IdoWallet is Set to Integrate with Other Blockchains as Public Sale Goes Live

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Idowall team are delighted to announce a tremendous update on IdoWallet, a Cardano based wallet that has successfully tested on Cardano API. IdoWallet will enable users to buy/trade Cardano tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

This is the last opportunity where you can buy WALL tokens before listing on exchanges next month.

Features of IdoWallet

IdoWallet will be the most user-friendly wallet for both newbies and professionals, such that it serves as an essential crypto guide into the world of cryptocurrency for entry beginners. Below are some of the features of IdoWallet:

1. Staking and Liquidity: With IdoWallet, you can stake and provide liquidity which will serve as a passive income to our users.

2. User-friendly and Faster Transactions: One of the features of the IdoWallet is that the IdoWallet application poses user-friendly and faster Cardano transactions.

3. Buying/Selling of Other Cryptocurrencies: IdoWallet allows you to be able to buy/sell not only Cardano tokens but also other cryptocurrencies

4. Low Transaction Fees: The IdoWallet offers low transaction fees compared to other cryptocurrency wallets present in the crypto space. The transaction fee will be paid in $WALL

5. Allows Instant Transactions Across Geographies: IdoWallet provides seamless and instant exchange and transfer services. This indicates that users can transfer their crypto without any time delay associated.

Furthermore, IdoWallet is a wallet that executes trading top Cardano tokens. Therefore, it is simple to use, and no sign up is required to make trading easy and possible for everyone.

Above all, the wallet offers low-cost fees, trading on the wallet is relatively fast, and users can quickly buy and sell orders.

How to Purchase WALL Token?

WALL Public Sale Round is Ongoing!! This is the final stage before listing on exchanges with a benchmark of two (2) dollars.

Public Sale Details:

  • Token Allocation – 1,000,000 (10%)
  • Token Sale Price – 1 ADA = 6.67 WALL
  • Minimum Buy – 100 ADA
  • Maximum Buy – 20,000 ADA

IDOWALL Official Links:

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