Top Bitcoin Node Providers

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Bitcoin is not just a cryptocurrency; it’s a protocol and a network. There are more than 10,000 Bitcoin nodes currently empowering Bitcoin’s decentralized peer-to-peer network.

What is a Bitcoin node?

A node is a machine running a version of the Bitcoin client. A Bitcoin client is an implementation of Bitcoin white paper.

Top Bitcoin Node Providers

Bitcoin Core requires a one-time download of about 210GB of data plus a further 5–10GB per month. You need a dedicated device for this purpose, that why many companies are providing Bitcoin node solutions.

Note: Node and Full node used intermittently throughout the article.

Bitcoin Node Hardware Solutions

Many companies provide hardware devices using that you can run a secure and private node anywhere, anytime. The main benefit of using a hardware device is that you are always in control of your node.

Casa Node 

Casa provides different membership plans, which include Casa node, hardware wallet, key-management solutions, and other applications. You can run BTCPay Server and other applications using the Casa node. Your Bitcoin full node lets you earn satoshis (sats) weekly just for running a healthy casa node and supporting the network.

Starting Price — $399


  • Keymaster with Basic Multisig and Mobile Key on iOS and Android 
  • The latest version Casa Node upon annual renewal 
  • Sats App to use your Casa Node from anywhere 
  • One hardware wallet 
  • Casa Faraday Bag
  • Expert email support and constant software updates
Top Bitcoin Node Providers

RaspiBlitz by Fulmo

RaspiBlitz provides a DIY (Do it yourself) Bitcoin Lightning Node. The RaspiBlitz is a fully operating Bitcoin and Lightning Network node. It has its own customized open-source operating system, developed by the Christian Rotzoll

Starting price — $185 


  • BTC Lightning full node with responsive screen
  • Fully synched blockchain and easy to use
  • Raspberry Pi4 + SSD
  • Pre-installed operating system and user interface
  • Earn fees (paid in BTC) by routing payments
Top Bitcoin Node Providers


Nodl provides hardware devices to run a Bitcoin full node. One of their premium solution “Nodl Dojo” is a fast and powerful device, focused on privacy. It can run coin-mixers and pair with your Samourai Wallet. The company is also working on providing a hosted cloud solution. 

Starting price — $499


  • RAM: 4GB dual-channel LPDDR4
  • Storage- 16 GB eMMC (boot) + 1 TB SSD
  • Pre-Installed — bitcoin-core, BTCPay Server, ElectrumX, Dojo Server, Whirlpool CLI
Top Bitcoin Node Providers


myNode provides a device and supporting software to run a Bitcoin or Lighting node. Other than that, myNode also provides various built-in features like Tor, VPN, Wallet, explorer, etc.. that can pretty useful for running a full node. 

You can also download myNode community edition from Github, using that you can run a full node on your computer. It will provide you all the additional features in one go. 

Starting price — $219


  • Full Node & CLI
  • Lightning Wallet 
  • Simple UI Web Interface
  • Tor and VPN
  • Bitcoin Explorer 
  • Electrum Server 
  • Ride the Lightning (Lightning Wallet) 
  • lndmanage (Lightning Utility) 
  • QuickSync (Quickly sync Bitcoin blockchain)
  • LND Connect (Wallet QR Codes)
  • LN Channel Backup 
Top Bitcoin Node Providers


LuxNode runs Ubuntu with Bitcoin and Lightning Network, BTCPay Server, Ride the Lightning, and Tor pre-installed. These softwares come pre-installed but can configure them. 

Starting price — $399


  • RAM: 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L 1.35V
  • Storage: 1 TB SSD
  • Pre-Installed — Ubuntu, Bitcoin core, Lightning Network Daemon, BTCPay Server, Ride-The-Lightning, TOR
Top Bitcoin Node Providers


BitBoxBase is a Bitcoin hardware node products create by Shift Cryptosecurity. BitBox enhances your financial privacy when combined with BitBox (A hardware wallet) and BitBoxApp.

BitBox helps you control your financial sovereignty and it also supports other altcoins. 

Price — $149


  • Easy backup and restore on microSD
  • OLED display and invisible touch sensors
  • Protected using a secure chip
  • USB-C & A compatible, cable included
  • U2F support
Top Bitcoin Node Providers

Lightning In A Box

Lightninginabox provides hardware devices using that you can run a Lighting or Bitcoin full node. LightningInABox also provides BTCPayServer with its node. BTCPay Server is an open-source solution to accept Bitcoin payments.


  • Raspberry Pi Model 4B 2GB
  • 32GB SD Card & 1TB Hard Drive & 3.5″ LCD
Top Bitcoin Node Providers

Hosted Solutions

Hosted node providers manage your Bitcoin full node for you. This type of solution is best suited for developers trying to build applications using Bitcoin.


QuikNode is a leading Ethereum node provider that recently started added Bitcoin into its platform. QuikNode’s fully-managed Bitcoin nodes help you to focus on building applications. Also, read our Quiknode review.

Price — $150/month


  • Fully managed Bitcoin node
  • Premium support

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