5 Best Copy Trading Platforms in Indonesia

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Crypto trading is not an easy feast for every trader. Despite doing vigorous analysis, it sometimes becomes simply impossible to keep track of the cryptocurrency market trends all the time. So now here comes the need for copy trading. Look no further because this article on “5 Best copy trading platforms in Indonesia” explains every copy trading aspect.

Detailed Summary 

PlatformRegistered YearHeadquartersCustomer SupportMobile Application 
CoinCodeCap2021Bangalore, KarnatakaGreat customer support serviceNot Available
BYDFI2019SingaporeExcellent customer support serviceAvailable for Android and iOS both.
eToro2007IsraelDecent customer support serviceAvailable for Android and iOS both. 
BingX2018SingaporeGreat customer support serviceAvailable for Android and iOS both. 
Bitget2018SingaporeGood customer support serviceAvailable for Android and iOS both. 

What is Copy Trading, and why do beginners prefer it?

Copy-trading simply means copying trades. Here the successful traders trade on behalf of all their followers for some amount of net profit. It is simply a winning situation for both successful traders and copy traders. Moreover, followers can choose from a comprehensive list of available traders and then follow them. 

Furthermore, copy trading has nowadays become a popular choice for beginners because it enables them to copy trade of elite and professional traders. They copy the positions of the traders and then, in return, beginners have to pay them a percentage of their profit. Thus, this gives all the beginners a chance to learn trading aspects.

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Cryptocurrency in Indonesia

The crypto market in the island nation Indonesia is quickly developing into one of the major markets in Southeast Asia. Indonesia allows cryptocurrencies to be traded as a commodity but bans them as a payment instrument. Indonesia’s Commodity Future Trading Regulatory Agency has given approvals for 229 crypto assets that can be traded in the country. However, the government requires that “cryptocurrencies have to comply with anti-money laundering, combating the financing of terrorism(CFT) requirements, and risk assessment. Moreover, the policies there also stipulate that crypto traders must keep transaction histories for at least a span of five years and should also have a server located inside the country. 

CoinCodeCap: 1st Best Copy Trading Platforms in Indonesia

CoinCodeCap is known for its crypto trading platform that provides its traders with crypto trading signals. We offer our traders fundamental and technical analysis of crypto signals. Moreover, we offer crypto signals exclusive to our subscribers. In addition to this, we are also the Coinmonks, a crypto publication providing data since the year 2018. Here the content is all about crypto assets, different platforms, reviews, and guides. Furthermore, we now also offer our traders a copy trading feature as well. 

Key Takeaways Features
Features1. Makes use of mathematics to predict the market prices, which further increases traders’ chance of achieving the target. 
2. You are needed to pay only one time when you choose and subscribe to a plan. No other charges are there other than that. 
3. Provide a lot of educational content, reviews, YouTube videos, and guides related to cryptocurrency and the crypto market. 
4. Moreover, also provide you with crypto signals, and now we have recently introduced copy trading to help further our traders make a good profit. 
Fee Structure01-month plan – It costs $70.
03 months plan – It costs $210. 
06 months plan – It costs $240. 
1-year plan – It costs $840. 
Customer SupportWe provide all our traders with excellent customer support service. We are available for you 24*7, and you can contact us regarding your query via filling up a form with all the specifications and details. You can get this form in the Contact section of the website. Moreover, if you need more help and it’s an urgent one, then you may also reach out to us at [email protected]

BYDFI: 2nd Best Copy Trading Platforms in Indonesia

Founded back in 2019, BYDFI is now among the leading cryptocurrency contract exchanges. It offers its traders a plethora of trading services and also a user-friendly interface. Moreover, BYDFI also provides all its trader’s access to premium liquidity. Furthermore, traders can also copy and use copy trading strategies of other successful traders to automate their trade.

Key Takeaways Features
Features1. BYDFI, when compared to other platforms, have more easy tools, and its distinct capabilities allow all traders to place trades with much less worry. 
2. The platform now supports some of the major digital currencies, allowing traders to use them as an asset. 
3. The user interface and the mobile application are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward for its traders. 
4. The website has been translated into eight different languages in order to assist its clients worldwide. 
5. BYDFI has a global presence in over 150 countries, even though it only debuted in 2019. 
Fee StructureBYDFI copy trading charges a one-time fee when a trading position is opened, and it ranges from 0.075% to 0.05%. Moreover, if their specified requirements are met, then further the award will be reduced by 10%. 
a) The maker and taker fee for spot trading range from 0.1% to 0.3%.
b) Overnight Fee is calculated as Margin *
c) Leverage * 0.05% * Overnight days
d) The opening and closing fee for Derivatives is Margin * Leverage * 0.05% * Overnight Days.
Customer Support24*7 customer support service is offered from BYDFI to its traders in order to provide support and guidance. They also have a separate FAQ section with all the general questions. If the trader wants more help, then he/she can get in touch with them via email, live support bot, or social media. Furthermore, at last, you can go to their help centre to find help if all the above-mentioned methods are not useful to you. 

eToro: 3rd Best Copy Trading Platforms in Indonesia

Launched in the year 2007, eToro is a crypto trading company that emphasizes cryptocurrency and up to now boasts over 7 million users all over the world. Moreover, the eToro platform lets you trade and also invest in some of the top financial instruments, including a vast selection of stocks. In addition to this, you can also join the eToro social trading revolution, discuss crypto trading strategies, connect with other elite traders, and also use their CopyTrader technology. eToro copy trading technology of theirs helps traders copy their crypto portfolio performance automatically. 

Key Takeaways Features
Features1. The platform offers many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, etc.
2. eToro provides its traders with an intuitive platform that enables anyone from anywhere to trade financial assets online. 
3. The social trading feature of eToro allows people from all over the world to copy the trades of professional traders. 
4. Moreover, there is a wide selection of stocks for traders to invest in the global stock market and diversify their portfolios further. 
Fee Structure1. No deposit fees.
2. The withdrawal fee that the platform charge is as low as $5, and the minimum withdrawal amount should be $30. 
3. The platform also has an inactivity fee of $10/month if the user has not logged into the platform for 12 months. 
4. The rollover fee is based on global market conditions and therefore changes from time to time. 
5. Furthermore, the overnight fees are charged every night by 17:00 EST between Monday and Friday. 
Customer SupportWhen it comes to customer support, eToro has live chat support available for all its users on the platform. Moreover, it also has an active social media presence across all major social channels. If the queries are still not solved, users may also raise tickets on the website. However, this ticketing system is not that fast, and the platform might take some time to revert back. 

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BingX: 4th Best Copy Trading Platforms in Indonesia

BingX is one of the reliable trading environments with low fees and high transaction speed. As a result, it is now one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges present, with more than a million registered users. Moreover, the exchange provides various services such as derivative pairs for trading cryptocurrencies and instant spot exchanges to their users. The BingX trading platform was established in the year 2018, and it offers one of the secure and fastest networks to execute contract trading. Furthermore, it provides copy trading services to all its traders to copy and then implement the copy trading strategies to build up a good portfolio and then get high returns. 

Key Takeaways Features
Features1. BingX provides 100,000 VSD tokens to every other new account holder. These can be used to trade without even making any actual deposit. 
2. There’s a copy trading option available by BingX for the traders. 
In addition to cryptos, the platform also offers exposure to traditional markets.
3. Further, the price movements of markets such as indices, forex, and commodities can be speculated.  
4. BingX fulfils all the traders’ needs by providing them with a more advanced trading platform. 
5. Furthermore, the platform provides various numbers of trading pairs as compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. 
Fee StructureTrading Fees: The platform charges a trading fee of 0.075% for opening and closing a position. Further, in order to calculate the trading fee, they need to multiply 0.075% by the trade volume.  
Deposit Fees: No deposit fee is charged by the platform.  
Withdrawal Fees: ETH and BTC withdrawal fee charged by the exchange is 0.007 ETH and 0.0005 BTC, respectively. However, the Fee for a stable coin withdrawal is as high as 28 USD per transaction.
Customer SupportBingX platform provides very good customer support service as their 24*7 service representatives are always ready to help the traders out. However, if the trader still faces any problems, they can contact the support team by mailing them at [email protected]. Furthermore, if there’s a need for prompt assistance, then they can contact customer support service directly via the live chat option. 

Bitget: 5th Best Copy Trading Platforms in Indonesia

Bitget is a Singapore-based exchange that offers derivative trading, spot trading, and also copy trading globally. The exchange has millions of registered users and has acquired licenses from the USA, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. Moreover, there are several proficient traders present on the exchange, which is further an excellent advantage for the new copy traders. As a result, copy traders can easily maximize their profits without actually even constantly monitoring and analyzing the data by themselves. 

Key Takeaways Features
Features1. Bitget helps traders be a part of a crypto community which can further support the traders to increase followers, consequently increasing their profits. 
2. Bitget exchange provides its traders with copy trading in just a single click. 
3. Traders can automatically conduct contract transactions to achieve profit, which further diminishes the need to open and close positions manually. 
4. The exchange further provides you with Gunbot to completely automate your trades at Bitget. 
Fee StructureSpot Rate: Maker and Taker charges: 0.10%. Further, your transaction fee will be reduced if you plan to choose a BGB payment. 
Withdrawal Fee: It varies differently for different cryptos for BTC, it is 0.0006, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC. 
Future Trading: Maker charges = 0.02% and Taker Charges = 0.06%. 
Customer SupportIf you are new to this exchange, then you will surely like the customer support service of Bitget. It provides you with excellent services that run 24*7 for its customers. Moreover, they have various tutorials and one on one customer support for critical clients available. Furthermore, the exchange supports all the language versions like CN/EN/KR/JP/VP/TC. 


Copy-trading will slowly and steadily take the crypto market to a new height. It gives a chance to those traders who have only dreamt of trading cryptos and further gaining profits from them. In this article, “5 Best copy trading platforms in Indonesia,” we tried our best to collect some of the best copy trading platforms available in Indonesia to make you more confident and sure about cryptos. Hope all the above knowledge that we shared through this article will help you find the perfect platform that will help fulfill all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a follower have to pay a commission to the professional trader?

The professional traders study the crypto market and then make the trades on behalf of the followers. Further, professional traders charge a commission/ profit per cent from the followers who copy their trades on completing all these trades.

Can copy trading be turned off?

The answer to this question is a big yes, the copy trading option can be turned off. Moreover, traders can stop sharing their trades at any time. Furthermore, as long as you meet all the trader requirements, you can still turn it back on. However, turning copy trading on and off, again and again, is not much recommended. 

Is copy trading free?

For most of the platforms, copy trading is free, but it also depends on the copy trading platform you are using whether copy-trading is free or not. Therefore, for some crypto platforms, you need to give expert traders a small percentage of your total profit to share their copy trading strategies. 

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