Google now displays the balances of Ethereum wallets

Key Takeaways:

  • The information regarding Ethereum addresses is now directly provided by Google when they are searched for.
  • The ETH balance of an Ethereum address that has been pasted into the Google search box is shown.

The search engine of Google Inc. is now displaying information about Ethereum addresses. Users can use Ethereum wallet addresses to track their Ether balances immediately on the search engine according to the company’s most recent cryptocurrency functionality.

The new function is accessible through the Ethereum blockchain information website Etherscan, a block explorer.

Google Now Displays The Balances Of Ethereum Wallets

The functionality was officially unveiled by Google Ventures investor Han Hua via his Twitter account. Through the Ethereum block explorer Etherscan, the statistics are being gathered.

As of right now, it seems that this solely applies to Ethereum addresses and not, for instance, Bitcoin addresses. Recently, Google has begun to offer more bitcoin interactions. Google presented a countdown to The Merge, Ethereum’s most recent transition to proof of stake, which featured two pandas moving closely together.

However, the absence of bitcoin from the most recent Google update has the cryptocurrency world somewhat miffed.

Some users are also concerned about the safety of their privacy, claiming the recent change has rendered everyone practically “naked

Anyone can discover how much Ethereum is stored in a wallet and which network transactions and services its owner has engaged in with the correct tools.

The cryptocurrency market is growing at a rapid rate, and the major market participants are finding it difficult to pass up the chance. Google has also made the decision to enter the Web3 market in order to benefit from the industry’s expanding customer base.

Google announced its intentions to establish a team dedicated to blockchain technology in January of this year. Three months following the announcement, it was disclosed that the Google cloud unit had formed a team to work on connected projects and digital assets.

A new long-term strategic relationship between Google Cloud and Coinbase was just made public in order to better serve the Web3 ecosystem and its developers. Through this new arrangement, a limited number of Google cloud users will be able to pay for cloud services with virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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