Hackers Are Allegedly Stealing Crypto from AT&T Emails

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Key takeaways:

  • In order to access the victims’ cryptocurrency exchange accounts, hackers have found a technique to hack AT&T email accounts.
  • For resetting passwords on crypto exchange accounts, the hackers have created “mail keys.”

According to TechCrunch, hackers are accessing accounts of people with AT&T email addresses and utilising that access to get into the victims’ cryptocurrency exchange accounts and steal their cryptocurrency. 

An unnamed source was cited as saying that they are able to accomplish this because they have access to a portion of AT&T’s internal network, which enables them to generate mail keys for any user. “Anyone with an att.net, sbcglobal.net, bellsouth.net, or other AT&T email address can have their email addresses hacked into by this group,” according to the website.

According to an unnamed source, a hacker organisation with access to AT&T’s internal network has stolen up to $20 million in cryptocurrency from users’ wallets.

The attackers can reset passwords for more lucrative services like cryptocurrency exchanges after logging into the target’s account using an email programme and the victim’s mail key. Following that, the hackers can reset the victim’s Coinbase or Gemini account password via email.

Jim Kimberly, an AT&T official, revealed  that the company did discover someone generating secure mail keys without authorization, lending validity to the story. To stop this conduct, “we’ve updated our security measures, Kimberly stated”. The spokesperson added, “As a precaution, we also proactive required a password reset on some email accounts.”

Additionally, AT& acknowledged that the business had discovered the unauthorised creation of secure mail keys, which in some circumstances can be utilised to gain access to an email account without a password.

The company has improved its security measures to stop such conduct, but as a precaution, the representative added, it has also proactively mandated a password change on select email accounts, compelling the account holders to do so.

The organisation did not specify how many customers were impacted by this issue, however it did state that some email accounts had been locked out of caution.

Users of cryptocurrencies, many of whom utilise AT&T services like email, are extremely concerned about this cyber-breaching technique. A victim’s Bitcoin exchange accounts are quickly accessed by cyber criminals, who reset passwords and steal the victim’s digital assets.

It is quite unfortunate that hackers haven’t even left email addresses to carry out their nefarious intentions. Just a few weeks ago, it was revealed that hackers had used third-party providers to access email addresses in order to carry out a MetaMask security breach.

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