Is Jacked Ape Club a Scam? || NFT Sale Funds Distributed to 12 Addresses

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On 11th Feb 2022, a Twitter user named fauxcondor.eth Threads said that Jacked Ape Club a “project” of 8888 NFTs with 7000+ whitelist slots (80% of the supply: first red flag) hired “influencers” from the space like Helloimmorgan and outside too like BradleyMartyn (red flag). A project should be interested in its art/devs/roadmap, not fame.

According to his further Threads Jacked Ape Club have 64k on Twitter, only 2500/7000 of the WL minted, now public sale is open for 8+ hours and mint are stuck at 3100 units, mint price is 0.15Ξ and floor price is already below that at 0.13Ξ (red flag) that before reveal and sold out seem farfetched (fortunately).

His further Thread stated In January I told Helloimmorgan that promoting Jacked Ape Club or squiggles was not cool for her followers and really bad for the space, she told me it was not a rug, that she was not paid (lol). Few minutes after I discovered she was part Jacked Ape Club team.

On 12th Feb 2022, his Threads further said another day another lie. Jacked Ape Club claims they sold out their 8888 NFTs (SPOILER: not true). They sold around 2500 in the presale of their 7000 WL slots + 700 in public sale, a total of 3200 sold. They burnt 5700 NFTs, this is not how a “sold out” works.

He further said that it’s sad to say but Helloimmorgan with almost 90k followers thought it was funny, she knows where the team live (she claims to be friend with them) and she is sure it is not a scam, lol. They only manage to sell 35% of the supply even they gave out 7000 WL slots on 8888 NFTs (fortunately). That is still around 500Ξ that they got for free it’s 1.5M$ = 1.500.000 $

Today, he again updated people about it through his Threads. According to his threads, there was 8888 NFTs collection, 3200 were sold. The team paid “influencers” to shill and claim “sold out” but burn the remaining supply. Mint was 0.15Ξ, Floor is now 0.03 and falling. Discord is now paused people got rekt and 470Ξ (1.4M$) distributed to 13 wallets.

The image below shows that there are 13 wallets and each of them has received eth. The wallets belong to the influencers and the co-founder of the Jacked Ape Club. According to fauxcondor.eth Threads there is now 0.2Ξ (570$) left on contract from the initial 1.5M$. 470Ξ transfer to 13 wallets hash link.

Is Jacked Ape Club A Scam? || Nft Sale Funds Distributed To 12 Addresses

The Jacked Ape Club recently Tweeted about it and said this whole entire situation has nothing to do with Bradley Martyn. All we did was remove two members from the team. Further, their Threads said that the reasoning for removing the Mitchell and Orange is they told us they wouldn’t work without any further payments, which isn’t an issue, we simply removed them to bring on new people to keep things going and now this is getting blown WAY out of proportion. AGAIN THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BRADLEY MARTYN PERSONALLY, It was a decision between the founders and he is not involved.

Bradley Martyn replied and said that is steve will do its car. And it’s a joke. Swipe the photos lmao. They brought me on as a brand advisor. Not a founder. I am not..nor was I involved in their decisions with anyone else involved in the project, from what I was told there were disagreements with $.

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