QuikNode Review — Fast, Reliable Bitcoin and Ethereum Nodes

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To build applications on Blockchains such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, you need to have a running Node to access the blockchain. But these nodes are difficult to manage and require a dedicated device and resources. In this article, we will review QuikNode, a node-as-a-service provider.


  • Support Bitcoin and Ethereum Nodes
  • Best pricing when you scale
  • Additional Dedicated Nodes
  • Powerful and reliable service

What is QuikNode?

If you are a developer, running a node is always a pain. You need a dedicated device and maintain it. This required extra skills and time. Besides security is always a big concern but QuikNode solves these problems.

QuikNode is a node-as-a-service provider currently providing Etheruem and Bitcoin. The service is around since 2017, and with QuikNode, you get fully managed Ethereum and Bitcoin node service.

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Easy Onboarding

To get a start with QuikNode, you need to sign up and get your free Node URL to connect your node. It gives the best onboarding experience for new developers.

Besides, the team has added a lot of get-started guides to build multiple different applications using Ethereum

Powerful and Reliable

QuikNode team has more than 25 years of combined experience in running infrastructure. That’s why the team has built one of the most powerful and reliable web3 infrastructures.

To improve the latency, QuikNode deployed its nodes in 8 different zones. Also, you can run dedicated Ethereum and Bitcoin nodes using QuikNode.

QuikNode supports all the Testnets and Mainnet for Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Nodes

QuikNode recently started to support Bitcoin nodes. It is best for developers who want to build applications on Bitcoin.

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QuikNode has a freemium plan for new developers, where it 500 requests/day. However, Infura provides 100K req/day for free.

However, QuikNode’s pricing is better than Infura when it comes to scaling your application. It provides more than 2 Million/day for $200/month, where Infura provides 1 Million/day for $225/mo. 

Trusted by Top Companies

The best companies trust QuikNode, such as Loopring, Daostack, Hydrogen, etc. The company has been around since 2017 and worked with most of the industry leaders, created educational content, and helped a lot of developers through hackathons. 

Let us know what you think about our QuikNode review in the comment section.

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