Fired Florida Deputy Extorts Nude Man over Crypto Deal Gone Wrong

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Cryptocurrencies are having a playful time in the limelight, thanks to the volatile price of Bitcoin, as the market fluctuates drastically daily.

According to a recently released sheriff’s report, a Florida corrections deputy allegedly held a naked man at gunpoint, recorded him for hours, forced him to sign a $30,000 contract, and threatened to send damning video to his family and church.

Fired Florida Deputy Extorts Nude Man Over Crypto Deal Gone Wrong
Fired Florida Deputy Extorts Nude Man over Crypto Deal Gone Wrong

According to investigators, the alleged event occurred in November when a 34-year-old male met up with a 19-year-old woman at a rented home in Orlando. However, deputy Amony Robillard came from behind a curtain when the man exited the shower, pointed two semi-automatic pistols at him, and held him captive for nearly three hours, according to the 54-page report.

The woman welcomed the victim inside a dark room with two beds after greeting him at the house’s front door.

Amony Robillard, a Brevard County Sheriff’s jail officer, stepped from behind the curtains and brandished two firearms at the victim as the two were about to get personal.

According to the allegation, videos on Robillard’s personal phone showed him pointing a revolver at the man while sitting naked on the bed. In addition, Robillard allegedly threatened the man’s life several times, according to authorities.

“At one point, Amony tells (the man) that he plans on killing him, cutting up his body, putting it in a garbage bag, and throwing it in the ocean for the sharks to eat,” the report said.

The woman was detained last month and has pleaded not guilty to accusations of armed robbery and extortion conspiracy.

Robillard urged the victim to sip a “towo” male enhancement drink and eat a “maggii” bouillon cube before filming him while laying five condoms in front of him.

After the victim advised Robillard to invest $2,000 in a cryptocurrency startup that “tanked,” Robillard threatened to show the world he was paying prostitutes for sex unless the victim paid him back.

Robillard’s mobile phone videos show him repeatedly flashing a gun at the victim and threatening his life while he sat naked on the bed.

Amony Robillard, 30, was fired by Sheriff Wayne Ivey after being arrested on Nov. 27 for robbery with a firearm, extortion with a weapon, and false imprisonment with a weapon.

In writing, Robillard has submitted a not guilty plea and is being held without bond. Phillip Arroyo, his lawyer, told Florida Today that he does not comment on ongoing matters.

Robillard, a member of the Army National Guard, began working for BCSO in 2020.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey remarked in a news release at the time of Robillard’s arrest, “I am disgusted by the alleged activities of this guy that have resulted in his arrest.”

This isn’t the first time a bizarre crypto tale has surfaced. Have you ever tossed something away just to find afterwards that you needed it? Why don’t you toss away $24.5 million? Indeed, one gentleman did. Once A man who was moving wanted to get rid of a hard drive that he thought contained movies and games. He had no idea that he had just thrown away 1400 Bitcoin from the hard drive.

Another time Mr Laszlo Hanyecz executed what is thought to be one of the first “real world” Bitcoin transactions, agreeing to pay someone in the United Kingdom 10,000 Bitcoin in exchange for a pizza order. Apparently, the individual spent $25 for a pizza at his neighbourhood pizzeria but now owns $175 million in Bitcoins.

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