Crypto Exchange and Trading bot Provider ‘Pionex’ Attacked

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Key Takeaways: 

  • Earlier today, Wu Blockchain posted that Pionex had been attacked.
  • The crypto exchange platform has ceased the deposit and withdrawal process for now. 
  • The maintenance and upgrade of the wallet functions are ongoing. 

News of crypto scams and rug pulls have been a familiar sight for quite some time now. But, unfortunately, a similar incident has been reported today. On March 6, Wu Blockchain posted that Pionex had been attacked on Twitter. 

There has been an update on the official website of Pionex regarding the same. In an announcement named “03/06/2022 Temporary maintenance of wallet function”, the team has mentioned the suspension of deposit and withdrawal services as they are updating the wallet functions after the attack. 

There’s have been a buzz among crypto enthusiasts regarding trading bots since their inception. Trading bots automate the trading process and thus make it a lot more efficient. Pionex is a common name in this field. It has earned expertise in grid trading and trading bots. Users prefer this cryptocurrency exchange platform as it also offers training bots that are unique in nature at no extra cost. 

Sources have informed Wu Blockchain regarding the attack that the officials have said that they have already compensated for all lost clients. The deposit and withdrawal services will also be resumed immediately after completing the update and maintenance procedure of the wallet functions. 

One user has commented to Wu Blockchain’s tweet saying that this is another ‘inside job’ and has referred to this attack as stealing. However, more information regarding the incident is yet to be released by Pionex. 

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