or use the copy address button.
  • Now paste the address over to your wallet app from which you are sending your bitcoin.
  • Then, follow the instructions in your wallet and deposit the amount you require.
  • Alternatively, in your Dashboard, you will also find a 3rd party deposit widget from ‘‘ as it allows you to buy BTC with a credit or debit card connected to your Geco.One wallet.

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Geco.One Review: Margin Trading

Geco.One’s margin trading allows maximizing your potential earnings by using leverage. Geco.One lets you turn a $1 risk right into a $100 position using 100x leverage. This also frees up capital to trade in different markets at the same time. However, it would help if you remember that with improved leverage comes the danger of liquidation. So it is recommended that beginners trade cautiously on leverage and use a proper stop loss. Review: Margin Trading
Geco.One Review: Margin Trading

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Geco.One Review: Gec Token 

Gecoin, also known as GEC, is a utility token built using the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol. It is a vital part of the Geco.One ecosystem. Furthermore, the platform offers competitive trading fees, but with GEC, the users can lower their price to just 0.032%, which is almost a 20% reduction. In addition, GEC is a deflationary token and allows users to access PAMM services. Furthermore, you can earn up to 8% on staking your GEC tokens.

Gec Token
Gec Token

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Affiliate Program

Geco.One Affiliate Program offers you lifetime fee payouts. It allows you to build a repeatable business without initial investments with a 1 level referral system as soon as new customers register on Geco.One. Once the customer starts trading and pays the trading fees, you receive up to 20% of all trading fees. Moreover, you can grow your referral network and reach a wider audience by:

  • Sharing your referral link with others on social media platforms.
  • You can make a youtube video and provide a review of Geco.One.
  • You can also post a blog about Geco.One platform.

Is Geco.One Safe?

The platform employs multiple security features to ensure the maximum safety of your bitcoins. All the communication on the forum uses SSL encryption. Moreover, 98% of the customer funds are stored offline, and BitGo also secures the wallets. The data is also divided with redundancy and encrypted by using AES-256. You can also enable 2FA from the Dashboard on your account to maintain your account’s additional security. Security
Geco.One Security

Geco.One Review: Pros and Cons

No KYC is required to begin trading at Geco.One.There is no API connection available
Helps users analyze the failures and success history of traders.No currency other than Bitcoin is supported.
You can stop investment anytime.Mobile applications are not available.
GEC staking can provide you up to 8% APY.
Geco.One Pros and Cons

Geco.One Review: Conclusion 

Everybody ought to have the chance to put resources into the most secure way that could be available, particularly in a dubious market like the crypto market. 

Geco.One is a platform that empowers you to securely trade on leverage while implementing stop-loss. Its lead administration, called the PAMM account, permits you to put resources into cryptographic money matches by entrusting your assets to professional merchants. Furthermore, you can stake the GEC tokens to earn an annual interest of up to 8%.

Frequently asked Questions

How can I secure my Geco.One account?

To secure your account, you can set a unique password. Moreover, you can also enable 2FA to ensure better security.

What are order types available?

There are five order types available on Geco.One platform like Quick Transaction, Limit, Market, Stop, and OCO.

Can I use any other currencies on my account?

Unfortunately, you cannot use any currencies other than Bitcoin (BTC). This is because all the transactions and synthetic instruments depend on Bitcoin (BTC).

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